Disney World Quick Tip – How to Get the Best Seat

Many popular Disney World attractions are shows, such as Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, Mickey's Philharmagic, Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage, the American Adventure, and more! However, what most guests are thinking about when the theater doors open is how to get the best seat, especially when you have kids!While many theaters at Walt Disney World have seating that offers great views no matter where you're at, the best views for many shows are in the center, near the front.  From … [Read more...]

Stress Free Disney World


When Walt Disney World travelers envision their trips they think of perfect weather, smiling children, wonderful food, characters surrounding them. While all of these things can be true when traveling to Disney World, a trip to Disney can be tiring, stressful and a little bit of work. There are plenty of ways that to alleviate stress on your Walt Disney World vacation.Understand the sizeWalt Disney World covers 46 square miles of property, has 4 main theme parks 2 water parks and … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tip – Base Package vs. Room Only.

You may think your only choice when booking a Disney vacation is a package or a room-only reservation, but there's one very handy option a lot of guests don't know about:  The base package. A base package is different from a regular Disney package in that you don't add dining or tickets.   You're probably saying to yourself "Duh, Chris, that's a room-only reservation."    Well, it is.  And those work great as long as the deposit is only a couple hundred dollars, but if you're booking a deluxe … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tip – Avoid Morning Madness


My quick tip is for all those non morning people out there.If you aren't the character breakfast type, or need a little something to get you going in the morning, you can still avoid the morning madness! In the evening when you arrive back at your resort from a long day in the parks, stop into the snack shop and pick up a muffin, granola bar, pop tart or pastry and bring it back to your room (many of these count as snacks on the Disney Dining Plan).When you wake up the next morning you … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tip – Get the Cheaper Room.


This is going to sound odd coming from a travel agent, but I've thought about it a lot:   Get the cheaper room.  It's hard to say out loud, in part because I'm a bit of a resort snob myself, but the reality is, I stay at the values and I love them.   I'm not going to tell you that I would choose a value over a deluxe property. I love the bigger rooms and the theming.  But I also like to go a lot and going a lot means sometimes staying in a less expensive room.I often see people struggling … [Read more...]