Chip and Co Featured Partner – The Affordable Mouse


The website and blog that I founded in 2009 is The Affordable Mouse, and it was born as a response to a comment that I hear ALL the time: “I would love to go to Disney World, but I can't afford it”. It’s what most people think…and it “can” be true…..but it doesn’t “have” to be. In fact, a Disney vacation can actually be affordable to most people, with some planning, tools, and information. So I began The Affordable Mouse as a way to share ways to help others make their dreams of a Disney … [Read more...]

Wednesday with Walt: A Powerful Force

walt with mickeys

“We share, to a large extent, one another’s fate. We help create those circumstances which favor or challenge us in meeting our objectives and realizing our dreams. There is great comfort and inspiration in this feeling of close human relationships and its bearing on our mutual fortunes – a powerful force to overcome the ‘tough breaks’ which are certain to come to most of us from time to time.” - Walt DisneyWalt Disney had a compassionate and caring heart, and he was a giver by nature. There … [Read more...]

The Chip And Company Disney Week In Review For April 11

Welcome to the Chip and Company Disney Week In Review for this week. We have tons of news stories and as usual we also present some views from our incredible staff of writers so sit back, relax, and enjoy.Disney made a huge announcement concerning changes to their cruise itineraries for 2012 and Michelle was kind enough to analyze it and put everything together in a  Disney Cruise Line News Breakdown. Once again Disney is demonstrating its concern for the future of our planet and its … [Read more...]

What is Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour?

Disney's Keys to the Kingdom tour is one of the tour opportunities offered at the Magic Kingdom park. It provides the tour guests with interesting and unknown Disney facts, such as the stories behind the creation of Magic Kingdom park and many stories about the vision, creativity and innovative ideas of Walt Disney. I think this tour is awesome for anyone who loves Disney but doesn’t want to know too much for fear of ruining the magic.The Keys to the Kingdom tour is a 4.5 hour walking tour.  … [Read more...]

Bluray Review: It’s New! It’s Blu! It’s Incredible!

The Incredibles

Disney's superhero family comes to life for the first time on Blu-ray with the release of The Incredibles!  Join Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack on a rip-roaring adventure in full 1080p High Definition.  Watch them unite as a family to battle the evil Syndrome and make the world a safer place for humans and supers alike.  Don't forget to watch for your other favorite supers such as Frozone!The quality of the Blu-ray is outstanding.  Details are very crisp, and you can … [Read more...]