Disney World Quick Tips – Snack Credits.


The number one rule you should follow with snack credits is this:  Don't buy drinks with it. It's an easy mistake to make. You're tired and hot and probably don't think twice about handing the cast member your room key card, but that drink only costs around $2.59.  If you purchased the dining plan, you probably did so to save money, and this move just put you in the red, at least as far as snacks go.  You can use your snack credits to buy more expensive treats or even put together a small meal … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Your To-Do List


I make two to-do lists for my trip: One big one that I start months before (stop laughing) and a shorter one that I use in the last few days before we travel.  One thing I noticed though, was that I sometimes forgot to finish the last few things on the list, only to remember when I was about halfway down I-95 on my way to Disney World.So a few years ago, I started a new tradition:  I tape the list to the back of the front door, that way I'm bound to look at it as I leave the house. In fact, … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tip: It’s Everyone’s Vacation

In two short days, my extended family will be making the trek to Disney World -- nine of us in all!  We have been planning this vacation since September of last year, and now, with our vacation so close, I can't stand the waiting!  As the primary planner for the vacation, it was my goal to make sure that everyone's wishes were heard, and accommodated as best as I could.  We've got three first time Disney World visitors, some veterans in myself, my wife, and my daughter, my niece and her … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tip – Using a Stroller as a Wheelchair

Stroller as wheelchair tag

Walt Disney World allows parents of special needs children to use a stroller as wheelchair. The stroller will be treated just like it is a wheelchair allowing you to use special entrances as needed. It will also allow your child to stay in the stroller when other strollers have to be parked, allowing you to take it all the way to the loading area at attractions.If you are planning on using a stroller as a wheelchair for your child at Walt Disney World here are a few tips.Stop by guest … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tip: Dining without Reservations


If you look around the Disney community, you'll hear a lot about dining reservations and dining planning.  For most guests, the rich variety and quality of food options available on property are an important part of their vacation, and dedicated planners take advantage of the 180 day reservation window to try to secure their restaurant of choice.But what if you aren't one of those planners?  What if your plans change?  What if you can't get the Le Cellier reservation you wanted?  Is there … [Read more...]