Disney World Training 101: Package Delivery before you arrive


There are times when you just can’t cram all your supplies for a Walt Disney World vacation into your suitcase and still expect it to close. At least I can’t. Even if I can temporarily alter the laws of physics and zip my suitcase shut, these extra supplies can be mighty expensive with the additional fees airlines charge for either a second bag or an overweight bag.It took me a few years to discover the answer to my problem...You can ship items to your Walt Disney World resort and the … [Read more...]

Top 5 Tips for Great Ride Photos


Now that our family has been to Walt Disney World together a number of times, we usually don’t make it a practice to purchase  souvenirs. There are two exceptions to this rule: Christmas ornaments (we purchase one for each of us every year); and sometimes a ride photo or two so we have a memento of our family for that particular year.There are several rides at Walt Disney World where cameras have been installed to capture you and your crew during the rides. They are:Splash Mountain- … [Read more...]

Disney World Collectables – Press Penny Palooza!


Before our first Disney World trip, I prepared my step-son for the penny press machines. I thought he might like a penny here or there to put in the scrapbook. Little did I know this was the beginning of a penny pressing palooza.Since then every walk in the park is a pre-meditated prowl for the penny press machines. Yes, it's 51 cents to get a cent back...but it's relatively inexpensive and he really enjoys it. I'd much rather have him collect those and have them forever than to invest $11 … [Read more...]

Disney World Planning 101 – Don’t forget to pack your Medicine!


Normally I would tell you to just say no to drugs, but on a  Disney World Vacation I'm tellin' you...YOU BETTA BRING SOME WITH YOU!!!On two of my trips to WDW I got sick. Sick as a dog. Sick as in "please Jesus let me DIE before my throat explodes" kind of sick.  I'm fairly sure  I spent as much on medicine at the gift shops as I did on park-tickets!People book Disney vacations months in advance, so if they, or their children get sick it is extremely likely they will go ahead and on … [Read more...]

Turning Play Dates Into Disney Travel Dates

A motivating factor for our Disney Vacation Club (DVC) purchase was the ability to vacation with close family and friends. As dedicated Disney fans, we feel it’s our duty to spread the pixie dust! The time has finally come when the impractical has become the practical and we think our family is ready to enjoy Walt Disney World with another family. In other words, within the year, our household will be diaper-free, sippy cup-free, crib-free, and free of all those other trappings of toddlerhood … [Read more...]