Do You Miss The “Lights Of Winter” As Much As I Do?


The "Lights of Winter" has always been a Disney fan favorite. Unfortunately, after 2008 Disney determined the lights will be no more. The Disney Company said that the technology to operate the display was outmoded so it was abandoned as a holiday display. Rather than a wordy article, I just thought I would share several pictures of the "Lights of Winter" for you to enjoy. I know the 2010 Christmas season is just about over so let's just call these pictures 2010's holiday last hurrah! … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Disneyland Closes its doors, Disneyworld PACKED!

Hey there guys and gals, Anonymouse here. Wow two articles in one week. Must be a full moon or something. Actually I had to post something about today's subject cause no matter where you look people are gossiping/talking about it!So I was reading my Disney emails and I ran across several articles talking about Disneyland Closing it's doors. You heard me...Disneyland has been so packed with visitors they are having to turn people away. The same this goes for Disney California Adventure! Can … [Read more...]

How Do You Handle The Anticipation Of A Trip To Walt Disney World?

Think about the question posed in the title. How do you handle the anticipation of your next Walt Disney World visit? I hope for your peace of mind that you are not as nutty as I am every time there is another trip in the works. Let me tell you what I go through and then you can decide just how crazy you might be.We generally visit at least every other year, more if we can fit it in. The most basic planning and therefore anticipation begins as we board the Magical Express bus at our resort … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Demi Lovato to play in The Avengers

Hey there guys and gals, Anonymouse here! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and you are looking forward to a New Year. I know I am!I know one Disney Starlet looking forward to a New Year. She is probably just looking forward to getting out of rehab first. Ok I couldn't resist.It seems our 2nd favorite Disney Drama Queen (next to Miley Cyrus of course) Demi Lovato is scheduled to appear in Marvel Next Blockbuster "The Avengers". There is no word on what role she is going to be playing … [Read more...]

We’re Going to Disney World…for New Years!


As I am writing this post, we are within just a few days of our trip to Walt Disney World for New Years, and I honestly think that the next best thing to being at Disney is getting ready to go to Disney. :) Of course it’s all kind of crazy, trying to wrap up all the details that didn’t get taken care of because, well, we had this little Holiday over the past weekend…..but it’s all still good, because it’s a fun crazy!Now, I have written in the past about how very busy it is at Disney World … [Read more...]