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  • ivlichelle

    Anyone heard what the menu will be like for breakfast yet?

  • ivlichelle

    I’m in the exact same boat… I’m super excited so I want to tell my husband SO bad but I’m trying very hard to keep it a surprise, lol.

  • Briar Rose

    I booked both and was on the phone for 40 minutes. The trip is for my kiddos and me, but the Star Wars day is for my hubby! I am trying to keep this a surprise, but I’m too excited to keep this a secret! Haha

  • Mike Dillman

    Called and got my ADR for both. It is 2 credits per person for each. I called right at 7 am east and was on hold almost 40 mins. Glad I saw this post last night!

  • Nicci P

    I’m hoping that they will eventually have at least one of these character during non-SWW times so that more people will be able to partake. I wish I could go this year. 🙁

    |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

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  • ivlichelle

    PS – Was on hold over 40 minutes waiting to make the ADR. The cast member who helped me said every call she’s had this morning has been for these meals, so don’t delay if you are interested! Sounds like they’ll fill up fast

  • ivlichelle

    Just booked a breakfast spot for May 18th as a surprise for my Star Wars loving husband!

    (The whole trip was originally supposed to be a surprise, but I quickly realized I couldn’t pay for an entire trip to Disney without him figuring out something was up, lol)

  • Satchel Brackett

    It’s also Vader… Who wrote this? My Mom?

  • Mandy

    Is this 2 or 1 table service credits? At first the article said 1 now it says 2.

  • My agent was able to.

  • Stephen

    no way to book online

  • Daphne

    Can TIW be used for these meals?

  • Guest

    You can book for May 4th dining even though Star Wars Weekend doesn’t start til May 16th??

  • Frank

    It’s Boba Fett…just sayin

  • Start dialing at 6am

  • jlstevens99

    Thanks! I’ll be calling tomorrow! 🙂

  • yes sorry

  • jlstevens99

    The story says that you can call starting on May 26th. Should that read March 26th? Thanks.

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