1. 35

    Ashley Lewis Lyons

    Planning for 2015

  2. 34


    no plans i’m broke

  3. 33


    Keeping my fingers crossed for June!

  4. 32

    Christina Struck

    Planning our next trip, but alas, it isn’t to Disney. Have a few other places we want to go, but we will go back someday soon I hope!

  5. 31


    I’m hoping for a trip this fall. Wish me luck,,

  6. 30

    Nickie Vahl

    We went in 2012! We don’t have any plans to go back as of right now. I can’t STAND not having a trip to plan! it’s driving me crazy.

  7. 29

    Tiffany Holley

    We just got back from WDW, and our next trip looks like DisneyLand in December 2015.

  8. 28


    I want to go Jan 21 for the day!

  9. 27


    Right now May but if I get a pin code for October then we will be switching!

  10. 26

    Stephen N.

    I have no I idea when I will be able to have a Disney Vacation

  11. 25


    We are going to Disney in March! Can’t wait!!

  12. 24

    Emmy Jo

    I am trying to talk my hubby into going this fall with for a sans kids trip. Not being too successful though. 🙁

  13. 23

    Gia C

    We are thinking November…but may not be able to wait past JULY!!!!

  14. 22


    Next vacation is probably Disney and in august – that one is booked WDW with the in laws is either June or August. We might do Disneyland in May as well.

  15. 21

    Laura C

    We have never been to Disney I would love to be able to afford to take my 2 kiddos there they so want to go.

  16. 20

    Tanya T.

    Sadly, we don’t have a “next trip” planned, but as soon as possible for sure!

  17. 19

    Candace Pfeifer

    Our next trip to Disney will hopefully be in June; as soon as school gets out. Can’t wait to see the new Fantasyland and the new Test Track!

  18. 18


    Hopefully in Feb/March going. DefinaTELY FOR STARWARS WEEKENDS

  19. 17

    Kim H

    Our next trip is in August 🙂

  20. 16

    Donna Wilson

    Next week – can’t wait!

  21. 15

    Kynna Kim Sullivan

    Can’t wait until June when we stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for the first time!!

  22. 14


    We were just there over Christmas and used a lot of information from your pages. Just wanted to say thank you. Not sure when the next time will be as we are getting a 2nd daughter ready to head off to college, thus pay for it too!

  23. 13

    Tara Marr

    Next year to renew our vows!!

  24. 12

    Kelly W

    Disney Cruise in July 🙂

  25. 11


    We are having such a rough time picking our trip date this year! Our only options are the busiest weeks of the year, yuck!

  26. 9

    Tiara Bales

    I am hoping to take my kids to Disneyland over spring break. We have been to Disney World a few times but it is an expensive trip for me. We live in Iowa and I have five kids. A trip well paid for because I love Disney. I think it’s because I’m still a kid at heart. Maybe that is why I teach Kindergarten. lol

  27. 8

    Sara McConville

    We just bought annual passes so will be going quite often

  28. 7

    Kara Leigh Harris

    Hoping for Disneyland in July of this yr

  29. 6

    Kara Leigh Harris

    would love to win one of the packages

  30. 5

    Lynn Green Brooks

    Feb 21-25 then sometime in Sept, not sure of exact date yet

  31. 4

    Eric Raymond

    We’re going Oct 16th this year. BCV for 9 nights, woohoo!

  32. 3

    Dana Vanveckhoven

    shared and commented – ready to win! 😉

  33. 2


    We are going april27th this year!

  34. 1

    Jessica Lynn

    Wasn’t sure if this was the correct comment box, but it looked like the only logical one! Unfortunately, my next Disney vacation won’t be for a couple of years, unless situations change. :/

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