Review: Disney’s Hilarious Comedy ‘You Again’

Have you ever watched a movie not expecting to get much going in and after watching it come to love it? You Again is one of those movies! While not getting much hype at the box office You Again is one of those sleeper hits you can watch over and over. The cast is hilarious and with all those big names surprisingly they work very well together. YOU AGAIN features a brilliant all-star cast with comedy pedigree performances by Kristen Bell (Couples Retreat, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Jamie Lee … [Read more...]

Disney’s Toy Story 3 on Ice, Worth it?

Disney on Ice Toy Story

When its well below freezing out and the ground is covered in snow and ice, the magic of Disney can feel a long way away.  But sometimes Disney brings the magic to you.  My husband and I took our three children to see Disney's Toy Story 3 on Ice at the All-State Arena.  This was our third Disney Live stage show in the past year and they did not disappoint.  Disney merchandise and vendors were everywhere and by the prices I easily could have been at Walt Disney World.  There were $7.00 … [Read more...]

Forgotten Favorites: ‘Home on the Range’ Movie Review

Media Home ot Range 1

Released in 2004, this was the 45th animated feature for Walt Disney Studios, and was slated to be the last. With a switch to CGI features like Chicken Little, Disney wanted to abandon hand drawn animation all together. But with the acquisition of Pixar came John Lasseter who lead the cause and resurrected the traditional ways for The Princess and the Frog in 2009.Home on the Range is the final animated feature to use the CAPS system and the last to be released in the old VHS format. The … [Read more...]

Events, Attractions, and More Coming to Disney in 2011

The Highway in the Sky

2011 will be a year of “Disney dream vacations,” both figuratively and literally.  Guests will be making memories over the horizon in Egypt, Hawaii and Alaska, on the aqua waters of the Bahamas, under the sea, over croc and rhino gullies and beyond the solar system.During 2011, premieres will include an Adventures by Disney itinerary to the land of the pyramids, a Disney Parks virtual itinerary in stunning 3-D to the galaxy of Star Wars, a Disney’s Animal Kingdom ‘Wild Africa Trek’ … [Read more...]

That Dreaded E-mail

Annual Pass Email

I recently  got that e-mail. You know, that one. "It's time to renew!"  Ugh.I hate getting that e-mail every year. It's that reminder that I have to make sure that I remember to renew my pass during the busy time that is the beginning of the spring semester at school. While having a pass is worth every penny to me, it is still sucking my bank account dry. I don't make much as a language tutor.I also hate signing the contract -- the contract that states that I vow on Walt's grave to keep … [Read more...]