Food Allergy Info from Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

Food Allergy Information Kiosk Animal Kingdom

As someone with a special diet, traveling can be challenging. Planning and researching are key in making sure you have a safe and enjoyable visit to your vacation destination. And even though Disney is well known for providing excellent food allergy and special diets accommodation, it's no different than any other travel destination. In fact, planning ADRs and touring plans are crucial, especially with new Disney guest features like Magic Bands and MyMagic+. And making contact with the Walt … [Read more...]

Disney Cruise Tips: Cruising with Kids


With each new Disney Cruise Ship, Disney Cruise Line is continuing to raise the bar when cruising with kids. With stunning Broadway style stage shows, enchanted dining rooms, pools, children's activity centers, Disney characters roaming the decks AND a movie theater, a child could be entertained for weeks! But there's so much to do before you ever get onboard.Travel with me back about a year ago when my Disney Addict daughter discovered a model of a Disney Cruise Ship at Disney's Vero Beach … [Read more...]

Top 10 Things Disney World Rookies Must Do’s


Planning a trip to Walt Disney World? Is it your first time? Don't worry, we have your back! We know that planning your vacation and your days at the parks can seem like quite an undertaking considering the massive amount of things to do and see; but that's part of what makes Disney World great because you will never get bored and there's always a reason to come back!But what do you do with all of those options? What should you not miss on your first trip? What if you miss out?Stress no … [Read more...]

The Scary Side to Otherwise Tame Disney World Rides


I love it when my students come back from a trip to Disney World.  Their memories are so fresh, so vibrant, so real!  I feel like a (teeny) bit of me has made the trek to the most magical place on Earth!Five and Six year-old kids tend to speak about Disney trips in three major themed chunks; 1. the hotel (aka pool), 2. the most daring ride they braved, and 3. the characters they met.  Everything is magnified, as hand gestures bring life to memories.  I'm never surprised to hear that even the … [Read more...]

Disney World Weather – Escape From The Cold To A Winter In Florida


“Whats the Weather Like at Walt Disney World?” Is one of the most commonly asked questions out there when it comes to planning a WDW vacation – and it’s something to take into consideration when figuring out when to go to Walt Disney WorldHere’s a quick rundown of the average WDW weather conditions:January/February: Expect temperatures to be in the 50-70 degree range, with an average rainfall of only around 2 inches per monthMarch/April/May: As spring comes around, the temperatures … [Read more...]