The Magic Behind the ‘Company’ Getting to Know DragynAlly


DragynAlly comes in fashionably late with her Magic behind the 'Company' article.About You:Name? DragynAlly but the birth certificate says Dana Where do you live? East Coast How long have you been with Chip and Company? 2 months What topics do you write about? My personal Disney experiences. Favorite C&C Writer? I love them all equally! Do you have a Blog or Website? The Dragyn’s Lair What do you talk about there? Any and everything that makes me … [Read more...]

Disney World Planning 101: How to Tour the Disney World Parks

“What’s the best way to tour the Disney World parks?”For people planning their first trip to Walt Disney World, this is an important question. It’s an important question for Disney veterans as well, and is perhaps one of the most debated questions on the internet. Go to any Disney blog or message board and you are likely to read about this-best-way or that-best-way. It’s so important to so many people that entire books and websites are even devoted to just this topic: how to best tour Disney … [Read more...]

Hannah Montana Forever: A Review

 The Hannah Montana Forever Final Season DVD is basically a goodbye letter to all of the fans. The box tells the story by saying it is the  "Ultimate fan experience." The DVD and episodes seem to be a way to ease the fans’ pain about the show coming to an end. It was also a way to try and introduce Miley as separate from Hannah.  I would like to talk about this special 2 disc set in terms of series plot, packages extras, and DVD special features.The Series Plot:The series was … [Read more...]

Baby Care Centers – A Hidden Oasis for Parents

For most vacationers, standard routines go out the window.  Regularly scheduled meals, diapers, potty breaks, naps, go out the window in search of magic and fun.  But, even though the schedules may not be exact, Walt Disney World provides a safe haven for families to escape to, in search of return to normalcy.Located in all four parks, though not at the water park or Downtown Disney, these baby care centers are nice and air conditioned, providing a comfortable place to cool down and relax.  … [Read more...]

Character Meet and Greets at Walt Disney World

As a Disney Dad with a Princess Daughter, the one thing that we are always looking for is character interaction when we visit Disney World.  We all have our favorites – mine is Mickey Mouse, my wife loves Daisy Duck, and my Princess is a big fan of all of the princesses, and also has a real soft spot for Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Chip & Dale, Goofy, Pluto, Lilo and Stitch, well, you get the picture!I could plaster this post with picture after picture of character photos that we have … [Read more...]