Despite Recession, Disney Parks Remain Strong.

Jason Garcia, who reports on Orlando area theme parks for the Orlando Sentinel, wrote yesterday that despite the recession, Disney parks reported small gains in attendance. While the gains are minor, around .5 to 1 percent, they are in stark contrast to losses suffered by Universal Orlando and Universal Seaworld.  Says Garcia:

“. . . analysts attributed Disney World’s market-share gains to the resort’s targeted use of discounts, which helped lure tourists despite a steep drop in travel overall. All of Disney’s most significant promotions during the year — including seven nights for the price of four and free dining — required travelers to stay in the resort’s hotels.

The promotions effectively worked in tandem with other strategic moves Disney has made over the years — such as the launch of a complimentary airport shuttle and luggage service that eliminates the need to rent a car — to help Disney keep an even greater share of its guests on its property and away from its rivals.”

What do you think?  Will Disney continue to release promotions to keep resort rooms full or will they, given recent positive reports on the economy, attempt to scale back promotions?   Are you less likely to book a trip if you can’t get a discount or will you be visiting the Mouse this year no matter what?

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