Training for your Disney Marathon – Options Options Options

Photo courtesy of Ruth Lim

When you're starting out running, all you really need is a good pair of shoes and a place to run.  And, while I highly recommended going to a local running store and having shoes fitted by the pros, that's the only thing that I think necessary to run. But, once you start gaining distance, gear becomes more important.   It's easy to be overwhelmed when figuring out what to get - there are countless options for shoes, hydration belts, race belts, nutrition, watches, etc...So, where should you … [Read more...]

Tips For The ‘Group’ Trip -Keep It Civil And Simple

Group trips to Walt Disney World can run the gamut from Agony to Ecstasy. Generally, immediate family (parents and kids) are the easiest to deal with and work out very well because they are simple - parents are in charge. When you travel with other types of groups such as friends and family, multi generational families, or just a group of friends things can become way more complex. Here are some reasons why:Every group has a dominant personality (DP) who may or may not be familiar with Walt … [Read more...]

Pin Trading for Newbies – Realistic Tips

Pin Trading

We’ve all seen them: the Professional Pin Traders descending on a new Pin release. They’ve been lined up for hours to be one of the first to own it. They have their Pin Trading Briefcases loaded with rare variations that the common Disney fan hasn’t even heard of. And they know about every upcoming Pin release almost before Disney does!Darkwing Duck early Promo Pin. Note the original character name. You might ask: If I want to buy a Pin, do I have to be like that?Fear not, for Pin … [Read more...]

Epcot’s Club Cool is to HOT to pass up


If you have ever been walking though Epcot on your way around the World Showcase and as you walked by or even stopped in Innoventions you probably noticed this sign above right next to the Character Meet & Greet. No its not some special Disney Club like Club 33. I believe it is one of the most overlooked FREE things you can sample at the Walt Disney World Resort. Also we like to play a fun game each time we stop by, you will have to keep reading to hear more about it..Come along for our … [Read more...]

What a Thrill – A New Trip is In the Works


After my November trip to Walt Disney World I wrote a blog about the fact that, unlike previous years, there was no bounce back offer in my resort room. That left me in a much different position after our trip than in past years. I was not only suffering from PDTD (Post-Disney-Trip Depression), but I did not have a Walt Disney World Resort reservation for our family trip this year.This week, I received great news which flung me back into planning mode. I have been telling my hubby that I … [Read more...]