Bringing the Disney Magic Home


Some people are not lucky enough to live within close distance to Disney World or Disneyland and need to find other ways to bring Disney Magic into their everyday lives however far away they are from “home.” Since the senses account for everything we experience and Disney parks are a sensory overload, I’d like to share some my ideas for keeping the magic close!First, is scent. The sense of smell accounts for the strongest part of memory and many Disney Addicts I talk to miss the smells of … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Not Let the Diverse Crowds Get You Down at Walt Disney World


I do not actually know the exact number of people who visit Walt Disney World each year; the Disney Company does not publish those numbers. I would venture a guess in the millions, though. People come from all over the globe to experience the Happiest Place on Earth, because let’s face it: it’s really fun! Walt Disney World has become a major must-do on many people’s bucket-list. It is no longer just “average” middle-class Americans that flock to the gates and flood the queues of America’s … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tip – Save the Shows for the Heat of the Day


So, you are're tired...and you didn't take my advice to TAKE THE NAP.  Now it's 4:00 in the afternoon  It's  too late to head back to the hotel but you simply cannot do one more ride or take one more step.  Know what you need?  A show!The hottest part of the day in Florida isn't necessarily noon.  It is very hot late in the day.  That's why if you insist on not "taking the nap" (even for adults), you should build some shows into your plans and save them for the heat of the … [Read more...]

Disneyland Planning – First visit to Disneyland?


Planning your first visit to Disneyland?  Is this your 10th visit?  Or are you a seasoned Disneyland visitor?   With all the new rides and attractions at the Disneyland Resort as well as the newly renovated Disneyland Hotel and good neighbor hotel discounts, now is the perfect time to visit.    Disney California Adventure is home to Cars Land, Tower of Terror and the extremely popular, Aladdin Show where our resident Genie puts on a different show every day as well as so many fun rides and … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips for Visiting Disney World In The Peak Season


The summer months and the holidays are peak season at Walt Disney World. For many families, these times are the only times of year when everyone's schedules work out just right for a family vacation. Because of this, the parks are often very crowded during these times, especially during the weeks of 4th of July and the week after Christmas. If you're thinking of visiting Disney during peak season, don't let the crowds discourage you. You can still have plenty of fun at Walt Disney World during … [Read more...]