Disney Quick Tips – Check the Weather Before You Leave Home


While the weather in Orlando can be gorgeous, there are also plenty of times when it's cold or raining.  Don't forget to check the Orlando weather forecast before you leave for your trip. Having an idea of what to expect will help with your packing.  (And I know many Disney Addicts start packing weeks in advance!)I usually start checking the weather 10 days before the trips and I try to remind myself that the weather forecast can and will change many times before and during the trip.Within a … [Read more...]

Stop by a Disney Lounge Even if you Don’t Drink


Over the past few weeks Sarah has been sharing tons of places to get a beverage on the Drink around the World Showcase challenge. While most drinks she recommends have alcohol I know not everyone drinks. That is no problem!  There are still lots of reasons to stop by a Disney Lounge - even if you don’t drink!Do it for the sushi and the Karoke!The Disney Swan is home to Kimonos — the only karaoke spot on property! It is rumored to be the best sushi bar in Walt Disney World. You can even … [Read more...]

Disney Lingo – Do You Speak It?


Disney Lingo goes a little like this:  "I have a pre RD ADR at CP.  Then, I'm heading to get FPs for BTMRR while riding PotC standby.  After this, we're spending the rest of the day at MK, hitting the headliners.  We'll catch the bus to DtD and then back to BC for swimming and dinner."Did you catch that?  If not, here is the translation:  "I have a pre-rope drop advanced dining reservation at Crystal Palace.  Then, I'm heading to get FastPasses for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad while riding … [Read more...]

Disney Quick Tips – Share An Entree at Disney World To Save Money


Sharing entrees at Disney World is a great idea! At many Disney restaurants, the portions are huge. Whole entrees at Disney are often just too much food for one person to eat. I almost always share an entree with a family member at Disney and have never felt like I didn't get enough to eat. If someone else in your party is interested in the same entree as you, just order one to split. Chances are you will both get more than enough to fill you up.Splitting entrees is also a great way to save … [Read more...]

5 Activities to Enjoy at Disney World Before Your Children Grow Up and Leave Home


Like Peter Pan, some children just never grow up.  Yet, we all know that's not the reality of life.  It's easy to feel like a child when visiting the Disney Parks, and seeing the delight in your children is a feeling like no other.  But, they grow up, change, and so does their park touring.  Before you know it, you're skipping past the Princess Meet & Greet, and running to Splash Mountain for a FastPass.  Or, you've packed the autograph books, but while in the parks your children don't want … [Read more...]