Disney Confidential – The Enchanted Tiki Room rumored to fire ‘Under New Management’

Hey, there, Mouse fans. It's Anonymouse again, keeping my Ears to to the ground for the latest rumors. Ever since Magic Kingdom’s The Enchanted Tiki Room caught fire on Jan. 12, Disney fans have been hopeful that the unexpected refurbishment meant that Walt Disney World might consider returning the attraction to its former glory.That fire, which started in the attic, damaged the Audio-Animatronics Iago1 (the first of two Iagos) and Zazu. They were the added stars of “Under New Management,” … [Read more...]

Gumbo Breadbowls are Delightful


If you like gumbo, good. If you like sourdough bread, good! Now, put them together. Deliciousness.I love eating steak gumbo at Disneyland. The fact that it's served in that bread bowl makes it even better. I get to eat the gumbo AND the "dish" it's served in! Yay!I'm one of those weird people that actually eats as much of the bowl as I can. It's sooo good. And then I take home whatever parts of the bowl I couldn't eat during that sitting, and munch on it later. Why throw it away? I see … [Read more...]

Family Fun Weekend Recap: Lunar New Year


I had a great time at the Lunar New Year Family Fun Weekend. Not only were there great performances, but the characters were dressed in red, the color for luck. This was also the first time I have ever seen Mulan and Mushu.What's great about this Family Fun Weekend was that it actually lasted TWO weekends, giving more people a chance to experience the magic. These next three weekends are Mardi Gras weekends! Be on the lookout for photos of that later.Here are some photos from Lunar New … [Read more...]

Monorail Mania Meal

In one of my previous blogs, I talked about how we must adjust our Walt Disney World touring plans as our kids get older. I believe that the things they love about WDW change in direct proportion to the increases in their heights. Each year, I try to incorporate new activities into our trips to replace the special things we did when they were younger.One of the family favorites I began doing a few years ago is the “Monorail Mania Meal.” Being from an Italian family, much of our quality time … [Read more...]

Affordable Disney Vacations: The Kim Possible Adventure at Epcot


Always on the look-out for free fun at Walt Disney World, we discovered something very cool at Epcot’s World Showcase, on our recent trip: the Kim Possible Adventure. Did you know that by reading and following directions, looking for….and finding….clues, you can “save the world”? No? Well don’t feel bad, neither did we until we stumbled upon this fun, interactive activity. Don’t tell your kids, but it’s educational too…but they don’t need to know that part. What you do want to tell them…and all … [Read more...]