Review: Disney’s Tangled is a CUT above

Disney does it again. It truly is magical how they are able to take a fairytale and CURL it into Classic Disney Movie that we will be enjoying for a lifetime.Having seen the movie about 10 times in the theater with my daughter she was ecstatic to have her very own copy at home. This is Disney's fiftieth animated film that has been CUT into the Bluray family.While just as stunning as Bambi on Bluray there are some scenes that are just breathtaking. Of course having a nice LCD TV and … [Read more...]

Disney Transportation – Giving up your Seat

Have you ever been on a crowded bus or monorail leaving the parks that was standing room only?  I know I have!  After long day in the parks, buses, monorails, and boats carry the tired masses back to their resorts (or cars), leaving people standing and ogling the seated passengers, hoping to get a seat sooner than later.While many people will willingly offer there seats, I've seen more than once people not offer common courtesy to those who, to me, obviously should have a seat.  So, I'm here … [Read more...]

Disney World Planning 101 – Pin Codes


One of the most sought after Disney Discounts is the elusive Disney Pin Code. While Disney releases great Discounts to the Parks that are available to everyone there are a few discounts Mickey hides up his sleeves.While there is no sure fire way to get a Disney Pin code I am going to offer up a few tricks I have done that has nabbed me several Disney Pin codes in my email & snail mail box every month. Remember these Pin Codes are non transferable and is linked to you and your address so … [Read more...]

Spending the Day at Downtown Disney


Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you decide to visit Walt Disney World and to spend a day not at the theme parks. Shocking idea, I know. Perhaps it’s a travel day or a rest day in the middle of a longer Disney vacation. Or just something…different. What do you do, on this non-Disney day in the middle of a Walt Disney World (WDW) vacation?I would offer up Downtown Disney (DTD) as one touring option, a destination choice, especially for days when you’re not on a tight schedule.One-Day … [Read more...]

runDisney New Race

RunDisney announced this afternoon on their facebook page that they will soon be announcing the newest runDisney race.  They left us with a 'riddle': There's a new runDisney race we wanted you to know about. We're very excited and we hope you'll run with us. Before long, we'll let everyone know the theme of our latest race. Want to know now? The answer lies within these words! To follow along, just look for the image below to solve race clues that reveal our newest race! Our first clue will be … [Read more...]