Winning Feels Good…No, Great!

Villains Vinylmations

So, I just recently won a Villains Vinylmation through Chip and Co. writer DragynAlly's blog. It happened literally a minute or two after I tweeted to her that I was determined to win one.I really do think it was fate. DragnAlly, aka Dana, uses to determine who the winners for her current contest are. For some reason, the Disney universe thought I was adequate enough to be the chosen one for today.Once I receive the Vinylmation, I'll let you all know what it is. I'm … [Read more...]

Chip & Company Disney Week in Review for March 21st

Welcome to the Chip and Company DisneyWeek In Review. There is a lot of news this week!  Additionally, all of our outstanding writers have been sharing their views, so we'll touch on a few of those at the end of our segment.  But let's get on to the news!The first thing on the minds of all of the Chip & Company writers, and likely the entire Disney family, is the devastating earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan.  Here is an update on what is being done for those in need.  Our … [Read more...]

The Magic Behind the ‘Company’ – Getting to know Michele


Name: Michele DakhoWhere do you live: Detroit Metro Area, MichiganHow long have you been with Chip and Company: A few monthsWhat topics do you write about: Planning, travel agents, special events, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, Disneyland…basically anything and everything!Favorite C&C Writer: Gee, I feel obligated to say Chip-the-pot-stirrer since he's the one who asked this question!Do you have a Blog or Website? … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Disney Does Debby from Dallas

Hey there, guys and gals, Anonymouse here. If that title alone doesn't make you chuckle then you haven't been drinking enough. Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!With Miley Cyrus out Disney is looking in the Bullpen for the next Disney Star. Debby Ryan, come on down, you're the next contestant on "The Price is Right"!The Hollywood Reporter is reporting this news story I thought I would share with you. The actress, who plays country girl Bailey Pickett on the Disney Channel's The Suite … [Read more...]

Disney Parks and Toddlers – Tips to Keep Sane

When we took our toddler to Disney World, I figured it wouldn't be "that bad". I thought we could handle anything that she did and learn from the experience. I was right about one thing, we definitely learned a thing or 2 about taking a 2 year old to Disney World. Prepare for anything!!!Our daughter had meltdowns, didn't want to wait in line, she was hungry, she was hot, she was tired, and so on and so forth. I came up with a few survival tips for those with toddlers who can be hard … [Read more...]