Collecting Pressed Pennies at Disney World


Kids LOVE to collect stuff.  It doesn’t matter if it’s gross stuff or cool stuff…they collect it.  How many times have you walked around the park near your house holding a disgusting seagull or pigeon feather just because your little one deemed it a “treasure”?  Or how about old bottle caps?  Pull tabs?  Rocks?  The list goes on and on.  We all know that our kids love to horde (I mean, collect).  How about some fun collecting – Disney style?

Disney really has this down to a science – the collecting thing.  Last week we talked about pins, this week let’s get down and dirty with Pressed Pennies.  Not just reserved for National Parks or Museums anymore, you can find them all over the place at Disney.   It’s really a lot of fun to find all of the characters, take a break from the touring madness, and do some stuff off the beaten path.  I knew nothing of this pressed penny thing until someone sent me “a secret map” of where all of the machines are at Disney.  Isn’t that neat? You can also goto any guest relations and ask for a park map like the one Chip picked up below.

What are pressed penny machines, you ask?  They are those really cool machines that you put two quarters into – along with your penny, select a character/design, turn the big crank, and the machine smooshes that penny into a flat, cool, souvenir with something new and fun printed on it…right in front of your kid’s eyes.  Disney Magic in 30 seconds flat.  And there are NO train tracks involved…do you remember hearing as a kid that you could put a penny on train tracks and it would get smashed flat?  Let’s just stick to the machines…

pressed penny map

Here is my favorite pressed penny secret:  Before you leave for your trip, go to WalMart, Target, Walgreens, really anyplace that has candy.  Find the tubes of mini M&M’s.  These will EXACTLY fit a stack of quarters.  Eat all of the M&Ms (or let your kids eat them on the trip), fill it with quarters and pennies.  After they are smooshed pennies, they will slide right back into that cool container!  They even come in different colors so that your kids know which one is theirs.

Happy Hunting!  Remember, Disney isn’t just about Dumbo and Space Mountain.  Disney is about reconnecting with your family and making special moments with your kids.  Engage them, don’t just run from ride to ride and end in a puddle of tears.  Take your time, and venture off the beaten path – you will be glad you did.

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Cameron is a mom of two tweens, Phoebe and Eli. As her children have grown, the way that they visit Disney has evolved.Follow her blog for tips and tricks on how to have fun and enjoy Disney with kids of all ages.Cameron is a Travel Agent with Destinations in Florida, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.

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  • Megan K

    went to the good will store once. Found a pressed penny book from Disney that had pressed pennies in it from the parks. :)
    i got it for $1.00

  • Sharon Rhodes

    I need to do this. I wish that I had started years ago!!!!

  • Tori

    I have seen people make charms out of them. Drill a small hole, attach a jump ring and lobster clasp. It then can go on a charm bracelet.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for this! We started my 3 year old on this when we went this year and he loved it! He wants to do the pennies everywhere we go. I see the pennies as a Disney tradition for our family!

  • Steve

    I believe they sell books that you can store them in. Not necessarily cool but its an option.

  • DisneyErin

    Does anyone have any cool suggestions on what to do with the pennies once we have them?

  • Becky Lee

    Really could have used these maps on our trip in March. I made a list of what ones I already had & then compared my list with any machine I came across.

  • Teresa Smith Walker

    I always wanted those maps!! Thanks!! :)