May the Force Be With You: A girl’s guide to surviving Star Wars Weekends

In celebration of Star Tours officially opening today we bring you this great post from our writer Michele on surviving Star Wars Weekends. Enjoy..If you live in this Galaxy, chances are you have not escaped “the force” of Star Wars. If you have ever come in contact with the male species, chances are, you know about Star Wars. If you have a son, nephew, brother, know about Star Wars.You know that every pointy object can become a light saber, the Yoda voice is imperative when … [Read more...]

I love this Disney Site – Passporter


For the last decade or so the folks at Passporter have proven themselves to be a leading source in Disney information and Disney vacation planning. We are proud to welcome them into the Chip and Company family as our newest partner!A Passporter is not to be confused with a passport. While both are blue and technically books, one is far more colorful and far less expensive (*hint, *hint, that's the Passporter!) but both should be taken with you every-time you travel! The provided definition … [Read more...]

Keys to the Kingdom: Liberty Square


During my Keys to the Kingdom tour this past November, I learned so many awesome details about the Magic Kingdom. This is another installment of the memories from that wonderful tour. Spoiler alert!Walt Disney was a genius in many areas. One such area was his attention to detail. He always wanted everything to be perfectly represented in the park as design integrity was very important to him. If Walt didn’t know exactly how something should be represented he would gather a research team to … [Read more...]

Airline Survival Kit for Toddler Travel

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Planes…trains…automobiles. Whatever your mode of transportation, traveling with a two-year old can be tough. Because of the miles we need to cover, a trip to Walt Disney World means flying.. I don’t think I would survive the 18+ hour trip with my five and two-year old and still have my sanity intact.Flying with our toddler is not a frequent experience so I’m willing to purchase travel gear I otherwise wouldn’t with the hope of being prepared for every eventuality – I won’t know if it … [Read more...]

PhotoPass Perks and Pitfalls


As you walk around the parks you’ve probably noticed cast members in safari type khaki vests and blue shorts; although they look like they’ve escaped from the Animal Kingdom, I assure you, they are where they belong. Who are these people and what are they doing roaming the streets of Mainstreet U.S.A.? They are PhotoPass Photographers.For those of you not familiar with the purpose of PhotoPass, take a look at your family photos from your past probably notice that one of the … [Read more...]