How To Avoid Illness On Your next Disney Vacation

Pixie Brenda 11/10

You've spent months planning, saving, and counting down the days for your Disney Vacation. It promises to be a magical experience for your entire family; however, an illness can quickly rain on your Disney Parade. Here are some steps you can take on your next vacation to help make sure everyone stays healthy throughout your entire vacation.Vitamins*  - If you don't already take vitamins daily, be sure to start taking a multivitamin a few weeks prior to your departure date. Vitamin C is also … [Read more...]

How to Save money on Disney World park tickets


Today’s Disney World Quick Tip goes out to all those money savers. That would be about 99% of the people who are visiting our website. I wanted to share with you a way to get discounted Disney World Parks Tickets. In the past I have used 2 big name companies for tickets. Maple Leaf Tickets and Undercover Tourists. Both Companies are great but today's quick tip just focuses on UT.Today's quick tip involves one of my absolute favorite newsletters Mousesavers. Each month (on the 15th) they … [Read more...]

My 2014 Disney World New Years Resolutions


As another year comes to an end, I like to make it a point to take some time to reflect on all the events of the year – the good, the bad, and the Disney of course. I love vacationing at Walt Disney World, and am always looking for ways to make my vacations more enjoyable for myself and my family. So I thought this year, instead of making a traditional list of goals for 2014, I would make a list of “2014 Disney World Resolutions”:Try Some New Eats – There are so many dining options at WDW … [Read more...]

What is a Disney Pin Code and How do you get one?


People ask me all the time what is a Disney Pin Code? The second question in that sequence is usually How do I get one? While the first question is pretty easy the 2nd one takes a little work, but here goes...A Disney Pin Code is a special discount Disney sends to you to entice you to book a Disney Vacation. Most Pin Code deals start rolling out when Disney is running a special promotion (like now). Usually the deals are better than the offers that are out there to make it hard not to want … [Read more...]

Should You Buy the Refillable Mugs at Disney World?

Green Rapid Fill Mug

My family used to wrestle with the question - should we buy the refillable mugs?  If you are on any of the Disney Dining Plans, the answer is an easy "no" because the mugs are already included in your dining package price.  For those of us who do not purchase the dining plan, then evaluating the refillable mug purchase is worth consideration.   The refillable mugs are purchased at your Disney resort and offer free refills of coffee, pop, tea, or hot chocolate.  The refillable mugs can be … [Read more...]