Oldies But Goodies – Don’t Pass Up Epcot’s United States Pavilion


The United States Pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase is one of the most under appreciated attractions there. Because most of Walt Disney World's visitors are Americans, most of their World Showcase time is spent in the pavilions that are a bit more exotic. Because of the way we Oldies are; nostalgic, patriotic, unapologetic for our country it makes an ideal place for us to spend some time. There are several attractions within the majestic pavilion area:Before you even enter you will be … [Read more...]

Surprise! New Experiences on our Disney World Vacation


We have returned from a wonderful vacation at Walt Disney World over the New Year’s holiday. We had a great time ringing in 2011 at the best possible place! Was it crowded? At times, sure it was, but having gone at this week before, we knew what to expect. There were also times when it wasn’t crowded at all too! And one of the neat things about this trip was that, despite our many past Disney trips, we were still able to learn and experience new things. That is, of course, one of the great … [Read more...]

Move over Tron 2 here comes Tron 3

Don't get me wrong I love Disney as much as the next guy, but really? Tron Legacy is still in the theaters and still making decent box office dollars and the news on the street is Disney is working on a Tron 3 Movie. Do we really new another sequel? Screen Rant had this to say about the sequel: TRON creator/producer Steven Lisberger revealed recently that development of storylines for TRON 3 has already begun and the story broke in mid-2010 that TRON: Legacy screenwriters/executive producers … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential: Iago is Dead.

Breaking news, people.  A little bird (okay, I'm lying, it was a person) just told me that Iago, one of the "hosts" of the Magic Kingdom's Enchanted Tiki Room:  Under New Management may have been damaged beyond repair in yesterday's fire.   The fire, which started in an attic and resulted in the ride being closed, was quickly extinguished, but not before that pesky little bird's goose was cooked.  In addition, the bird mobile that lowers a chorus of birds was also damaged.The roar you're … [Read more...]

Check out the Newest Mouse Chat Podcast.

The newest Mouse Chat podcast is up.  Here are the highlights:The main topic is Disney off the beaten path:  Activities at Disney World that you may not have tried.  Some will surprise you, some will amuse you, and some are just . . . weird. We discuss pizza and the general attractiveness levels of  World Showcase waiters.  Again. We announce a fun contest. Lauren pines for a cupcake. I get a little deep and misty-eyed talking about how you can enjoy the parks on different … [Read more...]