Off the Beaten Path: Quiet Places at Epcot


No park seems to have as much ground to cover as Epcot, by the time you get through the World Showcase you truly feel like you’ve walked around the world and the future (world) seems unattainable. It’s important to pace yourself and remember to take a break or five...try some of my favorite places!1. One of my favorite spots to relax in Epcot is actually a attraction, yes it does kind of feel like I’m cheating on the list, but I can’t help myself, I love “Living with the Land”. There’s … [Read more...]

Want More Room? Look off Property

Windsor Hills

As a former Floridian,my opinions of visiting the Walt Disney World Resort can differ from many others.  A total non-purist, I have no problems staying off property.  In fact, I prefer to have my own car, as I have had more than a couple of complaints with the Disney World Bus System.  Plus, as a mother of a toddler, I like having the full control of when we come and go.Not only do I like to have my own car, I, on occasion, enjoy staying off property.  Shock and dismay, I'm sure, but there … [Read more...]

Off the Beaten Path: Magic Kingdom Quiet Places

During our WDW trips, we stick to the “Pirates Code”: “He who falls behind, gets left behind”. This drives home the point that it’s everyone’s vacation (particularly when we’re in our grand gathering) and we need to maintain a pace that’s good for everyone. If the kids had their choice, they would run back and forth between point A and point B all day long and if the adults had their choice, we’d be in a nice air conditioned ride all day long. When it’s been a long day in the parks for everyone … [Read more...]

A Sweet Negotiation at Disney World


A funny thing happened during my family's trip to Walt Disney World this past November. We kept running into the same family. Has this ever happened to you? We first met them while they were seated at the table next to us at Le Cellier. A couple days later, we saw them at the entrance to Hollywood Studios. Then, the next day we were honored with their presence again at Downtown Disney. It is funny when that happens, isn't it?Whenever we would notice them, someone in my family would call out, … [Read more...]

Benefits of being on P-R-O-P-E-R-T-Y

“It’s just a place to sleep” is the theory of hotel choice for many traveling families; including those traveling to Walt Disney World. On the heels of the increase in ticket price you may be tempted to start re-analyzing your Disney vacation and seeing where you can cut costs...the bulk of which lies in your accommodations. Before you grab your red pen and calculator, consider the benefits of staying on property, you might be surprised to find they often outweigh the cost!Let’s take a look … [Read more...]