Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground: One Guest’s View

FWR Picture 2

In 2008, my wife and I with her parents occupied a lot in Section 2000 of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground (FWR). Right up front I will admit that I’m not a big fan of camping. But in the spirit of trying something new at Walt Disney World, I agreed to sleep in a small two-man tent for 10 days. This is my story.I do like the country, having grown up in small towns, and being that I still live on the outskirts of a fairly small city. I like trees not skyscrapers. FWR has trees … [Read more...]

Ask a Disney Question: Disneyland to Get Rid of Guest Assistance Cards?

We recently got an email from Chuck, who heard a rumor that Disneyland is planning to phase out  Guest Assistance Cards.  I'm happy to report that this rumor is,in fact, false. While there may come a time in the future where GACs are not necessary on many attractions due to the way they are reconfigured, some variation will be available. For example, while most of us tend to think that individuals who need GACs use them due to mobility issues, the reality is in that people use GACs for a … [Read more...]

Want to do Something New at Walt Disney World? Take a Tour!!


If you have experienced multiple Disney vacations, you know that, one the greatest things about it, is that there is always something new to see. And even if not “technically” new, there are so many things to see and do at Walt Disney World, that even those with many Disney World visits can’t say that they have “seen it all”.One of the more interesting things to do at Walt Disney World, are the various tours that Disney offers. We have been fortunate to do the Keys to the Kingdom tour at the … [Read more...]

Brotherly Love!


I am sure you have gathered from reading my previous articles that I am an admirer and student of Walt Disney. From what I have read about his childhood, Walt and Roy Disney were always very close. From the time Walt was born, Roy (who was 8 years older) spent a lot of time with him. They were confidants, business partners, brothers and best friends. Throughout their lives they shared in devastating sorrows and celebrated larger-than-life accomplishments. When two people are that close, while … [Read more...]

Keys to the Kingdom: Clever Park Design


We all know how cleverly the Magic Kingdom was designed – with different lands and different themes. When I was on the Keys to the Kingdom Tour recently, I was introduced to some new information on the clever way that rides, restaurants and shops are placed around the Kingdom. I wanted to share a couple of examples with you – one from the very beginning (placed before the park opening) and one more recent. These examples prove that things are not random at the Magic Kingdom; and the locations of … [Read more...]