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  • Kristin Brown

    June 2014! I love how now that it’s 2013, I can say we’re going next year!!!!

  • Aiming to head back to Disney in November of this year, can’t wait! This will be our 5th trip!

  • Unfortunately we do not currently have one planned – financial reasons. But I plan one every day in my head.

  • Shellie B.

    I would love to riffle through your Disney closet! 🙂

  • We’re going in February! Would love to win something!

  • hoping to go in late march if not then beginning of june

  • Melissa Gicherman

    Our next trip is December 2014 to Disneyland after my hubby gets back from his deployment.

  • Love Love all the stuff that has the year on it – Its the souvenirs I always bring home!

  • Dana Vanveckhoven

    60 days until a spring break trip to WDW with my son’s high school band! 😉 woohooo!!!!!

  • Well..we were supposed to go this coming November, but economic issues set us back…we plan to make a trip the year before my daughter graduates hs-2015. It’ll be a BIG one though! Hopefully they’ll have Cars Land in by then!

  • Kris Kaahea

    My best friends family and my own family are taking a trip to Walt Disney World for the first time EVER in September 2013. We live by Disneyland so Disneyworld will be amazing and new for us. Thanks.

  • We are going to WDW for our first time in July…ugh HOT and crowded I know…any tips?

  • No idea when the next trip will be.

  • My next trip is in Feb. just me and my husband this time, Love taking the kids but it’s our turn to go alone like on our honeymoon 🙂 So excited and hope it is as great of a trip like our honeymoon!

  • MouseFanDiane

    Princess Half Marathon Weekend

  • janetglaze72

    April 28th… not soon enough!!!

  • janetglaze72

    I really need a new planning book…

  • Danielle Murgia

    I do not know when my next trip is.

  • Mary O

    I love this site. I have so many new ideas for my next Disney trip

  • Cindy

    Next WDW vacation is in 15 days!!!

  • Not until December.

  • Diane P.

    Hopefully my next Disney vacation will be a cruise in November to the Bahamas !!! Just waiting for the Disney Cruise line DVD to see if I am positive it’s what I want to do.

  • Sean

    Got back from WDW on Dec. 3rd and are looking to go on May 3rd to celebrate my 30th birthday!

  • Tonya

    Just got back in Dec. Hoping to be able to go back 2014!!

  • Dawn S

    June 2013 seems so far away!

  • My next trip to WDW will not be soon enough 🙁

  • Marissa

    Planning on visiting Disney in August. Never been in the summer, so I’m a little nervous about the hear.

  • These are great prizes!!! =)

  • Monica P.

    Your blog is awesome! We are looking forward to our WDW vaca in September 2013!

  • 84 Days to go!!! WooHoo!

  • Lorraine Thomas

    No date yet but are hopin to get there either school vacation or Summer!

  • vicky

    Our next trip will probably be in 2 years. I wish it was sooner.

  • Annette

    We live here in Central Florida, about 35min from Disney. We go all the time and plan on going back in a few weeks. Cannot wait!!!

  • Our next WDW vacation isgoing to be October 2014

  • Lexie

    My next Disney vacation is jan. 1 2015

  • Lexie

    I would love to win I am a huge Disney fanatic and winning would be a would be a wonderful way to start off the year

  • makaela

    We do not know when our next (first) vacation is but we hope to save up for it very soon!

  • Our next Disney Vacation is April 2013 to celebrate my daughters 3d birthday and her first visit!

  • I’m hoping our 1st visit to WDW will be sometime next year. Starting to plan it already.

  • Our next WDW vacation is in June to celebrate our son’s high school graduation.

  • Our next Disney vacation will be Dec 1-14th, 2013

  • Rebecca Waldie

    Next vacation is January 9!!!

  • As we now live in the Orlando area, our next vacation is every day!

  • August 2013 🙂 bouncebck offer from our November trip!

  • lorlabelles

    Just left on December 26 and hope to go back winter of 2013

  • My next trip home will be September 7th through the 15th 2013!!

  • Let us know when your next Disney Vacation is in the comment box below.Hopefully next summer!

  • Tami

    We just got back from Disney Dec 21, but hopefully we’ll be able to go back there within the next year or two!

  • Kourtney

    Our FIRST EVER Disney vacation is going to be June 2013!!!!!

  • Leave all the info you provide us Disney Fans. It keeps me up to date on everything Disney!!!

  • Donna Lawrence

    Our next vacation in the fall–looking into the cruise packages you posted 🙂

  • meghan

    not soon enough.

  • Donna Lawrence

    what a great giveway!

  • Christina

    We are lucky enough to live just a couple of hours away from WDW and we have annual passes, so our trips are usually spontaneous. If we don’t go this month, we’re planning on meeting a friend at the end of February.

  • Thanks! Love your page!

  • Great giveaway to start the new year. Now we just need a trip to plan! This year we just don’t know when.

  • Feb 15-18th and then back again in May!!!

  • Would love to win, thanks!

  • Karen O

    Love giveaways! Thanks!

  • Karen O

    My next visit is in 8 days! I’m running the disney marathon

  • We just went November 2012 but I’m ready to go back!

  • Jill

    We’ll be standing on Main Street USA on March 15th!! SOOO excited!!

  • Lara McKay Shields

    End of February 2013

  • Mandy Hilman

    Our next Disney Vacation is in January!

  • Hoping to go back to WDW late fall 🙂

  • nicole martin

    Not any time soon…Too poor. :p

  • We’re taking my son to Disneyland for the first time in TWO WEEKS!!!

  • Deme Grabert

    going in March for our 20th wedding anniversary. Staying at animal kingdom resort

  • Disney Dreamer

    hopefully September 2014 ^_^

  • Noreen

    Possibly October for my bday

  • Daniel M

    don’t know when our next disney vacation will be

  • Dawn

    Our Next Disney World vacation is in 309 days….oh how long it seems!!!

  • Jenn

    We are planning a May 2013 trip for the Flower and Garden Festival and to celebrate my birthday!

  • I don’t know when,but I hope it is soon!

  • Im going to DisneyWorld for my daughters 1st birthday in December!

  • I am going to Disneyland in August with my best friend!

  • Danna

    Not sure 🙁 Maybe this year, but probably 2014.

  • Annette Roberts

    We are FINALLY gonna get to go on our WDW vacation July 2013!

  • Feb. 23-25th 2013

  • Maureen

    November 2013

  • Fall 2014 =/

  • thank you!

  • michael m

    in the next couple of months

  • Kim

    December 2013!!

  • Kimberly

    June!! I’m under a 150 days now! WOOHOO!!

  • Judy M

    Our next trip is in 15 days! Yippee!

  • Rochelle Mullin

    I’ll plan my WDW trip when I’m at least half-way to my savings goal.

  • 5 nights at Wilderness Lodge in May – can’t wait!

  • Tia

    Our next vacation?!?! Too far!! March 2014 is looking to be the next WDW trip, though I am excited because I think I’ve finally talked the whole extended family into going! We may also be heading to CA for Christmas with the inlaws this year and if so will have a bit of a DL Christmas as well.

  • Lori

    Would love the book to read on the plane!

  • cynthia

    our next vacation if planned for sept 8-14 at POP

  • Won’t be for another year or two. Have to save money.

  • coupons4vkt

    Our next vacation is to Disneyland in March.

  • Unless we magically get some money between now and then, it looks like October 2014 for us. We’re celebrating my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary.

  • Dawn

    I leave January 24 2013 for 5 days and 4 nights can’t wait

  • Dawn

    I love your sight it is full of fun and helpful Disney stuff Thanks

  • Jennifer

    We don’t get to go back to WDW until April 2014 🙁 So Sad!!

  • ashley

    We are shooting for early November 2013

  • emmylou1222

    great prizes, I would love one of the books!! we’re going on our first disney vacation in October.

  • Krista

    Hoping to go to WDW this year! It’s been way too long since I have seen the Mouse!

  • Dustin Kirby

    Chip and Co is a great site. I love how up to date they are on the activities going on at WDW. I hope someday to contribute some posts to their site.

  • The complete WDW book would be a great read on the plane down there on my trip in February

  • Chelsea

    Our next Disney Trip will be 2014! I can’t wait!

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