Happy Father’s Day: Ten Ways to Celebrate with Dad at Walt Disney World


Walt Disney World is a great place to celebrate Dad. In honor of Father’s Day next week, here are ten relatively low cost ways for the whole family to say, “Thanks, Dad!” at Disney World.Show Him the World. What better way to let Dad know he means the world to you than to show him the World, Walt Disney World that is? Board the tethered Characters in Flight balloon (adult: $18, child: $12) at Downtown Disney and float up to 400 feet above ground to enjoy spectacular views of Walt Disney … [Read more...]

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Which is the Most Affordable Way to Get to Disney World?


Planning an affordable Disney vacation involves, at some point, a decision about transportation. How are you going to get to Walt Disney World? And how are you going to get around once you get there? While it can be a challenge to travel economically, planning ahead and doing a bit of research can save you quite a bit of money on your trip.Flying is probably the most popular choice for transportation, but getting the best price requires you to plan ahead and to be persistent about checking … [Read more...]

Helpful Hints for First Timers from our Facebook Family

We put out a question on Facebook asking our Fans (I call them our family) for Helpful Hits to Tell First Timers when they're planning a Disney Vacation. All I can say my family delivered!You guys really came through and offered up some really good suggestions.If you are not a fan of us on Facebook you are missing out on all the conversations we share. It's really cool meeting our fans and getting to know them better. We are really blessed to have some of the smartest Disney fans on the … [Read more...]

Driving to Walt Disney World: Five Tips for Making it a Magical Trip


One of the biggest discussions for many people when planning a vacation to Disney World…especially if you are trying to save money….is the one about how you are going to get there. You know, it’s the “are we driving or flying” conversation. Obviously, many folks don’t have an option, but if you do, you may very well have considered driving…or maybe you even have driven in the past. If you’re trying to have an Affordable Disney Vacation, then driving may be the best and most economical solution … [Read more...]

Disney Vacation Checklist: Tips for Saving Money and Time at Disney World


Are you getting ready to leave for your Disney vacation? If you are like most people, you have spent months planning your trip, trying to learn as much as you could about the parks and resorts. You may also be trying to save money too, as Disney can end up being very expensive if you are not careful in your planning. With this in mind, in the few days before you get ready to go, there are several things that you can and should do in order to make sure that you have a smooth, and affordable, … [Read more...]

That Disney Christmas Magic


I recently talked a little about what to expect at the Disney parks during the Christmas holidays…and how despite all that, my family continues to make plans to visit Walt Disney World at this time of year. Why, you may be asking, would we go through all that?Honestly, this is one of the most magical times of the year, even for Disney. There are so many beautiful and fantastic things happening that we just love to see. So much so that, the years we don’t visit at Christmas time, we just … [Read more...]

Thinking About a Disney World Christmas? Why You Need to Start Planning Now.


We’re going to be talking Christmas today. I know it seems crazy when it’s not even Memorial Day, but since I am in the middle of planning our family’s Disney trip over New Years, Christmas vacation plans are on my mind. We have gone at this time of year several times now, and while it is not for the faint of heart, it is also fun, memorable, and well…magical. At least it can be, if you are prepared for what to expect. I thought I would take today’s post to share some things that you should know … [Read more...]

Be Sure to Protect Those Disney World Park Tickets

On a vacation to Walt Disney World, there is probably nothing more important than your park tickets. After all, visiting the theme parks is the focus of your visit! But what if you lose your tickets? What, if anything, can be done? If you bought your tickets at the theme park's gate, producing a saved receipt can allow Disney to look up your information, and replace your tickets. But what if you bought discounted Disney World tickets through a broker?Happily, there is one very simple way to … [Read more...]

10 Money Saving Tips for your next Disney World Vacation

Want to take the kids to the Walt Disney World Resort, but don't want to break the bank? With a little planning it can be done: here are ten ways to save on your next Disney World Vacation.Stay at a Disney Value Resort - While on property you still get all the extra's as someone staying at the larger resorts. Such as Disney Transportation, extra magic hours, Disney meal plans, and much more. The rooms might be a little smaller but your just there to sleep right? Stay at a resort or … [Read more...]

Best Fireworks Viewing Locations at Walt Disney World


With the summer only a few weeks away and the park attendance picking up I wanted to share with you the best places to see the Fireworks displays that will be going on for the various shows and Fourth of July when it rolls around.The best place to get Walt Disney World Park Hours, Disney Parades and Fireworks is here. WDW Info is one of my all time favorite sites to get Disney Info!Magic Kingdom:Anywhere on Main Street, U.S.A. (Wow really Captain Obvious) I like standing near … [Read more...]