Life Onboard the Disney Dream – Day 1


Writer for the Chicago Sun Times Lori Rackl is onboard the Disney Dream for the inaugural voyage. She will be filling us in on all the events going on while she is on board. She shared with us 2 articles for yesterday.First up she talks about the christening:Morning started with a christening that only Disney could pull off. A helicopter hoisted a big bottle of "champagne" and smashed it on the hull of Disney's newest ship, the Dream. It's the first ship Disney has launched in over a … [Read more...]

Mouse Chat: Advice for those planning their first trip to Disney World

This week on Mouse Chat Podcast:Is this your first time to Walt Disney World? It is a big place and there is so much to know. Planning ahead can make your Disney Vacation much more enjoyable.This week we have George and Chip on again from Imaginerding and Chip & Co. along with the Mouse Chat Co-hosts.This show is dedicated to the things you need to do when planning your first trip to Walt Disney World. Also we discuss park and resort tips that are a must for first … [Read more...]

Running with the Disney Heroes


In my opinion, there aren’t many things more inspiring than Spaceship Earth and the Magic Kingdom. The main reason I signed up for my first half marathon was to run through the Magic Kingdom. I really couldn’t imagine anything more exciting than having Mickey and Minnie cheering us on as we started.And then, we heard something even more amazing – there was going to be a simultaneous race being held in Iraq – a Disney World Half Marathon for those deployed/working overseas. Those that had … [Read more...]

Disney Character Updates and News for January 2011


Walt Disney World The main change at WDW this month is the start of the "Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun!" parade in Disney's Hollywood Studios on the 16th. This "new" parade will be a modified version of Block Party Bash with various changes including adding characters from Up and Ratatouille as well as removing the interactive show stops. Also at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Leroy Small, Citizen of Hollywood, spent his last day on set this week. He has gone off to take his career to new heights … [Read more...]

Disneyworld Planning 101 – Tips for Newbies


Planning a Disney World vacation is hard work especially if you have never been before. There are so many books and websites out there devoted to planning a Disney Vacation it can be very overwhelming.I created these Disneyworld Planning 101 articles to help you learn some of the many tips and tricks I have learned over the years to make each of my Disney vacations fun and enjoyable.Today I wanted to talk directly to the Disney Newbies. This article goes out to those people who might … [Read more...]