Coming Soon…New Pixar Vinylmations

Vinylmations are one of the most popular Disney collectibles today. These figures had their debut in 2008 and were 3-inch tall molds in the form of Mickey Mouse. Recently, the line has added many other shapes and sizes and the collection has grown to incorporate all aspects of the Disney empire. The figures highlight all the different arms of Disney including films, rides and characters. One of these “arms” of the Disney family, Pixar, has not had many figures in its image as of recently. But, all that is about to change.

Disney has announced a new Vinylmation series that will celebrate exclusively the Pixar studio. Last week, at Mickey’s Circus Vinylmation Showcase that was hosted at Epcot, all the upcoming Vinylmations were showcased.

Pixar Series 1 will have 12 Vinylmation figures in the collection priced at $12.95 per piece. Characters from many different Pixar movies have been adapted ,into vinylmation and you will see some of your favorites from movies such as “Finding Nemo”, “A Bug’s Life“, “WALL-E”, and “Ratatouille“. The new vinylmations figures that will be on shelves for purchase, in November 2012, are to be sold at D-street stores in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. No plans for them to be available to purchase online or at your local Disney Store has been announced.

In addition to the series which contained the 12 individual pieces, Disney announced several limited-edition combo packs. The combo packs were for films such as “Toy Story” (the trilogy), “A Bug’s Life” and “Finding Nemo”.  With the “Toy Story” trilogy combo pack you will get a set of the Little Green Men, the combo pack for “Finding Nemo” has Crush and Squirt and “A Bug’s Life” combo pack includes Tuck and Roll. There is also sets from upcoming movies such as 2013’s “Monster University” that will be also be out for purchase.

If you want to see the whole collection you can visit for more information.

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    I dont know what my problem is but i can not get into this!!

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    I like Dug but I collect these in pin form not statues