Disney World Planning Tips – Pass Time in the Car, Pack a Goodie Bag

Walt Disney World Sign

A car ride to Walt Disney World can be long and boring, especially for children in the backseat.  Each trip I try to find creative ways to pass the time for my daughter.    One tradition that I do every trip we take to Disney is creating a goodie bag for my little one to dig through once we hit the road!For months before our trip I keep my eyes peeled for some fun activities to stash away.  The Target dollar bin is a great place to find a lot of Disney themed toys and books.  Walgreen's, … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Adults, don’t leave home without these items


Packing for a vacation can be a pain, and it's easy to forget something important. When you were a kid, your parents packed for you, and it was all worry free and fun galore. Now that I’m older (and my parents no longer pack for me), I have found that this list of things are essentials that no adult traveling to WDW should be without:Ponchos – In case you didn't know...it tends to rain a lot in Orlando. And yes, almost all the stores in WDW sell Mickey Ponchos and umbrellas, BUT not only are … [Read more...]

Shop like a Diva – Animal Kingdom


Still shopping? Of course you are, this is Walt Disney World and buying stuff to prove you've been there is half the fun! At your time in Animal Kingdom you'll find some more goodies.Don't forget to check out my other articles below. Animal Kingdom For Adult clothing- Island Mercantile- Discovery Island: I’m trying to picture the name of the place that has the cool clothes I like and I THINK this is the one. Please forgive me if its not. I don’t shop in AK all that frequently, as I'm busy … [Read more...]

Shop like a Diva – Disney’s Hollywood Studios Shopping


Still haven't satisfied your inner shop-a-holic after reading my posts about where to shop in Magic Kingdom and in Epcot? Here are some  Hollywood Studios finds you shouldn't pass up!I would recommend you take a pass on Mickey's of Hollywood. It's potentially one of the worst laid out stores I've ever been in. You can find all of the items there, and more over at Mouse Gears in Epcot or Downtown Disney.For even more Christmas ornaments: It's a Wonderful Shop (Streets of America) - If Ye … [Read more...]

Shop like a Diva – Epcot Shopping


So, hopefully you've read about my favorite places to shop in Magic Kingdom and can't wait to hear all about Epcot! Don't forget that you can have all of your purchases sent to the front of the park for pickup or to your resort FOR FREE!! * In Epcot For all things Mickey: Mouse Gear (Future World): **DIVA’S FAVORITE SHOP AT WDW** If I’m going to drop some money at Disney World THIS is where I’m going to do it. Mouse Gears is, in my opinion, a much better-laid-out version of the Emporium in MK … [Read more...]