1. 103

    Kristin Brown

    June 2014! I love how now that it’s 2013, I can say we’re going next year!!!!

  2. 102

    Colleen Borgers

    Aiming to head back to Disney in November of this year, can’t wait! This will be our 5th trip!

  3. 101

    Julie Delgadillo

    Unfortunately we do not currently have one planned – financial reasons. But I plan one every day in my head.

  4. 100

    Shellie B.

    I would love to riffle through your Disney closet! 🙂

  5. 99

    Dawn Barnes Anderson

    We’re going in February! Would love to win something!

  6. 98

    Betsey Whitehead

    hoping to go in late march if not then beginning of june

  7. 97

    Melissa Gicherman

    Our next trip is December 2014 to Disneyland after my hubby gets back from his deployment.

  8. 96

    Rebecca Giarratano Ward

    Love Love all the stuff that has the year on it – Its the souvenirs I always bring home!

  9. 95

    Dana Vanveckhoven

    60 days until a spring break trip to WDW with my son’s high school band! 😉 woohooo!!!!!

  10. 94

    Angelique Williams

    Well..we were supposed to go this coming November, but economic issues set us back…we plan to make a trip the year before my daughter graduates hs-2015. It’ll be a BIG one though! Hopefully they’ll have Cars Land in by then!

  11. 93

    Kris Kaahea

    My best friends family and my own family are taking a trip to Walt Disney World for the first time EVER in September 2013. We live by Disneyland so Disneyworld will be amazing and new for us. Thanks.

  12. 92

    Laurel Divers Western

    We are going to WDW for our first time in July…ugh HOT and crowded I know…any tips?

  13. 91

    Cathleen King

    No idea when the next trip will be.

  14. 90

    Amber Britt

    My next trip is in Feb. just me and my husband this time, Love taking the kids but it’s our turn to go alone like on our honeymoon 🙂 So excited and hope it is as great of a trip like our honeymoon!

  15. 89


    Princess Half Marathon Weekend

  16. 88


    April 28th… not soon enough!!!

  17. 87


    I really need a new planning book…

  18. 86

    Danielle Murgia

    I do not know when my next trip is.

  19. 85

    Mary O

    I love this site. I have so many new ideas for my next Disney trip

  20. 84


    Next WDW vacation is in 15 days!!!

  21. 82

    Diane P.

    Hopefully my next Disney vacation will be a cruise in November to the Bahamas !!! Just waiting for the Disney Cruise line DVD to see if I am positive it’s what I want to do.

  22. 81


    Got back from WDW on Dec. 3rd and are looking to go on May 3rd to celebrate my 30th birthday!

  23. 80


    Just got back in Dec. Hoping to be able to go back 2014!!

  24. 79

    Dawn S

    June 2013 seems so far away!

  25. 78

    Erica Meier Barthel

    My next trip to WDW will not be soon enough 🙁

  26. 77


    Planning on visiting Disney in August. Never been in the summer, so I’m a little nervous about the hear.

  27. 76

    Jennifer Larive

    These are great prizes!!! =)

  28. 75

    Monica P.

    Your blog is awesome! We are looking forward to our WDW vaca in September 2013!

  29. 74

    Jenn Q

    84 Days to go!!! WooHoo!

  30. 73

    Lorraine Thomas

    No date yet but are hopin to get there either school vacation or Summer!

  31. 72


    Our next trip will probably be in 2 years. I wish it was sooner.

  32. 71


    We live here in Central Florida, about 35min from Disney. We go all the time and plan on going back in a few weeks. Cannot wait!!!

  33. 70

    Jenny Touchstone

    Our next WDW vacation isgoing to be October 2014

  34. 69


    My next Disney vacation is jan. 1 2015

  35. 68


    I would love to win I am a huge Disney fanatic and winning would be a would be a wonderful way to start off the year

  36. 67


    We do not know when our next (first) vacation is but we hope to save up for it very soon!

  37. 66

    Anthony Gentile

    Our next Disney Vacation is April 2013 to celebrate my daughters 3d birthday and her first visit!

  38. 65

    Rhonda Massena

    I’m hoping our 1st visit to WDW will be sometime next year. Starting to plan it already.

  39. 64

    Robin Limberg Peeler

    Our next WDW vacation is in June to celebrate our son’s high school graduation.

  40. 63

    Jessica Berry

    Our next Disney vacation will be Dec 1-14th, 2013

  41. 62

    Rebecca Waldie

    Next vacation is January 9!!!

  42. 61

    Myria Johnson

    As we now live in the Orlando area, our next vacation is every day!

  43. 60

    Lizabelle Campbell

    August 2013 🙂 bouncebck offer from our November trip!

  44. 59


    Just left on December 26 and hope to go back winter of 2013

  45. 58

    Heather Krzyminski

    My next trip home will be September 7th through the 15th 2013!!

  46. 57

    Lyndie Barker

    Let us know when your next Disney Vacation is in the comment box below.Hopefully next summer!

  47. 56


    We just got back from Disney Dec 21, but hopefully we’ll be able to go back there within the next year or two!

  48. 55


    Our FIRST EVER Disney vacation is going to be June 2013!!!!!

  49. 54

    Lisa Abercrombie-Chesnut

    Leave all the info you provide us Disney Fans. It keeps me up to date on everything Disney!!!

  50. 53

    Donna Lawrence

    Our next vacation in the fall–looking into the cruise packages you posted 🙂

  51. 52


    not soon enough.

  52. 51

    Donna Lawrence

    what a great giveway!

  53. 50


    We are lucky enough to live just a couple of hours away from WDW and we have annual passes, so our trips are usually spontaneous. If we don’t go this month, we’re planning on meeting a friend at the end of February.

  54. 48

    Michelle Lynn DeBattista

    Great giveaway to start the new year. Now we just need a trip to plan! This year we just don’t know when.

  55. 47

    Lindsay Whitaker

    Feb 15-18th and then back again in May!!!

  56. 46
  57. 45

    Karen O

    Love giveaways! Thanks!

  58. 44

    Karen O

    My next visit is in 8 days! I’m running the disney marathon

  59. 43

    Traci Bryant

    We just went November 2012 but I’m ready to go back!

  60. 42


    We’ll be standing on Main Street USA on March 15th!! SOOO excited!!

  61. 41

    Lara McKay Shields

    End of February 2013

  62. 40

    Mandy Hilman

    Our next Disney Vacation is in January!

  63. 39

    Michelle Edwards

    Hoping to go back to WDW late fall 🙂

  64. 38

    nicole martin

    Not any time soon…Too poor. :p

  65. 37

    Danielle Jarman Joseph

    We’re taking my son to Disneyland for the first time in TWO WEEKS!!!

  66. 36

    Deme Grabert

    going in March for our 20th wedding anniversary. Staying at animal kingdom resort

  67. 35

    Disney Dreamer

    hopefully September 2014 ^_^

  68. 34


    Possibly October for my bday

  69. 33

    Daniel M

    don’t know when our next disney vacation will be

  70. 32


    Our Next Disney World vacation is in 309 days….oh how long it seems!!!

  71. 31


    We are planning a May 2013 trip for the Flower and Garden Festival and to celebrate my birthday!

  72. 30

    Debbie Peek

    I don’t know when,but I hope it is soon!

  73. 29

    Becky Confer

    Im going to DisneyWorld for my daughters 1st birthday in December!

  74. 28

    Bethany Kreiter

    I am going to Disneyland in August with my best friend!

  75. 27


    Not sure 🙁 Maybe this year, but probably 2014.

  76. 26

    Annette Roberts

    We are FINALLY gonna get to go on our WDW vacation July 2013!

  77. 24


    November 2013

  78. 21

    michael m

    in the next couple of months

  79. 20


    December 2013!!

  80. 19


    June!! I’m under a 150 days now! WOOHOO!!

  81. 18

    Judy M

    Our next trip is in 15 days! Yippee!

  82. 17

    Rochelle Mullin

    I’ll plan my WDW trip when I’m at least half-way to my savings goal.

  83. 16

    Cheryl Smith

    5 nights at Wilderness Lodge in May – can’t wait!

  84. 15


    Our next vacation?!?! Too far!! March 2014 is looking to be the next WDW trip, though I am excited because I think I’ve finally talked the whole extended family into going! We may also be heading to CA for Christmas with the inlaws this year and if so will have a bit of a DL Christmas as well.

  85. 14


    Would love the book to read on the plane!

  86. 13


    our next vacation if planned for sept 8-14 at POP

  87. 12

    Jaime Meyer

    Won’t be for another year or two. Have to save money.

  88. 11


    Our next vacation is to Disneyland in March.

  89. 10

    Corey Applegate

    Unless we magically get some money between now and then, it looks like October 2014 for us. We’re celebrating my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary.

  90. 9


    I leave January 24 2013 for 5 days and 4 nights can’t wait

  91. 8


    I love your sight it is full of fun and helpful Disney stuff Thanks

  92. 7


    We don’t get to go back to WDW until April 2014 🙁 So Sad!!

  93. 6


    We are shooting for early November 2013

  94. 5


    great prizes, I would love one of the books!! we’re going on our first disney vacation in October.

  95. 4


    Hoping to go to WDW this year! It’s been way too long since I have seen the Mouse!

  96. 3

    Dustin Kirby

    Chip and Co is a great site. I love how up to date they are on the activities going on at WDW. I hope someday to contribute some posts to their site.

  97. 2

    Sarah Estelle-Hintz

    The complete WDW book would be a great read on the plane down there on my trip in February

  98. 1


    Our next Disney Trip will be 2014! I can’t wait!

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