Top 5 BEST Disney World Tips with Toddlers

Top 5 Best Tips WDW with toddlers

I cannot tell you how much I love trips to Walt Disney World with my son.  Seeing how excited he gets and how much fun he has is worth more than all the Dole Whips in the world.  That said, planning a trip to Walt Disney World with a toddler was a whole different game than I was used to.  As with everything, toddlers have their own set of special things to consider when planning your magical vacation to Walt Disney World.1. Bring a stroller, or a baby carrier, or both!  There is nothing … [Read more...]

Top 6 Magic Kingdom Attractions For First Timers


Visiting Walt Disney World for the first time can be an overwhelming experience – it’s new, exciting, and there’s so much to do and see that you may not know where to begin! But don’t panic – I have compiled this list of must-do Magic Kingdom attractions for first timers to help you in your pursuit of Disney magic:Carousel of Progress: Many would argue with this choice, stating its corny or not worth it, but I put it on the list as its one of the few rides created by Walt himself – you get … [Read more...]

Top 6 Walt Disney World Shopping Tips


To Disney Cast Members they are known as “tangible memories.” They are a way for you to take a slice of magic home with you. We budget a good chunk of our vacation fund towards them. They are souvenirs. Searching for the perfect souvenir at Walt Disney World can be time consuming, but also so much fun. I have put together a couple tips that will hopefully help you on your next Disney hunt.If you see it and like it, buy it: Throughout your trip you will notice different products and souvenirs … [Read more...]

Free Disney Dining…Which Plan Is Right For You?

Disney Free Dining

With all the talk about Free Disney Dining, I thought it would be a great time to rehash the Disney Dining Plan!  What is included in these plans? Which resorts offered these plans last year during free dining and can I choose to upgrade a plan that is offered if free dining is released?Historical data from 2014 free dining indicated the Value Resorts offered the Quick-Service Dining Plan for its resort guests.  Moderate and Deluxe / Deluxe Villa resorts offered the Plus Dining Plan.  Some … [Read more...]

Plan Ahead! How to book your 2016 Disney vacation

Start saving that Mickey Money now!

The Walt Disney World website currently only allows bookings through 2015…so how do you book for later dates? Do you have to wait?BOOKING YOUR WALT DISNEY WORLD TRIP IN 2016You can book rooms at Walt Disney World for 2016 up to 499 days in advance right now.You can’t do it on the Disney World website yourself though. You can only do it by calling Disney directly, or through a travel specialist like me and my friends at World of Magic Travel.Right now, we can only book your … [Read more...]