Oldies But Goodies – Take A Chance, Try Some New Restaurants


It's not our fault!! We, as Oldies, sometimes get a little set in our ways and when it comes to food and restaurant choices we can tend (not everyone) to always go to the same restaurants and order the same thing. At least for me it came from the way we ate when I was a child. I'm not complaining, the food was very nutritious and my Mom was a great cook - BUT - Wednesday was always Prince Spaghetti day, Friday was always Fish, Saturday was always Franks and Beans, etc. etc. etc!!! See where I'm … [Read more...]

Walt Disney World Epcot: The one ride I MUST ride


In the continuation to my four part series on the absolute one ride that I MUST ride at each of the parks, today we take a look at Epcot.  As you may recall, last time we looked at the Magic Kingdom, and specifically at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, as my MUST ride.For me, Epcot isn’t that easy to choose that one ride (although Magic Kingdom wasn’t that easy also) because there is so much that you can do at Epcot.  For instance, there is Soarin’, my wife’s favorite ride at Epcot and at all … [Read more...]

What a Thrill – A New Trip is In the Works


After my November trip to Walt Disney World I wrote a blog about the fact that, unlike previous years, there was no bounce back offer in my resort room. That left me in a much different position after our trip than in past years. I was not only suffering from PDTD (Post-Disney-Trip Depression), but I did not have a Walt Disney World Resort reservation for our family trip this year.This week, I received great news which flung me back into planning mode. I have been telling my hubby that I … [Read more...]

Details, Details: What You May be Missing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

legends of hollywood

I write a great deal about planning affordable Disney vacations. I love finding ways to save money on a trip to Disney World. But even more, I love when I can find things – hidden “treasures”, experiences, little details -- that can enhance a Disney vacation, and provide even more value for the money that I do spend.Fortunately, Walt Disney World provides lots of these types of experiences, if you only take the time to look!One of my favorite places to explore is Disney’s Hollywood … [Read more...]

Review: Disney’s Hilarious Comedy ‘You Again’

Have you ever watched a movie not expecting to get much going in and after watching it come to love it? You Again is one of those movies! While not getting much hype at the box office You Again is one of those sleeper hits you can watch over and over. The cast is hilarious and with all those big names surprisingly they work very well together. YOU AGAIN features a brilliant all-star cast with comedy pedigree performances by Kristen Bell (Couples Retreat, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Jamie Lee … [Read more...]