Review: Disney’s Mickey Mote


My little one and I had a chance to try this product out this past week. We received in the mail both Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Numbers Roundup and Handy Manny Big Construction Job.Let me start off by saying my little on is not a fan of Handy Manny. I guess its a little to boyish for her but she does love the gang from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! So this review leans more towards Mickey's Numbers Roundup.So with Mickey Mote in hand we popped in the dvd to our Samsung Bluray player and went into … [Read more...]

Merry Mousemas!

Christmas Castle

I love Disneyland any time of year (especially the off-weeks during the year when the park isn't that crowded). But Christmastime at the Disneyland Resort has to be my favorite time to visit the parks. The environment is so warm and welcoming, regardless of what the thermometer says. Wreaths, twinkling lights, snow, and the gigantic Christmas tree are all part of the magic.During the holiday season, the magic is so thick in the air you can almost see it. Guests arrive super early for … [Read more...]

Review: Search for Santa Paws

My family and I had the opportunity to sit down and watch this movie the other night. My daughter who is a HUGE fan of any movie with dogs or puppies in it could not wait! She was so excited when we received it in the mail she wanted to watch it immediately.I have never watched any of the Air Bud or Puppy movies Disney has released in the past so this is my first experience with the genre. It was very cute. The story is kinda sad and very unique.For me it really bring the story of … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Budget Considerations For Your Trip


There are very few people who visit Walt Disney World without having to carefully plan and budget their available funds. I use a very measured and logical (at least to me) approach for budgeting each of our visits. First - I always try to start early enough so I can plan how much money we can put aside on a monthly basis to meet our needs. We go often enough and have enough separation between visits so that we now have a permanent savings plan that covers all of our requirements.Once you … [Read more...]

2 Lonely Deeks – Lights, Camera, Movies

This week we go over all the Walt Disney Pictures releases both in theaters and on DVD/Bluray.Here are some of the movies we discuss: * Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales * Toy Story 3 * Disney's WOW World of Wonder * A Christmas Carol * The Search For Santa Paws * Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 * The Sorcerer's Apprentice * Step Up * Tangled * Tron Legacyand much much more!Special thanks to Chip who did the video and to Steve Williard and Andrew Taylor for their AWESOME song!Check them out … [Read more...]