Chip and Company Disney Week In Review For February 14th

Welcome to this week's Chip and Company Disney Week In Review. Before getting into the Disney news we have some Chip and Company news - at 2:22 AM on February 8th Chip and Meredith welcomed their second daughter, baby Amelia to their family. Congratulations guys, we are all thrilled for you!! I did want to sneak in one article from all of the Chip and Company writers that gave Chip and Meredith instructions on how to make sure that Amelia received the proper Disney indoctrination starting … [Read more...]

What Makes Walt Disney World YOUR Place Of Choice?


A lot of people, including yours truly, have made Walt Disney World (WDW) their vacation destination of choice. I'll give you our reasons and ask you to think about yours. There are just so many reasons that make it ideal for almost everyone it is no wonder that it is the number one vacation destination on earth!!The Magic - If you don't believe in magic, one visit to WDW will probably change your mind. The detail, the variety, the beauty, and particularly those wonderful Cast Members all … [Read more...]

Snow White’s Scary Adventures: Save or Wave Goodbye?

Snow White's Scary Adventures, Magic Mirror. Loren Javier.

 Disney fans are generally excited about the Fantasyland expansion at Magic Kingdom, what with its increase in size and the addition of new attractions. There’s even been some rejoicing about changes to the original princess- and fairy-dusted plans.But not all news about what’s next for Fantasyland at Walt Disney World has been magical. Along with the announcement for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a kiddie coaster, Disney slipped in the news that Snow White’s Scary Adventures will be … [Read more...]

Traveling to Disney: How Young is too Young?

It is a question that is being asked quite a bit across the Internet, in forums, blog sites, even on the Walt Disney World Mom’s Panel.  How young is to young to take your child to Disney World?The answer to this question isn’t the same for everyone.  For us, when we had our daughter, she was born seven weeks early, and weighed four pounds, two ounces.  We decided early on that her first trip to Disney would be when she was older, and had “caught up” with the rest of the kids her age.  As a … [Read more...]

Farewell, Mickey’s Toontown Fair

Mickey's Toontown Fair Sign

As of this Friday, February 11th, Mickey's Toontown Fair will officially be closed for business.  While Toontown originally opened as Mickey's Birthdayland in 1988, celebrating the 60th birthday of our favorite mouse, it was renamed Mickey's Starland first, then switched to Toontown as we know it in 1996.Yet, now, after 15 years, Mickey's Toontown Fair is now another part of Walt Disney World's Fantasyland Expansion.We know the Barnstormer will be renamed The Great Goofini, but … [Read more...]