Dine on Disney Desserts at the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party

On our trips to WDW we try to do something new each time that we haven’t done before. This past trip I thought it would be fun to try out the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party!! Desserts,prime viewing of the fireworks and Disney…what could be better right ?!

I called and checked on getting reservations about 1 month before our travel dates. You can contact me and I would be glad to assist you with reservations. I do recommend that you book at least a few weeks in advance because seating is limited and during the busy months it tends to fill up fast. The price per child $15.97 and price per adult $29.81.

It is suggested that you check in 1 hour before Wishes starts. You will make your way to the Noodle Station and there is a podium set up where you will receive a wristband for each member of your party.When you get your wristband you are guided to your table where there is a place card with your last name and party size on it.

If you are unfortunate to be seated at the back of the terrace *as we were* you can stand at the railing to watch Wishes.You are not allowed to bring a chair to the railing though.

The buffet of desserts was very overwhelming!! We ate an early supper just so we could enjoy the desserts we knew that we would be enjoying later that night.It was rather late when we had our party *9:15pm* but our food had time to settle.

They had fresh strawberries,pineapple, cantaloupe,watermelon and grapes for those who were looking for a healthy alternative. Then you had cannolis,fruit tarts,mini key lime tarts,rice krispy treats and much more for those who are wanting to live it up!

We discovered a shot glass size glass that had some sort of orange creamsicle type concoction in it…That was the BEST! The drinks of the night were water,lemonade *very tart I might add*,milk and coffee.

I personally was not impressed with the view from the terrace during the fireworks.It is not a straight view of the castle so the castle is not in front of you when the fireworks are lighting up the nighttime sky.And if you are seated in the back of the area the overhang is too low that you can’t sit in your seat.So standing at the railing is the best option. The cool thing to my 7 yr old daughter was that Tinkerbell flies right over your head.

If you are looking for something off the beaten path to do or you have something special to celebrate while on your trip to Disney World this is a wonderful way to celebrate!

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Dulcie (25 Posts)

Dulcie is a travel agent with Pixie Vacations.She has been to WDW since 1976 when she was the ripe old age of 2! Proud wife of a US Navy Submariner and Mommie of a Princess.You will seldom find her with a camera in one hand and Dole Whip in the other at WDW makin' memories!!

  • CoreyA

    My family ended up being seated right next to the buffet. It was a good thing our dinner reservation was at 3:30 that day, because we were stuffed with desserts. I’m pretty sure we all sampled all of them, and then went back for our favorites. It may not be a straight on view of the castle for the fireworks, but we got a great view of the Magic, Memories, and You show, and you can still see all of the fireworks. What’s better, is that seating is limited, so even if everyone stands at the rail, you’re not being pushed around by rows and rows of guests out on main street. Those people were packed in like sardines, and we were all nice and comfortable on the Terrace. Plus, the cost was totally worth it just in food! This is now on our list of must do activities when we go to Disney.

  • Dulcie

    I felt the same way when we paid for it…LOL
    It was a nice experience but I don’t know that we will do it again anytime soon.
    We try to do something different on each trip.This was something we haven’t tried before
    and thought why not give it a go :) Glad we did but we won’t do it again for a long time.
    The desserts were delicious though I must admit :D But the view of the fireworks was not my favorite.

  • Deweybound

    Was thinking of doing this as a special treat for our visit in November. Not sure it’s worth the $ though.HUMM…