Family Fun Weekend Recap: Character Fan Day Weekend


This past weekend was the much-awaited Character Fan Day weekend. Park guests could take photos with many different Disney characters, most of them rarely seen in the park. Characters included the Seven Dwarfs, Daisy Duck, and Snow White with the Evil Queen. Pictured above is Pinocchio, who ran out to pose for a picture just for me!Sketch artists were also there, sketching characters for guests. Unfortunately the line was too long for me to get one, but they were still a cool sight to … [Read more...]

Doesn’t Disney World Get Old?

Doesn’t Disney World Get Old?This seems an obvious and reasonable question to ask frequent Walt Disney World guests. You may think Disney World would get old for visitors who have dozens of trips under their belts but the short answer is, “No.” Walt Disney World is continually evolving and growing which brings guests back time and again. Attractions are always being built, new promotions are announced, parades and nighttime fireworks shows are switched up. Let’s not forget that every season … [Read more...]

Downtown Disney: Create-Your-Own & Customizable Souvenirs and Gifts

At Downtown Disney, guests can create a custom set of Mouse ears.

One reason I enjoy visiting Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World is the shopping opportunities. But it’s not the standard Mickey t-shirt, which is certainly available, that draws me to Downtown Disney. It’s that many stores offer merchandise to customize and personalize. Custom and Personalized Gifts at Downtown Disney MarketplaceAt Arribas Brothers, guests can watch crystal items being made by glass artists and select from a number of items that can be etched with a personal message. … [Read more...]

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Opening Ceremony – Kinda’ Fun


We don't spend a lot of time at Disney's Animal Kingdom except to see some of the shows and hit a couple of the significant attractions. There are also lots of photo opportunities and we take advantage of those too. On our last visit, for some reason, we got there very early (for us) and had a chance to experience the opening ceremony. We travel to Walt Disney World very regularly and really didn't realize that there was an official opening ceremony at the Animal Kingdom. It was very cute and … [Read more...]

Disneyworld Planning 101 – Making the best use of time

If “a penny saved is a penny earned,” then what of time?  Shouldn’t it follow that saving time is also merit-worthy?  Certainly using time purposefully is important, given that a guest has invested both money and time in a vacation.  What is “purposeful” varies from person to person, however.  Some guests at Epcot once shared that they were so enamored with the gardens that they hadn’t done any attractions – but they weren’t complaining; rather, they were complimenting … and beaming. … [Read more...]