Why I Love the Epcot Resort Area


When planning a trip to Walt Disney World, choosing the resort you’ll stay at is often times one of the hardest decisions to make. After all, with over twenty different choices, it can be a bit overwhelming! Over the years, I’ve tried several of them, ranging from Value to Deluxe, and I have to say, I found my favorites: The Boardwalk and The Beach Club. When it comes to these two hotels, it’s not just about the room décor or the themes they depict, but more about their location.The Epcot … [Read more...]

I Am So Psyched For Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 – On Stranger Tides


I am a HUUUUUGE fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Although some critics felt that 2 and 3 were not as good as The Curse of the Black Pearl, I loved all of them. I had them on DVD and recently bought the set on Blu Ray and all I can say is WOW, what a difference. The detail and clarity in the Blu Ray is beyond belief. I had seen all three in the theater and watched the DVD's 3 or 4 times each before watching the Blu Ray and one more time - WOW!!There is only one thing that excites … [Read more...]

Ask a Disney Question: Getting Merchandise from the Parks.


This question comes from Linda, who asks:  We just got back from a magical 9 day visit at Kadani Village. While we were there I had a glass of wine at the Sanaa Restaurant.  I do have the name of the wine but can not fine it anywhere to purchase. Do you know whom I would contact to buy this bottle of wine? Thank you. Linda, thanks for reading the site and for your question.  If you see merchandise in the parks but didn't purchase it while visiting, you can still purchase it when you get home … [Read more...]

My Fab Five Magic Kingdom Attractions


Most of us really love the Magic Kingdom, and for many reasons. It is really the most "Walt Disney" of all the parks, it has so many attractions that Walt actually had a hand in, and it is full of fun and fantasy. I know we all have favorite attractions so I'll just give you mine in reverse order. You may be surprised!!5. "it's a small world" - I know, I almost don't believe it myself but there is something about the little figures, the cheeriness of the whole thing, and that "delightful" … [Read more...]

Disney World has Made Me a Runner

I have never been a runner.Remember in school having to run the mile? I walked. I’d jog a few steps when the gym teacher would yell at me, but then I’d go right back to walking my 16 minute mile.Soccer? I never liked soccer: too much running. Softball was more my speed, but I only played that for a few years.Then, one summer in college, a friend convinced me to run. Several times a week, we’d head out to a beautiful 4-mile lake near campus, and go. I started jogging 1 minute … [Read more...]