Disney’s Hollywood Studios Deserves More Credit!!


Almost every time a group of Disney fans start talking about which park they like the most or spend the most time in, Disney's Hollywood Studios(DHS) comes up on the short end. I must be one of those few folks who really enjoy and appreciate what this park has to offer that is so often overlooked by so many. No matter what you enjoy about Disney Parks, DHS has it and in many cases more so than the other parks. Think about these things:Table Service Restaurants - Only Epcot has more table … [Read more...]

A Tour of Disneyland Paris on MouseChat.net

Disneyland Paris review

Have you always wanted to go to Disneyland Paris?  On this weeks Mouse Chat Podcast we go across the Pond and meet up with Goeff about the wonders at Disneyland Paris.  Learn about transportation, the resorts, the parks, rides and attractions, ticket options, special nighttime events. and of course food.You can subscribe to Mouse Chat on iTune and listen on your iPod, iPhone, etc.  Or go to www.MouseChat.net and listen now on your computer.Become a Facebook Fan of Mouse Chat so you never … [Read more...]

Were looking for a few good writers…

Chip and Company is exploding at the seams.Not to put too fine a point on it, but the huge growth in visits could not have been accomplished without great fans like you (yeah, you...the one in the Mickey Mouse t-shirt). I work with some of the best writers on the planet and Chip and Company offers a plethora of articles, including: Park Events, Trip Planning, Reviews and much more..Which brings me to our most recent situation. We need a few more writers to join us on staff at Chip and … [Read more...]

The VERY BEST Thing About Our Upcoming Visit


Yes we love, love, love each and every regular visit to Walt Disney World and have since our first time in 1990 (started way too late). We love it so much that the Magic just gets better and better, perhaps because we are at that time of life where we are approaching our second childhoods. We consider the chance to act like kids again a very good thingOur trip in October is going to have all of the regular magic with a HUGE plus. We will be joined by an old high school friend (remember, I … [Read more...]

Training for your Disney Marathon – Options Options Options

Photo courtesy of Ruth Lim

When you're starting out running, all you really need is a good pair of shoes and a place to run.  And, while I highly recommended going to a local running store and having shoes fitted by the pros, that's the only thing that I think necessary to run. But, once you start gaining distance, gear becomes more important.   It's easy to be overwhelmed when figuring out what to get - there are countless options for shoes, hydration belts, race belts, nutrition, watches, etc...So, where should you … [Read more...]