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    So…I clicked on the link above that led me to the Disney Addicts website – and right away, on the front page, discovered a handy answer to a question that I wouldn’t even have thought to ask! (and I’ve been to WDW A LOT, not to mention having worked for the company….) Thanks, Chip and your associates, for this new resource! (BTW, the question was: Can you use a Starbucks Gift Card at the Starbucks on property and the answer is “yes!” – and that purchases will go towards your Starbucks rewards account. Good to know, because I like to use my gift card to build up my rewards and often can’t use them in Starbucks located in atypical places.)

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    Mary Moore Tenoso

    ºoº I fell in Love with Disney the 1st time I watch the Sunday Night Show “The Wonderful World of Disney” besides seeing commercials on the Disneyland and then in the 70’s Walt Disney World Park..but to see my very favorite character Mickey Mouse on TV and to meet him for the 1st time in 1970 at my 1st trip to Disneyland besides the 100’s of times more we as family besides friends would take that trip to Disneyland is moments I will cherish forever. With all the merchandise, especially my 1st Mickey Mouse plush and my watch which I still have I wish as a child that I never played with my M.M. plush and not ever wear my watch… But here is the kicker in 1996 I became a Cast Member of Disney at the Disney Store in the town I live in and I would tell everyone that I work for Mickey Mouse since he is my boss!! I was proud and honored to get a job with Disney and I was so sad when they close the doors for the last time at the Disney Store in my town! I grew up loving Disney, I raised my kids, even nieces and nephews to love Disney and I was very blessed to marry a man who also loves Disney…and I know that I will love Disney for the rest of my life! Thanks Disney Addicts to let me tell a little bit of my story about myself being a Disney Addicts…I hope you are having a Magical Day! ºoº

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