Oh, How I Love a Good Cast Member!


In a fairly recent WDW Radio Podcast, I remember Lou Mongello and his co-host talking about cast members and how to acknowledge a really good Cast Member. I had never previously thought about this – I always appreciated interactions with Cast Members, but never thought to show my appreciation with anything other than a smile.This trip, I took mental notes of some of the better Cast Members and decided to follow up with a trip to Guest Relations. We stopped in to trade pins and while we … [Read more...]

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort: One Guest’s View

Resort 44 +

In 2010, my wife and I were back on our own for a 5 night stay at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort (MuR). This is one of the Value Resorts at Walt Disney World. Those who feel that they are musically inclined will find this Resort to their liking.We decided to stay at MuR to round out our Disney Resort experiences. Each section of this Resort is themed after a different music genre: Jazz, Country, Rock, etc. We stayed in the Country section, but the area themed after Broadway would have been … [Read more...]

Review: Disney’s Secretariat on Bluray

Disney was nice enough to supply me with a copy of this movie to review a few days ago. I missed watching it in the theaters and after seeing it at home I regret not going. It has been a long wait for it to make it's wait to Bluray/DVD.The Story of Big Red or the Secretariat is a very encouraging, and uplifting movie. Like most of my movie reviews I don't like to give to much of the story away.Even though it is based on a true story your going to have to watch it to get full plot … [Read more...]

Disney’s Pop Century Resort: One Guest’s View

24+ - Copy

In 2007, my wife and I along with her parents spent 7 nights at Disney’s Pop Century Resort (PCR). This is a Value Resort at Walt Disney World that stands apart from the All-Star Resorts, but is still in the same area. PCR is in the race for the fan favorite for economy minded Guests.This Resort is my second favorite Value offering. It has a retro feel with the focus on pop culture theming. But for me, some of the cultural references were a little too dated, and thus came off as a bit cheesy … [Read more...]

Downtown Disney: Kids’ Birthday Parties at Goofy’s Candy Co.

Goofy's Candy Company, located at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resort.

Looking for a fun way to celebrate a child’s birthday at Walt Disney World Resort? Consider throwing a birthday party at Goofy’s Candy Co. at Downtown Disney, a fun and special way to celebrate someone’s special day.These 1.5 hour parties take place in a small room to the back of Goofy’s Candy Co. for up to 15 guests. Each party includes 2 party hosts to join in the fun and organize themed games and activities for kids; themed balloons; a birthday present for the Guest of honor; and … [Read more...]