Dinner and a Fireworks Show at Walt Disney World


Two of my family's favorite things about a Walt Disney World vacation are the wide variety of great food choices and the fact that every night can end with a party, complete with fireworks. While we really do love standing with the crowd while everyone enjoys Wishes at the Magic Kingdom or IllumiNations at Epcot, sometimes it's fun to be able to enjoy the show in a little more comfortable surroundings and off your feet. Having a plate of some wonderful Disney fare in front of you at the same … [Read more...]

The 10 Commandments of Walt Disney World

There are some things that you just should not... SHOULD NOT do when you're at Walt Disney World. They are major time pitfalls!  Think of them as being the 10 Commandments of Walt Disney World trips! Commit them to memory, recite them daily if you have to.Just follow them, or risk a disaster of a trip! You wont wander Egypt, but WDW will feel just as big!1) KNOW THY MAP- Before you even leave you should study Disney World maps like you were about to pick a college! Knowing WHERE things … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Planning your Disney World Budget

Space Ship Earth

There are very few people who visit Walt Disney World without having to carefully plan and budget their available funds. I use a very measured and logical (at least to me) approach for budgeting each of our visits. First - I always try to start early enough so I can plan how much money we can put aside on a monthly basis to meet our needs. We go often enough and have enough separation between visits so that we now have a permanent savings plan that covers all of our requirements.Once you … [Read more...]

BYOPD Bring Your Own Pixie Dust: A Quick Tip to Creating Your Own Magic


Are you looking for a way to make your vacation extra-magical? Disney does great at sprinkling unexpected pixie dust, but what if you want to create your own? One perfect way I have found is by leaving trinkets out for the family to find when returning to the room for a mid-day break.Not to worry, I have found some very budget friendly ways to accomplish this, even with my family of five.Disney themed wrapped candy bars or candy bags. Trinkets from Target's Dollar Spot or Dollar … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat by Stepping out of the SUN and Into the SPOTLIGHT!

There is no denying that it is going to be hot in the parks.  With the official start to summer upon us, it is time to take a serious look at how to get around the parks on hot days!  I've done a lot of posts on beating the heat, keeping cool, and prepping your body (and mind) for that intense heat.  Today however, I am taking a look at some good ideas to break up your day in the parks with bits of shade.  Today I am brining you my top 3 favorite indoor/shade filled shows to help you cool down … [Read more...]