5 Tips for Affordable Disney Pin Collecting

There are a number of things to keep track of when it comes to spending on your Disney vacation: accommodations, travel, food and park tickets are the 4 biggies and the ones that have the most written about them. But souvenirs often become the biggest budget buster, as many of us don’t really “plan” what we are going to buy until we get there….and then emotions take over, which is a sure sign of spending more than you want to! We’ve all been there, and it’s pretty frustrating, after having … [Read more...]

The Disney Lesson I should have learned the first time!

Here is another great Chip Panel submission from Amy, lifelong Disney fan and mother of 3 up incoming Disney fanatics. I am adding this to the category of Tips and Tricks. To see why you will have to read the article..lolI have loved Disneyworld since I was first there in 1976.  So when I had my twins, I couldn’t wait to take them to Disneyworld.  I finally convinced my husband they were old enough when they were 3.  It was going to be an exciting trip, our first big family vacation, the … [Read more...]

Diz Biz for First Time Travelers

So you've finally decided to take the plunge - to visit the land of "Mouse"!Everyone's been but you, right?Well, not everyone, but let an ole veteran give you some Disney Dos and Don'ts........ROOM:DO as much research as you can before booking. It is actually more affordable than ever to visit, with various options offered to appeal to everyone.  On the Disney web site, you can view various price levels of resorts from Value to Luxury, and determine which one fits into your … [Read more...]

Disney World the Grown Up Way

My Husband and I try to get to Disney World at least two times a year. Ok, truth be told, I like to go to Disney at least two times a year and I drag him along with me. He usually complains about going right up until we are there and then magically he is swept away into a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable vacation.We are newly weds of just two and a half years and with no children to entertain Disney World is a completely different type of vacation. Often, our friends and family ask us why … [Read more...]

Some Very Unique Disney Souvenirs

I’m going to Disney World!!!! OK, so that’s a cliché now, but it is no less exciting when you say it. Go on, give it a try. I’ll wait right here for you to finish.Feel better?I know I turn into a giddy little kid when I start talking about either my last visit to the World or the upcoming trip. It’s seven months, three weeks and six days until my next visit, by the way. If you give me a minute, I could tell you the hours, minutes and seconds, but I’m sure you are not … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips…Someone You Can Always Count On

When you are far from home and you are having a problem or you have an issue that requires some assistance, trying to find help can be difficult at best. Fortunately, at Walt Disney World, that is absolutely not the case. There is always someone that you, a lost child, a confused senior (as I occasionally get) , or anybody in need can count on. That person is and always has been the closest Walt Disney World Cast Member. They are there for you and always ready to help no matter the … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips…Avoid Schlepping Souvenirs

Disney World Quick Tip...Avoid Schlepping SouvenirsOne thing I love to do at Walt Disney World is shop for souvenirs. Something I hate as much as I love shopping is carrying those things around all day long. There is an alternative, the "package delivery service" available at all Disney merchandise stores. Unfortunately, if you are staying off site, the service is not available to you. It is just one more of the perks for staying in a Disney resort. As you prepare to pay for your purchases … [Read more...]

Planning an Affordable Disneyworld Vacation

Many times people ask us how to plan an Affordable Disneyworld Vacation. While we try to post tips and tricks as much as we can, but we have yet to put all those various things we have learned over the years into one location.Not anymore...Nancy one of our writers and founder of "The Affordable Mouse" a website and blog dedicated to helping folks plan affordable Disney vacations. Has come up up a  full 50 Page planning guide to help assist you will all facets of your Disney World … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Taking A Break While On The Run

A visit to Walt Disney World can be exhausting. Most experienced visitors will encourage you to take a break each day by going back to your resort for a dip in the pool and a short nap. Many of you know that is not always possible because of short visit time constraints, off site lodging, or any one of countless other reasons.  We always try to take a break but are many times not successful. Cheer up, there are ways to take a break while still technically touring. My three favorites are listed … [Read more...]

Disney Simple Things

We all love to hear about the newest E-ticket attraction. We visit numerous Internet sites dedicated to covering every step of the creation process that brings us the latest thrill ride. We share with each other thousands of pictures and ride-thru videos. Yes, we love the big Theme Park experiences!But in our mad dash to be first in line for the next Expedition Everest, are we stampeding past, and thus forgetting and missing out on, the simple things?When I first returned to … [Read more...]