Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort: One Guest’s View


In 2006, my wife and I spent 15 nights at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort (MoR). This is one of four Value Resorts presently offered at Walt Disney World. In the future, Disney’s Animation Resort will join the ranks. MoR is by far the fan favorite for economy minded Guests. You’ll find that some of the discount packages don’t always include this Value Resort for just that reason.I will admit that it is my favorite of the bunch. All-Stars Music and Sports along with Pop Century are also good, … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – Renew Your Childhood On The Carousel


O.K. Oldies, it's time to recall something we all enjoyed as kids and something we can enjoy again as bigger kids. I'm talking about the Prince Charming Regal Carousel which I think should still be called Cinderella's Golden Carousel but they didn't ask my opinion or give me a vote. Actually it's Carousels in general or Hobby Horses or whatever your particular regional term was for these attractions. Although they don't take your breath away with thrills they do provide a pleasant diversion … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential — The End of Free Dining for 2011?

Hey there guys and gals, Anonymouse here. Like most (okay, all) Chip and Co. writers, I enjoy a free meal.  So you can imagine how I feel when Disney decides to feed me for free for my entire vacation. Well, I'm elated, obviously. And I've been in luck the last few years since Disney has decided to let little ole' Anonymouse strap on the feedbag for free every fall.  You can imagine how happy I was then, when I saw a few months back that Disney had announced a free dining promotion for much of … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Pirates of the Caribbean 5, and Miss Piggy News

Hey there guys and gals, Anonymouse here. Last week was quite the interesting week at the parks. With all kinds of issues in the Enchanted Tiki Room I wanted to bring you some some Disney Movie News/Gossip.One article that has crossed my desk several times this week is Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Even with the fourth film of the franchise yet to be released, Disney is apparently already hard at work on a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film. Wait what?The wonderful Terry Rossio is … [Read more...]

Resort Transportation: Walt Disney World Transportation Methods

Approaching Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World is such a big complex of resorts, shopping locations, and of course, the Parks, that there has to be an immense number of different ways to get around in Disney.  In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the incredible options that a guest has for getting around!Resort Transportation: Disney BusesCertainly the most common form of transportation around Disney involves traveling by bus.  Every resort has bus depots, in fact many of the resorts have multiple … [Read more...]