Best Things I Love About Disney – The ‘Friendship’ Boats


We have all taken advantage of the Disney bus system, ridden the Monorail, and most likely driven a car to get from one place to another at Walt Disney World. The entire Disney transportation system is extraordinarily efficient and well operated, and even though there have been a few very serious incidents, considering the number of people being transported it is very safe! The only issue I have with it comes from the feeling of rush-rush-rush that I get while being moved around. I like to take … [Read more...]

Disneyworld Planning 101 – Do Magic Kingdom Last..


What? That is blasphemy! How can you say that? Before you riot against me and boycott the Chip and Company website let me explain...One thing I have learned over the years from being a parent and from having a very strong willed little 4 year old princess is how to keep the peace. We joke all the time and actually found a shirt that says "Irish Temper Italian Attitude". That sums her up to the T. So when planning our Disney vacations I have learned one valuable lesson that if your a parent … [Read more...]

Disney Droid Apps? I Don’t Need ‘Em!

Before we left for our trip (just finished our 2nd day in the parks), I downloaded all the top apps for my fancy new Droid phone and planned to compare and contrast. I planned to use Gowalla every once in a while to check in when I could, use Lines, the app created by Touring Plans, to check wait times, and also learn about parts of the parks with Notescast Disney World – discovering hidden secrets and hidden Mickeys, left to us by the Imagineers.But, after completing my second day, I have … [Read more...]

Review: Walt Disney World Secrets Gold! 1.5

Big Thunder Mtn. - Hidden Mickey Gears

Last week, I reviewed TimeStream Software’s app Walt Disney World Notescast Guide 3.0.  This week, I’m moving on to their recently updated app revealing some 250 of the Secrets of Walt Disney World, and another 200 fun facts!This Notescast is laid out in much the same format as the previous one.  Tapping on a section will take you to the next screen, which often has more choices for you to select from.  As a result, navigating through the vast amounts of data is really quite easy!One … [Read more...]

Are You The ‘Go To’ Advice Person For Your Friends’ Disney Trips?

When your friends start thinking about or planning a trip to Walt Disney World do they say - Let's ask (insert your name here) for some help. I know this happens to me a lot, and rather than considering it a burden, I look forward to it and consider it an honor that they would choose me for something this important. Presently I'm working with three groups of friends on their upcoming 2011 trips. As much fun as it is and as rewarding as it can be there are some pitfalls to be avoided, I'll try to … [Read more...]