Tips For Battling The Peak Season Crowds at Disney World


This past April, my parents, husband and I made a trip to Walt Disney World during Spring Break (the week of Easter), and even though we used to go every year at this time when I was a kid, I was still concerned about the crowds. I was worried that it would be so crowded that we wouldn't even be able to move, much less actually ride or do anything!Since I knew it would be busy, I did my research, and came up with some some ways to deal with the crowds. You can't prevent the Parks from being … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids Responsibility with Disney Gift Cards

Kids eyes light up at almost everything in Walt Disney World, but they especially get excited at the thought of bringing a treasure home from their great vacation.  Disney Gift Cards can be an excellent learning tool in teaching your kids responsibility, budgeting and how to make good choices.  Hand your child a Disney Gift Card on your next Disney vacation; they'll be learning how to be responsible and not even know it!Security.  Rather than letting your child carry around a small wad of … [Read more...]

Diving at Walt Disney World

The Aqua-Family

 Being hours from the nearest body of salt water doesn't mean Disney can't offer some incredibly fun and educational diving and snorkeling experiences. I mean, it's the most magical place on earth, right? So for all you divers and Jacques Cousteau wanna-bes, here are some opportunities to "get wet" and swim with the fishes in Walt Disney World.Epcot Divequest -- DiveQuest is a SCUBA experience open to guests 10 years old or older with a SCUBA certification. The program lasts … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips: Don’t Miss the Sponteneity


With the rumors and testing of Disney'sXPass coupled with the recent ticket price increase, one might wonder if you're expected to pre-plan every moment of your Walt Disney World vacation.I'm a planner. I love to plan. I will plan our vacation months in advance. It is part of the fun for me. I enjoy scrolling through the myriad of links I have bookmarked, reading and re-reading tips and tricks about planning your vacation at Walt Disney World. I make lists and spreadsheets of what we want to … [Read more...]

Walt Disney World Packing Tips

7.3 Disney kids luggage

I have some time-saving tips I would love to share with you. Whether you are a frequent visitor to “the World” or if you are planning your first magical visit, I hope you will find this information helpful. Up on the top shelf of my closet, I have what I refer to as my Disney Trunk. The contents of this oversized plastic bin have been very important to me over our last eleven years of traveling to Walt Disney World, as it keeps all of our necessities in one place, which makes packing time … [Read more...]