Theme Park Queues Just Got Fun


There’s no doubt that queuing is the tedious part of a theme park visit. However there are now some new products which specifically target the boredom of those long zigzagging lines.Things to Do In Theme Park Queues comes as a book or iPhone app and contains more than 120 activities that can be played in the crowded queuing conditions of any busy theme park.The award winning author, Scott Wegener, lives in Melbourne, Australia, which is a long way from any theme park with a long … [Read more...]

Top 5 Disney World Character Dining Restaurants

Everyone please welcome Mike to the Chip and Company family. Mike will be helping out with our News & Views section of C&C. He starts out his first article with us talking about Character Dining. Here is his Top 5 WDW Character Dining Restaurants.My wife Cindy and I have been taking our daughter Sophie to Walt Disney World for many years. We have stayed on resort property the past four years, and Sophie has been six times in her nine years of living!In all that time, we have had … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies…Date Night For Oldies


If you visit Walt Disney World as an Oldies couple, then every night is date night. More often than not though, we as Oldies, travel with an extended family group. One thing you can almost bet on is that your children will ask you to watch their children (your grandchildren of course) while they take a break and have a date night. Let them go and have fun because you understand how tired you were all the time taking care of them when they were kids and things have not changed over time. But - in … [Read more...]

Meeting your favorite Disney Celebrity

John Lasseter

This just might be the cry for the Disney fan of the Millennium. Back in the 1900’s though, the Disney fan wanted to meet… Walt Disney of course! And we have all read of many first-hand experiences of those who actually realized their dream. But likely, if you are a modern-day Disney fan, you never got to meet the man in person.I’m in this group. Walt Disney died just one year after I was born. So I ‘met’ Walt for the first time on television as the Wonderful World of Color played on Sunday … [Read more...]

Review: Disney’s Hidden Gem The Sorcerers Apprentice

I had a chance to check this film out last week and boy was I surprised. I had hoped to see it in theaters earlier this year but due to having a child and one more on the way I don't get out to the movies as much as I used to.Even though I didn't see it in theaters it was still on my action item list for 2010. I was pleasantly surprised watching this film. Disney really did a nice job with the special effects and plot in this film. Nick Cage was spot on for the Sorcerer although even with … [Read more...]