My Fab Five Epcot Attractions

Here we go with my Fab Five attractions at Epcot. Once again I'll do them in reverse order so we get to the most favorite last. Down the road a bit I'll explore Fab Fives at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios. Some of the Epcot favorites are not exactly attractions in the truest sense of the word but are terrific anyway.5. Mission Space - This is an amazing attraction and probably would have been much closer to the top of my list except for one major issue - Motion … [Read more...]

Poreotics Tuts Their Stuff at ElecTRONica


Okay, so if you're not in with the dance world, "tutting" is a dance movement. Think of today's version of dancing to "Walk Like an Egyptian" except replacing the music with something hip-hop or techno. And it looks crazy. Or you can check out an example of tutting here. (It's got arm tutting AND finger tutting!)Poreotics (also known as Poreotix) has performed quite a few nights at California Adventure throughout November and December. The local dance group won season five of America's Best … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Pixar’s Monster Inc 2 – The College Years

Hey there guys it's Chip filling in for Anonymouse..So I have been following an article today that started on a foreign anime website called Animatie. I have to read this site through Google Translate but most of your Disney Pixar Animation news I get breaks here. (thanks guys!)So they are talking today about Disney/Pixar's Monster's Inc 2 to possibly be a prequel to the hit blockbuster from 2001.The prequel is set while both Mike and Sulley are in Scare College and from what I can … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Play-cation! The Pixar Movie Short and Book

Hey there guys and gals! Anonymouse here. Delivering to you the best in Disney Gossip on the net. Wow I am beside myself today. I don't know what to do with all this attention I have been getting here lately. Thank you guys so much for sharing my Disney Gossip with all your friends!Ok enough of that mushy stuff onto the Disney Gossip. Today I want to talk about an article I posted last week:Disney Confidential: New Toy Story Short 'Hawaii' Coming to Pixar's Cars 2It seems … [Read more...]

Disney Aulani Resort in Moving right along


Our friend Joel from Coconut Wireless wrote me today to let me know about the progression of Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii.He says:The remaining cranes were removed from the site and more of the exterior art work and detail are starting to show.  They still have a wall around the place so I can't get any better shots although I have noticed that they do have a number of trees in place already.  Gotta give them time to root and fill out a bit!Here are some of the pictures he was able … [Read more...]