Disney Quick Tips – Drink Plenty of Water!


Disney is hot and humid in the summer.  If you aren't used to humidity, you are in for a bit of a shock!  It is going to be hot, but if you plan for it your family will be just fine.First things first - you MUST stay hydrated.  You can get into trouble very quickly in the heat if you don't drink enough water.  We hear all of the time that we should be drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day.  When you are in extreme heat, you need to really be careful.  If you are thirsty, you are already on … [Read more...]

Walking Your DVC Room Reservation?

Disney Vacation Club Logo - New

Have you heard about “walking” your DVC room reservation? Some people think it is not acceptable and should never be done as it messes with the reservation system and seems kind of like cheating the system. Other folks never give it another thought and walk their reservation every day until they get what they want. Where do you fall?For those who have never heard about walking your Disney Vacation Club room reservation, it is a relatively easy process. However, it becomes time consuming if … [Read more...]

Being a Meatatarian at Walt Disney World


If you scour the internet looking for Special Dietary Requests at Disney World you will find everything from Eating Vegetarian & Vegan, to Gluten Free and people with other Food Allergies. If you do have food allergies I will say our friend Sarah from Gluten and Dairy Free at Walt Disney World has some of the best tips, and she is a writer here on Chip and Co!But what about Meatatarians?What is a Meatatarian you might ask? A meatatarian is a person who eats meat virtually to the … [Read more...]

Making ADRs… From 1 Day to 180 Days (+10) in Advance


For the Planner or the Procrastinator... here are some tips to score some great Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) for your upcoming Disney Vacation.The Planner. If you're well organized, you've likely got everything planned to a "T" for your next Disney trip. Dates picked, Resort reservation made, you even know which parks to visit on which days and where you'd like to eat each meal.Call right at 180 days. You certainly know the drill about calling in (or having your travel agent call … [Read more...]

Holiday Family Photos at Walt Disney World


Do you have an upcoming trip to Walt Disney World planned prior to December? During the December holiday season, many of us look forward to receiving photo cards from family and friends.  It is never too early to start planning a family photo while at the Walt Disney World resort to use for your holiday cards or even gift giving. The best part of taking a family photo at the Walt Disney World resort is that you can be creative and choose from many locations.Here are some suggestions for … [Read more...]