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    We ALWAYS get as many soaps and shampoos as possible to bring home– precisely because scent is so strongly tied to memory- it helps us get through the time between visits!

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    I just sent some from our trips to Disney on a trip to Tahiti with a teacher from my daughters school on a mission trip. The kids there are gonna love them!!!

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    I just brought 2 bagfuls of Blushing Orange scent soap, shampoo and conditioner back from POR at the end of December (2012). It was our first stay at this resort and at all the other mods it was always the turqoise coloured H2O products, so maybe it is only available at POR? The bottles are so cute too, as they have black Mickey Ears for lids!

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    Megan R

    I have my Disney Cruise Line lotion on my desk at work and whenever I put it on the scent takes me away to Castaway Cay!

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    I am visiting next month and one of the first things I am going to do when I get to the Resort is to ask for more soaps and shampoo and look for the H20 products as well. Have fun!

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    I also moved to Florida from New York. Now that says a lot that you paid an over the limit fee just for your Disney soaps and shampoos. I would probably do the same because I couldn’t throw them away.

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    Aww that is so nice of you. I am sure a little Disney will brighten their day.

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    Regina Sober

    We colllect all these items at every hotel at donate them to a local women’s shelter.

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    Sue Tucci

    I, too, have the addiction. Moved to Florida from New York a couple of years ago & had to pay an over limit fee on my luggage because of the bottles & soaps from Disney!

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