Disneyland Planning for Disney World veterans


When I first started planning my upcoming California trip, I expected myself to be completely overwhelmed.  Not only did I pick up the Imagineering Field Guide to Disneyland but also the  Disneyland Passporter, newest Birnbaum guide, as well as Fodor's Los Angeles with Disneyland & Orange County, Knopf Maguide to L.A, and Charles Ridgeway's Spinning Disney's World on my Nook.  I have an arsenal of planning material and Disneyland history.After thoroughly reading through all of the … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tip – Avoid getting burned


We have all seen it. Walking around the park you see a person in front of you a bright shade of red. Most times they are from the north and not used to the Florida sun. (Disclaimer -  I am not making fun of northerners since I am from Pennsylvania myself) Even in the winter the sun in Florida can be brutal. One loop around Epcot can really add some color to your skin as there is not a lot of places to grab some shade unless you want to check out Club CoolMy quick tip today is kinda an … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Drink water to save money


I am in love with these new Mio Liquid Water Enhancers! They taste so good and unlike a Crystal Light packet you don't need exactly 16oz. I have found myself going out to eat at the various restaurants here in Greensboro and ordering water only to squirting in some Mio. When the waitress tops off my water I just another squirt.Before you ask no I am not selling Mio nor am I the official spokesperson, I am just a fan.So on our next Disney trip we are going the Annual Pass & Tables in … [Read more...]

Scary Rides and Attractions to Avoid with Kids

With a soon to be ten year old, it is quite easy to take her on rides that she absolutely loves!  Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, "it’s a small world", even Tower of Terror are no problem for her!  Don’t even get me started on roller coasters, and how much she loves them!But there are some rides that she just doesn’t like, so this article is written for those of you like us, parents of children that do get scared at some of the attractions.  Here is Sophie’s list, listed in order of the … [Read more...]

Delight in the Details: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

“There’s no business like show-business...” and no one does show-business quite like Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Before you go racing off to Rockin’ Rollercoaster or Tower of Terror, take a few minutes to saunter down Hollywood Boulevard and delight in the details!As you enter the park you will see a kiosk with a Mickey on top, (“the crossroads of the world”) Look closely and you’ll notice that Mickey’s ears are uneven, and he appears to be reaching for something, but what? The ear is copper … [Read more...]