Disney’s Animal Kingdom Opening Ceremony – Kinda’ Fun


We don't spend a lot of time at Disney's Animal Kingdom except to see some of the shows and hit a couple of the significant attractions. There are also lots of photo opportunities and we take advantage of those too. On our last visit, for some reason, we got there very early (for us) and had a chance to experience the opening ceremony. We travel to Walt Disney World very regularly and really didn't realize that there was an official opening ceremony at the Animal Kingdom. It was very cute and … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – It’s Hokey and Goofy But It’s Still Fun


When I tell folks that I never miss the Country Bear Jamboree on a Walt Disney World visit the typical reaction happens. First there's the condescending smile and the rolling of the eyes as if to say - oh well, he's old and just reliving his childhood. Then you get the comments like it's old and tired, the animatronics are ancient, the jokes are stupid, and the bears look like they have seen better days. I always answer each one of them with the same statement - I know, but I still enjoy it and … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Don’t Miss The ‘Train Setup’ At Epcot


After you visit the Germany Pavilion and head towards Italy make sure you stop and admire what is called the "Train Setup" just past the Pavilion.  It's a delightful little model of a German town with incredible detail. You will thoroughly enjoy it, particularly those of you who are model train enthusiasts. Everything is in perfect scale with one exception. On occasion, one of the local creatures (gecko) can be found sitting on or around one of the structures. It does look a bit odd but makes … [Read more...]

Affordable Disney Vacations: Saving Time AND Money with Disney’s Magical Express

Many people travel to Walt Disney World by flying. For some, there is no other realistic way to get there. Others, who could drive, often choose to fly anyway. My family is in the second group: while I personally don’t mind driving, my family feels otherwise.So we typically fly these days. But the challenge here, if you are trying to have a Disney vacation that is as affordable as possible, is that airfare is way expensive. So unfortunately, a major portion of any Disney vacation budget ends … [Read more...]

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Deserves More Credit!!


Almost every time a group of Disney fans start talking about which park they like the most or spend the most time in, Disney's Hollywood Studios(DHS) comes up on the short end. I must be one of those few folks who really enjoy and appreciate what this park has to offer that is so often overlooked by so many. No matter what you enjoy about Disney Parks, DHS has it and in many cases more so than the other parks. Think about these things:Table Service Restaurants - Only Epcot has more table … [Read more...]