Disney World Quick Tips – Room Upgrades is it worth it?


Our last trip to Disney World we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The AKL is to me of the coolest resorts at Walt Disney World. When we booked our trip we picked the standard room. While not the largest room or the best view we were still excited to be at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.Once in the room and walking out on the balcony we had a wonderful view of the parking lot. This is the part where there would be a "Wah Wah" sound effect. The way the AKL is set up all the animals are on the … [Read more...]

Don’t be that Guy – Top 5 Most Annoying Park Guests

  Everyone has the right to act a little crazy on their Disney vacation, after all you are paying to be there! In my travels however, I have found a few types of guests I can truly recommend you not to be.  I am providing you with this list not only for your reading pleasure, but as a public service announcement as well.1. The modern-day princess - There is plenty of room at Disney for mini Cinderellas and Belles to strut their stuff, but adult women who feel it necessary to dress like … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tip – Getting the best seat in the house


Many popular Disney World attractions are shows, such as Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, Beauty & the Beast – Live on Stage, The American Adventure, and more! However, what most guests are thinking about when the theater doors open is how to get the best seat, especially when you have kids!While many theaters at Walt Disney World have seating that offers great views no matter where you're at, the best views for many shows are in the center, near the front. … [Read more...]

10 Free or Cheap Things to do outside WDW Parks

When families travel to Walt Disney World they they know they will spend lots of money.  They spend money on transportation to WDW, hotel room(s), meals, souvenirs and more.  But did you know there are many free or cheap things to do at the Walt Disney World Resort that won't break the bank?1. Downtown Disney- Downtown Disney is a shopping, eating and entertainment area on Disney Property.  Along with shopping and eating there are several free things to do.You and/ or your children can … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – What to do when it rains


What should I do if it rains while at Walt Disney World?This is a question I am asked quite often. My family usually travels to Disney in the summer months (as do most families who have school-aged children).Unfortunately, there are two constants with Orlando's summer weather pattern:It will be HOT It will rain. I have never had a trip to Disney World where it didn't rain.Did I let it ruin our fun? HECK NO!!!We have learned to embrace the rain at Disney over the years, and … [Read more...]