Half the fun is how you get there


The Walt Disney World Resort is huge. Spanning nearly 47 square miles, the resort encompasses four theme parks, dozens of resort hotels, countless restaurants and shops, and several other recreational and entertainment venues. Needless to say, getting from place to place can require some thought and consideration.Before you call up your favorite rental car company, you might want to explore the many facets of Disney’s transportation system. There are so many options provided for you … [Read more...]

My Fab Five Disney’s Hollywood Studios Attractions


This  installment will be easy. Disney's Hollywood Studios is one of two parks where I really enjoy all of the Biggies. I know there are quite a few folks who disagree with some of my choices for my Fab Five but here, all of the best attractions fit in to the choices. Let's get going:5. Star Tours - We have always enjoyed the original and are looking forward to trying the new 3-D version when we get back in October. The only concern I have is possible motion sickness issues when you combine … [Read more...]

Disneyworld Planning 101 – Are you a Disney Planner?


Right now I am planning 2 Disney Vacations. One smaller mini trip in May for the D23 Event, and our yearly vacation in September. I am handling both vacations very differently which goes against my better judgment.  By nature I am a planner. I write up these elaborate spreadsheets documenting where we are eating, parks we are going, transportation options, park hours, you name it. My sheets have everything. Here is sample of one I used last trip.This was not the finished product as about … [Read more...]

Some Adjustment Required


My children have grown up Disney and it has been a wonderful ride. Now that they are grown, I am sometimes slammed with the reality of how my life has changed. The other day, I sent my youngest two a text with a very simple question. I already knew the answer but I was thankful I wouldn’t be able to hear laughter through the text messages.Question:  Do you want to go to see Disney On Ice - Toy Story 3, which is coming in April?Replies:  “Uh, I don’t think so - but thanks” and “Uuugghhh … [Read more...]

My Fab Five Disney’s Animal Kingdom Attractions


Disney's Animal Kingdom is the park we spend the least time in. In spite of that there are a number of attractions we try to visit on each trip so here are my Fab Five attractions. As I go through them you will notice a couple of the biggies are missing from my list and I'll explain why at the end of the article.5. It's Tough To Be A Bug - This park is the hottest of all the parks and as you tour you are always on the lookout for somewhere to cool off. This attraction is ideal because it not … [Read more...]