Top Five WDW Non Theme Park Activites For Adults


Anyone who has ever been to Walt Disney World can tell you that there is a whole world beyond the 4 theme parks, with so many things to do that you could spend a whole week doing them and not even set foot in the Parks! Of course, I wouldn't recommend that, as the Theme Parks are amazing too, but what I would recommend is that you try some of these awesome non theme park activities for when you need a little break from all the Park action: … [Read more...]

What to do when one size doesn’t fit all?


With millions of visitors from around the world, it would be impossible to fabricate accommodations that would be ideal for everyone in Disney parks. If the “one size fits all” philosophy doesn’t apply to you, don’t worry, you aren’t out of luck.There are three main areas where the majority of size worries may arise: rooms, restaurants and rides. In true Disney style...there really is something and somewhere for everyone; let's look at what Disney is doing to make their parks fit for … [Read more...]

Five Things You Should Pack That You Never Thought Of

If you were to look inside my luggage for our Walt Disney World vacation, you may think I have gone bonkers. Why would a sane person pack empty paper towel rolls on a Disney vacation? Stockings? Surely I don’t plan to wear those, right?You’re very right, I have a much more useful plan for those. Just wait and be amazed.Panty Hose or Knee High Stockings. Do you have a little girl who will be treated to Disney’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique? Would you like to conserve that bun for the next … [Read more...]

Move Through the Parks Like a Pro: Shortcuts and Cut Throughs You Ought to Know

Let's face it, when you go to Disney World you pretty much open yourself up for being surrounded by people, caught up in crowds, and pushing and shoving your way through tight spots.  Now, there are times where you can find the parks virtually crowd free, but friends, those times are few and far between!  When it comes to packed parks, it is good to know a few shortcuts and cut-throughs to get you around like a pro!  Today I am sharing my top travel tips! Work the Walk:  Walking Path Between … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Packing Your Electronics

Pencil Case

Have you ever wondered how in the world you were going to keep all those tiny things safe in your luggage?Chargers for all your electronic items, iPods, mini video cameras, OTC medications, first aid items, portable video game cartridges, extra memory cards/sticks and batteries are just a few of the small itemspictured above.All these objects fit nicely in a pencil case where they are protected and can easily be stored inside the in-room safe in most resort rooms. I would refrain from … [Read more...]