2011 Disney World Resort Christmas Events & Attractions


'Tis the season...and if your Disney vacation is happening in November or December you're going to need to be prepared for the special events.There's something for everyone and things happening everywhere, but of course here at Chip and Co we have everything you need to know!Let's take a look at what's happening in Disney World for the holidays!Holiday's Around the World (Epcot)Storytellers - Throughout the World Showcase storytellers share stories of their heritage, look for … [Read more...]

Downtown Disney: 5 Snacks Worth a Visit

Top 5 Shopping at Downtown Disney

When I'm visiting Walt Disney World (WDW) one of my hobbies is snacking. (It's my trip – I can call eating a hobby, right?) And WDW offers plenty of tasty Disney snacks to satisfy the rumbly in my tumbly.Now, many guests think of the theme parks when the Disney snack attack hits. But Downtown Disney (DTD) has its own special treats, things that aren't found anywhere else at WDW (although they may be found other places).So, to avoid appearing like too much of a glutton, here are 5 snacks … [Read more...]

The Drive Down: What to Pack, What to Bring

Welcome to Florida

Are you road trippin’ to Walt Disney World for the big 40th Anniversary celebration? My husband and oldest son do not like to fly, so four out of the five times we've been to Walt Disney World, we have driven the 18-hour trek from Texas.The first year, 2006, my kids were 9 months, almost 3, and 11. We left about 9:00 PM and drove through the night, stopping only for gasoline and bathroom breaks, as well as diaper changes and baby feedings (I was nursing the baby at the time). We stopped at … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – How Ambitious Should Your Vacation Plans Be?


This is one of those questions that only you can answer for yourselves my Oldie pals!!! The answer depends mostly on your stamina and any mobility issues, but since most mobility issues are easily dealt with at Walt Disney World stamina becomes the major consideration. I generally plan to get a lot out of each and every visit but also plan a pace that allows time to recuperate from busy busy days. Our next visit will be a real test because the schedule is verrrrrry full and my stamina is down a … [Read more...]

Affordable In Room Fun – Disney Spa Night

Walt Disney World is such a fun vacation with so many add on features that you could never get bored, no matter how many times  you visit The Mouse.  However, some extras cost more than others and it all really comes down to your priorities and budget while on vacation.  The first few times we went to Walt Disney World with my daughter we were truly just lucky to be there.  We were young parents (and still are), with my husband still in college and working to support our family while I stayed … [Read more...]