Top 5 Apps for your Disneyland Vacation


Every family traveling to the magical world of Disneyland eventually comes to the same question: How am I going to fit it everything I want to do/see in just three days? Smartphones have made it remarkably easier to accomplish this task, acting as pocket tour guides with tips, reviews, and behind-the-scenes info. Browse this list of 5 apps and select the one that’s the best fit for you. You’ll love actually enjoying all the park has to offer rather than spending your day staring at maps, … [Read more...]

How to tour the Parks – Splitting up Epcot


Many people try to cram as many things in Epcot into one day. Back in the 80's I used to do the same thing. I have been known do to all 4 parks in one day on many occasions. As I got older (and wiser) I realized Epcot is not a one day park. It is meant to be enjoyed slowly and broken up into several days.On our past trip I was able to work up a nice 3 day Touring Plan for Epcot where you can really see EVERYTHING! It can be stripped down into 2 days but unless your only at Disney World for a … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Traveling to Disney with Friends


Our past couple of trips to Disney World have really been a lot of fun! My writer Melissa and her husband from Disney on Wheels have managed to vacation at the same time as us, even stayed in the room next door on our trip last September. They are our Disney buddies!I know many people don't like to travel to the parks with friends or family as things can get really stressful. Not to mention trying to book meals, coordinate parks, and dealing with little ones can really drive a wedge between … [Read more...]

Table Service in the Parks vs at the Resorts – Which is Better? Part 2

There are many variables that affect whether table service meals are better in the parks or the resorts. Last time I looked at specialty dining such as character meals, signature dining, buffets, and unique and entertaining restaurants. Today, let’s evaluate table service meals by looking at the convenience factor and the time of day you’ll be eating, shall we? Convenience Transportation. Walt Disney World’s most common form of transportation, buses, connects resorts to theme parks, water … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips: Count ALL of your family for ADRs

Tusker House at AK

Most people know you need to make Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs) for your favorite table service restaurants at Walt Disney World.  ADRs can be made up to 180 days before your vacation.  One thing that some families don't do is count ALL their family members in their reservations.Many families with infants or toddlers, who will not be eating off the menu or buffet, will not include those younger members in their dining reservation number.  Make sure you include EVERYONE in your party … [Read more...]