It Makes Perfect Sense to go to College Near Disneyland


Chapman University is close to Disneyland. Very close. So is Cal State Fullerton. I won't hide it -- we're lucky. (And that photo above is me in front of our university sign. That building in the background is Memorial Hall. Those doors are the same ones Denzel Washington walked through in "Crimson Tide". And right in front of that building is Memorial lawn. If you've seen the movie "Accepted", that's where the "Ask me about my wiener" part takes place. Yeah. Chapman's in movies. It's awesome. … [Read more...]

Disney Blog Carnival for October is now Live

This months edition of the Disney Blog Carnival is now live. There are alot of super talented Disney Bloggers out there. To see this months edition of the Disney Blog Carnival click here.If you missed past months editions you can check them out at the links below.Edition #11 Edition #10 Edition #9 Edition #8 Edition #7 Edition #6 Edition #5 Edition #4 Edition #3 Edition #2 First EditionThanks to Dismarks for hosting the Blog Carnival! … [Read more...]

Suffering from Disney World-itis?


If you are here, sorry to tell you … you have it. In one form or another or at varying degrees, you are suffering from Disney World-itis. Me? Yep. Got it, and got it bad. To the point of getting butterflies in my tummy looking at other people’s pics of their recent trips. Counting the days until my next trip to the World … starting at 365 days the day I leave from my last trip.And that’s just the beginning. You should see my house!No matter who I am talking to or what the conversation … [Read more...]

The Best Thing I Love About Disney World: The Magic of the People


One of the most enjoyable series here on Chip and Co. is the “Best Thing I Love About Disney World”, where different writers share some of the things that are truly special to them. I haven’t written one yet, so I thought it was time. :)So here is one of the best things that I love about Disney World: I love the people.Yes, I know there are a lot of folks that are clearly not having a magical day while they are at Disney. But by and large, I really think that those people are the … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Start Early, Leave Early


How do you find this type of non crowd shot at the Magic Kingdom? You start early! A lot of people love the evening Extra Magic Hours (EMH) and see them as an opportunity to really maximize their touring. I've tried both morning and evening hours and have found the morning hour to be more productive than the evening. It's the same if you just go at "rope drop" even if there are no early Extra Magic Hours. All attractions are virtual "walk ons" and lines simply do not exist.There is a bit of … [Read more...]