Five Rides for Little Guys (and girls) @ Magic Kingdom

There isn't a "magic" age for a child's first Disney visit.  I heard somewhere that visiting Disney World should be a rite of passage for all children.  Wow!  How awesome would that be?!  No matter what, with a little planning, your child can enjoy him or herself from a very young age.  Here are my top five attractions for little ones at Magic Kingdom.1.  Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  When I took my daughter on this for the first time, she was 9 months old.  I seriously cried.  It was so fun! … [Read more...]

Should You Take Your Children Out of School for a Disney Vacation?

If you have school-age children, at some point you have probably considered taking them out of school to visit Walt Disney World. It can be a tough decision, and in my experience at least, the right answer was different at different stages of our daughter’s life.The “take them out of school” discussion is one that I personally struggled with. The first time we dealt with this dilemma was when our daughter was in middle school, and we made the decision to plan a 7 day Land/Sea vacation with … [Read more...]

Garden View Tea Room: 5 Tips to Know Before You Go!

Garden View Tea Room

Calling all girly girls!  Ladies, it is time for you to start booking your advanced dining reservations for a simply divine experience!  Read this first, but immediately after you read it...go get on the computer or dial 407-939-3463 to make a tea date!  Afternoon tea is offered from 2-5pm daily at the Grand Floridian's Garden View Tea Room.  If you've never had afternoon tea, this is a great first experience.  With choices from an a la carte menu or packages to cover your whole experience, this … [Read more...]

Take the Wildlife Express Train at Animal Kingdom

ratifki's place

When going to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park a great stop is the Wildlife Express Train. It is something fun to do whether it is raining or not and is often overlooked. It is found toward the back of the park in the Africa area behind the Tree of Life.If you want to get out of the sun or someone in your group loves animals consider this option. If anyone in your party is not interested  in rides or is ready for a break this is the place to go. If you have a little one that’s not quite … [Read more...]

Taking a Ride Down Main Street USA

main street ride #1

Have you seen the Main Street Vehicles that ride down Main Street USA? These wonderful historic vehicles come in the form of a  fire engine, omnibus,  horse-pulled trolley or horseless carriage.At Disney World's Magic Kingdom park they offer guests an opportunity to take a  one-way ride on a fire engine, omnibus and more down Main Street.This is not something you are going to want to experience when you are in a mad rush at rope drop to head to your favorite ride, however if you take … [Read more...]