The ‘Long’ Line and The ‘Other’ Line

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I received this Chip Panel article from our friend and long time follower DeAnna. I hope it makes you think next time you see those people bypassing you in line.At Disney World, there are two (2) lines at every ride and exhibit. There’s the LOOOOOONG line, you know……the one that you’re praying is really short before you get there, then you turn the corner and realize it will be at LEAST 45 minutes until you’re boarding a jungle cruise through the “faux” Amazon?Then there’s the … [Read more...]

Disneyworld Planning 101 – Discounts

Everyone loves a Discount when planning their Disneyworld vacation. I for one am quite thrifty when booking my dream vacation year after year. In case you didn't know we goto Disney every year and have been doing that since I was much much younger. We hunt all over the internet looking for deals, discounts, special offers, you name it. While some sites are legit and do offer Disney Discounts, others try to scam you into buying a book, or access to a special website.For those of us who have … [Read more...]

Best Disney Movies of 2010


2010 has been an excellent year for Disney Movies. Even the Disney Channel has jumped in the ring with some really good quality movies this year. Not to mention Toy Story 3 making probably a gazillion dollars at the box office world wide.In honor of 2010 coming to a close I wanted to poll you the Chip and Company Viewer and ask what you think the best Disney Movie of 2010 will be? I have broken them up by type first then have a big faceoff in the end. You can vote once a day between now and … [Read more...]

The Evolution of a Walt Disney World Traveler

I started my trips to the Walt Disney World Resort as a baby. Being the 3rd child, pictures are far and few between and exact records are missing, but I can guarantee I visited the parks before I turned 3. And, I’m not positive that I can say the parks because EPCOT Center opened when I was 1, but I’m guessing that it was open for my first visit.During middle school, we lived in South Florida, so we made the drive up a few times. Every time we visited, I ran through the parks as fast as … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – The Ride Designed With Us In Mind!!


Sure, there aren't any loops, no 60 mph takeoffs, and no 13 story drops but The Great Movie Ride is still one of my favorites. A lot of Oldies feel the same way for lots of reasons. A lot of the films represented in the attraction were released in the thirties, forties, and early fifties making Oldies the only group of people who saw them in an actual theater the first time around. My fellow Oldies may not relish loops and drops but they love to reminisce about their younger days and this … [Read more...]