Best Things I Love About Disney – Watching Children’s Faces


We don't have any children but one of the most enjoyable experiences for us is to stand near the train station end of Main Street USA and watch the kid's faces as they look down the street and Cinderella Castle looms up in front of them. It's the most fun watching first timers because their eyes get about as big as saucers and they start dragging whoever may be holding their hand towards the castle.First timers are fairly easy to spot because Mom or Dad usually tries to position themselves … [Read more...]

Disney Behind the Scenes: Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear


Meet the characters of Toy Story 3! READY TEDDY GO! MEET LOTSO…Full Name: Lots-o’-Huggin’ BearOccupation: Strawberry-scented plush toyTalents: Great at hugging and hiding sinister secretsYear Made: 1983Description: Lotso was an extremely popular and top-selling toy in the early 1980s. This jumbo, super-soft teddy bear is incredibly cute and cuddly – and he releases a sweet strawberry scent when you hug him dearly. Nobody can refuse a cuddle from this huge, happy and … [Read more...]

Room Refurbishments Begin At Port Orleans Resorts


According to, an unofficial but extremely fine website, the anticipated room refurbishments have begun at Port Orleans.As of November 1 the French Quarter has started and is expected to be complete sometime in April. From there they will proceed to the Magnolia Bend (mansion) area and then on to Alligator Bayou.The website says the entire project is expected to take 12-18 months. For more details you can go here: .Ken Related … [Read more...]

Disneyworld Trip Report: Halloween at Disney


I headed out of Boston’s Logan Airport just before three in the afternoon on October 29th. Even my fear of being airborne could not combat my excitement. I was headed to Disney World to meet one of my best friends for an amazing weekend! What you are about to read catalogues the escapades we shared over Halloween weekend at Disney World.I arrived in Orlando a little before six pm and collected my baggage (which was deemed to big to be a carry on) and my rental car. I got a super deal on a … [Read more...]

Disney Channel All Star Party – 60 Second Game Review

Play in over 30 mini-games based on popular Disney Channel show and movie locations and themes Play as your favorite Disney Channel star or unlock the ability to play as your Nintendo Mii Play in circuit mode or free play mode with up to 4 players Unlock new games and keep track of high scores and individual competition sessionsRelated articlesDISNEY CHANNEL ROCKS!: New rock-concert style show at Disney's Hollywood Studios ( Disney Channel All Star Party … [Read more...]