Top 10 Disneyworld Attractions that Won’t Make you Lose your Lunch!

Here is the next edition of  Top 10 According to Jess:I am a big thrill seeker. I could ride Splash Mountain all day long, take the trek to the top of Everest every hour on the hour, and spend enough time on Rockin Roller Coaster to make Aerosmith question my sanity. Let’s face it though, there is a lot more to Disney than big thrills and there are some days when a slower pace is just what the Dr. ordered. Here are my top ten attractions that won’t make you lose your lunch!Soarin’: This … [Read more...]

Resort Hopping 101 – Animal Kingdom Safari Hop

One of our focuses on the website the past few months has been Quick Tips. We like to prepare you for the parks and offer up tips and tricks to making your vacation more enjoyable.If case you missed our last Resort Hopping 101 's  check them out Monorail Express, and the Epcot Area Ferry Hop. Today I want to talk to you about something outside the DisneyWorld Theme Parks and that is the Disney World Resorts, specifically the Animal Kingdom Area Resorts.For those people who drove … [Read more...]

A Ride Wimp’s Guide to Disney World Thrills: Soarin’

While I usually write about affordable Disney vacations, not long ago, I wrote a different kind of article for Chip and Co., about being a Ride Wimp at Disney World: kind of like a Disney Confessional that, yes, I actually hate the idea of Tower of Terror….and a few other rides as well. Turns out, I have a lot of company. :)So, I thought it might be fun to share some ways that Ride Wimps *can* get some thrills at Disney World too. Because, we’re not all slow, boring, … [Read more...]

Sick at Disney – Really?

If I was a Disney Princess, I would make a proclamation that no loyal subjects of Disney World, whether child or adult, could get sick during their visit to the most magical place on earth.  Alas, however, I am merely a commoner who happens to know for a fact that visitors do indeed get sick and/or injured sometimes while visiting Disney World.Thankfully, Disney has spent countless hours thinking of ways to cater to us and provide us with the maximum possibility of having a wonderful trip … [Read more...]

Affordable Disney Vacations: Should I get the Disney Dining Plan?

One of the most hotly-discussed topics on any Disney blog, podcast or message board is the Disney Dining Plan…or to be more correct, the Disney Dining Plans, because there are several of them. Those who have purchased one, discuss the pros and cons, and try to decide which is the *best* deal. Those who have not want to know if they should get the Dining Plan. And those who are considering a Free Dining Plan want to know if it is worth it, which level they should get, and if they will save more … [Read more...]

Disneyworld Quick Tip – Keeping your kids busy in line

So your at Walt Disney World and the lines are long. You standing there with your family along with a very antsy child. He or she is climbing on everything, hanging on the chains, and generally don't want to be in line.For many families this is a reality. For my family last January this was all to true. Until..One of my good friends, and fan to Chip and Company, Shelly shared with my little one a simple but effective item to keep her busy in line. Not only did it keep her busy it helped … [Read more...]

Disneyworld Quick Tips – Don’t skip the ADR’s

When your planning your Disneyworld  I can't stress how important it is to make those Advanced Dining Reservations or ADR's. There is nothing more frustrating that having to wait sometime hours to eat a meal. Countless times I have gone up to a restaurant to check in and heard the hostess tell the people in front of me "It's going to be over a hour wait". Ugh!Disneyworld has some of the best dining on the planet and there are many Disney Food Junkies like myself out there who snatch up their … [Read more...]

Audience Participation Comedy at Epcot – the World Showcase Players

Do you have what it takes to be King Arthur? Well, apparently my husband does because he was chosen out of the audience during our last visit to play the part. In the United Kingdom at Epcot’s World Showcase, there is a three-person comedy improv team called the “World Showcase Players.” If you are in the area during one of their scheduled performances, stop by and check out the show. There is no seating available as it is held in the middle of the street by the Rose & Crown. But you won’t … [Read more...]

Disneyworld Quick Tips – Charging your Camera & Cell Phone

Last trip to Walt Disney World I was busy taking pictures, streaming video on U Stream, and texting like crazy. Funny thing is, I wasn't the only one doing this. There were tons of other people using their phones for pictures and video. After a few hours of that and even the best cell phone battery will be completely drained.What would be nice is if Disney had little Cell Phone/Camera Hot spots where you can sit down for a few minutes and charge your high tech electrical devices. What am I … [Read more...]

Keeping it fun at Disneyworld – Squirts of Laughter

Some people say I am just a big kid. This is especially true when I am given random little opportunities to torment my kids. It doesn’t matter to me that my baby is now a senior in high school and my oldest is 25. I treat them the same way I always have – I terrorize them!When we visited in 2000, they were younger and we went in June so it was very hot. I went to my local discount store before the trip and bought us each a spray water bottle to help keep us cool throughout the day. When we … [Read more...]