Worth the Ride – Main Street Vehicles

Main Street Vehicle

If you speed down Main Street, U.S.A. towards your favorite attractions, you may have never noticed all the vehicles of Main Street.  I was guilty of this until the past few years.  And even then, I noticed them, but never knew how to take a ride.On our last trip, I decided it was our turn.  After the rope dropped and we crossed underneath the train station.  Around town square, there are signs for the different vehicles, including the horse-pulled trolley, horseless carriage, fire engine, … [Read more...]

Shop like a Diva – Downtown Disney


We can't forget Downtown Disney! Even though we've already talked about where to shop in Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, you obviously STILL WANT MORE. Well, I'm not going to disappoint! Downtown Disney Obviously, Downtown Disney is the mother-load for Disney Shopping, but it just doesn’t have the same feel to me as shopping in parks. However, If I’m buying its probably at one of these stores: For anything that I looked at multiple times in the park and never … [Read more...]

Adult “Treats” at Walt Disney World


Halloween is approaching and Tricks and Treats are everywhere you turn! Most adults I know aren’t so much into traditional “Tricks or Treats”, but I think they can all agree that when at Disney World, its important to “Treat” yourself to something awesome. Try some of these activities that are sure to be a treat any time of the year:Victoria and Alberts: Splurge on this 6 course meal where wine pairings are made from an award winning cellar. The wine isn’t the only thing winning awards here … [Read more...]

Top 5 Disney Cruise Line Must Have’s


There’s nothing I love more than a trip on Disney Cruise Line but after a few rookie packing mistakes I’ve learned what I can’t live without. Make sure you put these top 5 items on your packing list and you’ll be sailing happy!1. Highlighters-Grab a pack of multicolored highlighters to mark the events your family doesn’t want to miss in the personal navigator, color code if necessary!2. A hanging toiletry bag-The split bath is a lifesaver but a hanging toiletry bag will take you even … [Read more...]

Disney World Planning Tips – Pass Time in the Car, Pack a Goodie Bag

Walt Disney World Sign

A car ride to Walt Disney World can be long and boring, especially for children in the backseat.  Each trip I try to find creative ways to pass the time for my daughter.    One tradition that I do every trip we take to Disney is creating a goodie bag for my little one to dig through once we hit the road!For months before our trip I keep my eyes peeled for some fun activities to stash away.  The Target dollar bin is a great place to find a lot of Disney themed toys and books.  Walgreen's, … [Read more...]