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    I spoke with a physician about this and discovered something that might apply here. As I understand it, some paraplegics and quadriplegics suffer from a condition where the urge to urinate comes on suddenly and intensely and if not addressed quickly can result in extremely high blood pressure which requires medical treatment. In a longer article about this event, it was reported that it took hours to stabilize this man’s condition once he was removed from the ride. IF all this is correct, we may be judging without understanding all the facts.
    That being said, it is common knowledge that rides sometimes stop in amusement parks and it is unrealistic to expect that in a non-life threatening situation (as viewed by the cast members), they would risk causing harm to the guest by having untrained personal try to evacuate him. Disney can learn to change and improve its procedures from this experience, but perhaps it also falls to the guests with disabilities and other health issues , and I fall into both categories, to make intelligent, informed decisions before entering any attraction.

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    He was only stuck 20-30 minutes…

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    No – he doesn’t deserve a penny. Disney didn’t CAUSE the ride to break down. He was inconvenienced and a bit uncomfortable at most. Unfortunate, yes. Worth money? I don’t think so. After all, it’s not uncommon for people to wait in line at amusement parks to get on a ride WAY LONGER than he was stuck on the ride for 30 minutes. Lots of people have panic disorders and they take a risk every time they get on a ride, get in a car, fly on a plane, etc that something might set them off. This frivolous lawsuit angers me – shame on him. It also gives other people frivolous litigious ideas…

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    Hi Misty, he apparently sued just because the fire department was not contacted immediately when cast members were unable to assist him. You’re right though that people can sue over anything!

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    Was he in danger? Was the place on fire or crumbling around him? How long was he stuck? Twenty minutes? Seven hours? Days without food or water? (well, okay, unless they drained the ride there was plenty of water) I too am frequently in a wheelchair for rides and Disney always does the best it can to accommodate folks with disabilities. Unless he was in some sort of medical distress or the situation lasted longer than an hour, this suit was all about greed. Could Disney use this experience to learn how to better handle similar situations? Sure, but giving this man money for sitting a while longer than he had planned in a ride is absurd.

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    No….that is just crazy; there is no way he was harmed by the incident. It would be interesting to know how he says he was harmed…was it because he had to listen to “Its a Small World” music over and over? People can sue for anything these days and this is just another example of somebody looking to take advantage of a situation in order to get something for nothing. What a shame.

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