Top 10 Ways to Pass the Time While Waiting in Line at Disney World


Even with Fastpass+, you will probably end up waiting in a line at some point during your vacation.  Waiting in lines at Disney World with kids can stretch parents' patience a little thin.  The best way to deal with waiting for your favorite attractions is to go to Disney prepared to wait.  The following top 10 ways to pass the time while waiting in line at Disney World are to help bust the waiting blues.Play on an electronic device - Smart phone, iPhone, iPad, etc. you name it. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Free Things to do at Walt Disney World!


Lets face it, a Walt Disney World vacation can be expensive, but did you know there are a ton of free things you can do while you are there? From things to do in the parks to fun things to do after you have wore yourself out walking around the parks I have put together this fun list for you.Here are my Top 10 favorite free things to do at Walt Disney World.10. Pinocchio's Village Haus: Head over to the Magic Kingdom and you can sign the Blue Fairy's book and make a wish. You never know, … [Read more...]

Make your vacation extra special with a Disney Portrait Sessions


Are you looking for a way to make your Disney vacation extra special? Well, luckily Disney offers Portrait Sessions so you and your family can take wonderful family photos with all that sweat and random guests at the parks! These days, cameras are made so well that even amateurs can take great photos and for any big landmarks, there's a photopass photographer there to capture the moment. But, there's a problem with some of these images... there's people everywhere! On top of a large amount of … [Read more...]

Review of Kingdom Camera Rentals at Walt Disney World

Daisy Duck MVMCP

If you’re like me, you LOVE to take pictures while on vacation at WDW. I’ve been a professional photographer for several years now, so it just seems natural for me to visit the parks with a camera in hand. I don’t take nearly as many pics as I use to though since we make several trips a year as passholders and you can only have so many pictures of Cinderalla’s before they start to look the same. Because of that, I always make it a point to take on a personal photography project when I make trips … [Read more...]

Eating Well For Less At Disneyland


If you've been paying attention at all, you know I love Disneyland. I love Disney World, Disney Cruises, Aulani and more too, but my heart will always belong to Disneyland. Part of that love comes from the fantastic food choices. I've always enjoyed the offerings in Disneyland far more than Disney World. Part of this is simply that Disney World is catering to a lot more visitors from everywhere.With that rather unexciting shocking admission, here's a great article that Disney has written. I … [Read more...]