Affordable In Room Fun – Disney Spa Night

Walt Disney World is such a fun vacation with so many add on features that you could never get bored, no matter how many times  you visit The Mouse.  However, some extras cost more than others and it all really comes down to your priorities and budget while on vacation.  The first few times we went to Walt Disney World with my daughter we were truly just lucky to be there.  We were young parents (and still are), with my husband still in college and working to support our family while I stayed … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – What Brings Us Back, The Tangibles


As we get older we generally find that different things become important to us. When we were younger we looked forward to the thrill of riding the biggest, best, and most exciting attractions and some of us still do (me). But, when you reach a certain age (different for everyone), you find that the more subtle things that you may have passed by in the past become a bit more important in the overall enjoyment of your visit. Let's look at a few of these things that we grow to love as we become … [Read more...]

Fun things to do OUTSIDE of the Disney World Parks


Walt Disney World has four theme parks to offer guests which are all amazing and special in their own ways. But it doesn't stop there. The vision extends beyond the parks in so many ways, and there are tons of activities you can do that don't require a park admission, like:Watersports- Sammy Duvall's Watersports Centre at the Contempotary Resort has waterskiing, parasailing and wakeboarding, and you can rent all kinds of boats from canoes to jetskis to motorboats at many of the resorts. And … [Read more...]

40th Anniversary Events!

"Mum" has been the word when it comes to news about 40th anniversary events at Magic Kingdom (October 1st). But now we're hearing "Yum" is the word, here are some juicy details of possible 40th anniversary events: *40th Anniversary cupcakes will be available on Main Street bakery *Special 40th Anniversary merchandise available on Main Street *Wishes (9pm) will have a special finale *Special anniversary presentation held at Castle Stage at 10am *Special artist appearances -Uptown … [Read more...]

Dining Tips and Tricks for Parties Larger than 8

Akershus Photo

On our last family vacation, it was a multi-generational vacation involving kids, parents, cousins, and even a Grandma!  Having nine people in our party really made things interesting when it came to dining, so I thought I would share some of the tips and tricks that I discovered when helping to plan our vacation.First, a little background.  We were staying at Bay Lake Tower using our DVC membership, and because of the size of our party, we decided against the Disney Dining Plan because of … [Read more...]