Review of Kingdom Camera Rentals at Walt Disney World

Daisy Duck MVMCP

If you’re like me, you LOVE to take pictures while on vacation at WDW. I’ve been a professional photographer for several years now, so it just seems natural for me to visit the parks with a camera in hand. I don’t take nearly as many pics as I use to though since we make several trips a year as passholders and you can only have so many pictures of Cinderalla’s before they start to look the same. Because of that, I always make it a point to take on a personal photography project when I make trips … [Read more...]

Eating Well For Less At Disneyland


If you've been paying attention at all, you know I love Disneyland. I love Disney World, Disney Cruises, Aulani and more too, but my heart will always belong to Disneyland. Part of that love comes from the fantastic food choices. I've always enjoyed the offerings in Disneyland far more than Disney World. Part of this is simply that Disney World is catering to a lot more visitors from everywhere.With that rather unexciting shocking admission, here's a great article that Disney has written. I … [Read more...]

Battle Of The Resort Quick Service Disney Dining: Art Of Animation Vs. Pop Century

pop aoa

When it comes to picking which Walt Disney World Resort to stay at, there are many factors that come into play. There’s location (proximity to the Parks is important!), transportation options, entertainment/amenities, price (probably one of the biggest things to consider, at least for my family!), and then there’s the most important of all for us Disney food obsessed folks: what dining options are available within the Resort.We are a strictly Value Resort family – we love the décor, the … [Read more...]

Bringing the Disney Magic Home


Some people are not lucky enough to live within close distance to Disney World or Disneyland and need to find other ways to bring Disney Magic into their everyday lives however far away they are from “home.” Since the senses account for everything we experience and Disney parks are a sensory overload, I’d like to share some my ideas for keeping the magic close!First, is scent. The sense of smell accounts for the strongest part of memory and many Disney Addicts I talk to miss the smells of … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Not Let the Diverse Crowds Get You Down at Walt Disney World


I do not actually know the exact number of people who visit Walt Disney World each year; the Disney Company does not publish those numbers. I would venture a guess in the millions, though. People come from all over the globe to experience the Happiest Place on Earth, because let’s face it: it’s really fun! Walt Disney World has become a major must-do on many people’s bucket-list. It is no longer just “average” middle-class Americans that flock to the gates and flood the queues of America’s … [Read more...]