Main Street Maze


Disneyland has been repaving Main Street, which means lots of walls are up one day and down a few days later. These walls aren't exactly pleasing to the eye, but would you rather see a hole in the ground or the wall? Aside from the eyesore problem, they're somewhat tough to navigate around, especially when the park is closing or the mad rush of people leave right after the fireworks.Disneyland's got to do what they've got to do to keep up park maintenance. I give them props for truly caring … [Read more...]

Help with Disney Dining Questions

I love talking about Walt Disney World with anyone who will listen, especially those who have never visited before. Nothing brightens my day more than having someone who has never been contact me for help with their first ever trip. I get so excited for them and I really appreciate having the pleasure of helping them to plan such an important family trip.I am not a travel agent, nor do I have the skills of a travel agent. All I can offer is my advice from my own personal experiences and the … [Read more...]

Disney Character Updates and News for February 2011


Walt Disney World Updates The big upcoming character news for WDW are the changes coming because of Toontown closing. All the current residents of Toontown will be moving to new locations:Mickey and Minnie are moving to Tomorrowland near Space Mountain but may also occasionally show up in Frontierland and Liberty Square The Princesses will be moving to the Adventureland Veranda The Fairies (including Tink) will be moving to Epcot near MouseGear. At first not all the fairies may be … [Read more...]

A DiVine Sight


For many years I have really enjoyed the live entertainment at the Disney parks. Whether it was an act that is no longer in the parks, such as the living statues in Italy at Epcot, or the current entertainment offerings, I have always found them to be so unique. My family and I experienced one of the best examples of this during our day at the Animal Kingdom this past November.We were on our way to our favorite ride at the park, Expedition Everest, when all of a sudden my husband started … [Read more...]

What not to miss at Disney’s California Adventure

Disney California Adventure

"To all people who believe in the power of dreams, welcome.Disney's California Adventure opens its golden gates to you." -- Michael, Eisner, February 8, 2001, opening day Disney California Adventure Park was conceived as a  tribute and a celebration of the history and cultural diversity of California, and meant to feel as if guests had just walked into a vintage California postcard. Construction began in 1998 on the 55 acres that once housed a 5,000 car parking lot. The expansion of … [Read more...]