Top Ten Cupcakes at Walt Disney World


One of our favorite snacks at Walt Disney World is a cupcake – they’re HUGE and so yummy. We love them so much that we even eat them for breakfast, but that’s okay, because you can have dessert for breakfast when you’re on vacation, right? While I’ve yet to attempt to eat every cupcake that’s available at WDW, I’ve definitely had a lot of them over the years and have my regular favorites that I’ll share with my husband each trip. Here are my Top 10 Cupcakes at Walt Disney World.Peppermint … [Read more...]

Top 10 things to bring with you to the Disney Parks


In normal life, I don't require much on a daily basis.  In the parks, I am amazingly needy!  I try to bring everything I need to the parks without overloading myself.  Remember, whatever you bring, you have to carry!Here are my Top 10 things to bring with you to the Disney Parks.Your Camera: A picture is worth a thousand words right?  There is no better way to preserve a memory than through a picture.  Posed/Staged pictures are great, but I love catching candid shots of my kids doing … [Read more...]

Top 10 Walt Disney World Christmas Trees

Town Square at Disneyland

If you’ve visited any of the Disney Parks during the Christmas holiday season, then you know that Disney goes all out in decorating their larger-than-life Christmas trees. Each tree is customized to the park or resort where the tree is found, making them all special in their own little way. Not all are created equal and a little more thought went into some more than others it seems. During our recent trip a few weeks ago, we visited 18 different resorts plus all 4 parks, so I did thorough … [Read more...]

Top 10 Adult Activites at Walt Disney World


For those of you who think Walt Disney World is “just for kids”, thank again! There is plenty to do for adults too, including:Water sports: You can go water skiing, jet-skiing, rent a boat (motorboats, or pedal boats and canoes for the more physically inclined), and even go para-sailing at several WDW resorts Sample some world-class cuisine: WDW has become very famous for it’s food, from delicious pastries and baked goods to 5 star cuisine and foods from all over the world, it truly is a … [Read more...]

Top 10 Disney World Rides you must do at night!

Dumbo at Night

Let's face it: all of the rides in Disney World are awesome. However, some rides are just better experienced at night. Below, I have made a list of ten rides that I think provide a better experience in the evenings. Do you agree with my suggestions?Splash Mountain - One of the classic rides in the Magic Kingdom, Splash Mountain is considered the best ride to experience at night. Why? That pivotal moment before your car plunges 50ft below, the view of Cinderella Castle is exquisite. Not to … [Read more...]