Traveling Light at Walt Disney World: Mission Impossible?


I can hardly remember touring the Walt Disney World theme parks without a backpack that contains all the essentials. With small children in tow these days, it is usually chock full of diapers, snacks, water, clothing, sunscreen, medications, and ponchos. Even before kids, it was rare that my husband and I didn’t bring a theme park bag, lighter of course, but still filled with everything we would need while away from our resort room for the day. But, is it necessary? Traveling Light Traveling … [Read more...]

Downtown Disney Dining – Is It Worth the Trip?

Earl of Sandwich, Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort continues to re-invent Downtown Disney (DTD) as a shopping and dining destination, with many new and planned additions– to Marketplace, West Side and now Hyperion Wharf – being outsourced (non-Disney) restaurants.All these changes have led me to wonder about whether DTD dining is good enough to be the anchor of a Disney retail and restaurant experience. Similar to Allie’s question, “To Downtown Disney or Not,” I’ve started to ask myself, “Is it worth traveling to DTD … [Read more...]

Wednesday with Walt: Spreading the Magic


Walt Disney once said, "You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality." It has been said that Walt Disney would continually tell his cast members, "The customer is king" and "every cast member is responsible for the impression we make." He also encouraged them to  "take five minutes a day to make a magical memory for one of our guests." Former cast members have stated that Walt would walk around Disneyland with a … [Read more...]

Chip and Company Disney Week In Review For February 14th

Welcome to this week's Chip and Company Disney Week In Review. Before getting into the Disney news we have some Chip and Company news - at 2:22 AM on February 8th Chip and Meredith welcomed their second daughter, baby Amelia to their family. Congratulations guys, we are all thrilled for you!! I did want to sneak in one article from all of the Chip and Company writers that gave Chip and Meredith instructions on how to make sure that Amelia received the proper Disney indoctrination starting … [Read more...]

What Makes Walt Disney World YOUR Place Of Choice?


A lot of people, including yours truly, have made Walt Disney World (WDW) their vacation destination of choice. I'll give you our reasons and ask you to think about yours. There are just so many reasons that make it ideal for almost everyone it is no wonder that it is the number one vacation destination on earth!!The Magic - If you don't believe in magic, one visit to WDW will probably change your mind. The detail, the variety, the beauty, and particularly those wonderful Cast Members all … [Read more...]