Wednesday with Walt: Music in Motion

“There is a natural hootchy-kootchy motion to a goldfish.”  - Walt Disney Alright, Disney friends, I have to admit I chose this quote today because it gave me a chuckle! Thank you, Mr. Disney, for still being able to make me laugh nearly 45 years after your passing. Walt was talking about the Arab Dance portion of “The Nutcracker Suite” in Fantasia. If you haven’t seen it in a while, you might enjoy watching it again soon.In this part of the film, distinctly feminine fish with long … [Read more...]

The Magic Behind the ‘Company’ – Getting to Know Jessica Swaney

Disclaimer: This thing is long. I apologize. No, wait. Nevermind. I wanted to go into detail with my answers, and write as if I were conversing with you all in person. So I stand by my long answers. About Me Name: Jessica Swaney Where do you live? Orange County, CA. I'm right next-door to Disneyland -- only a few miles away. How long have you been with Chip and Company? A whole year! End of February/Beginning of March 2010. What topics do you write about? Disneyland and whatever else I … [Read more...]

The Magic Behind the ‘Company’: Getting to Know Brenda

This is an interesting little assignment from Chip this week. He wanted to let all of you get to know all of us which is a great idea, but I don’t remember the last time I thought about myself so much. :)About You:Name? Brenda Where do you live? I was born and raised on the Texas Gulf Coast and I am here to stay; at least until I retire, buy a mobile home and become a part-timer at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds in  Walt Disney World. How long have you been with Chip and Company? I … [Read more...]

The Magic Behind the ‘Company': Getting to Know Nancy


About You:Name? NancyWhere do you live? Near Baltimore, MarylandHow long have you been with Chip and Company? Umm I think about a year…but it seems longer….in a good way of course! :)What topics do you write about? How to make a Disney vacation affordable, getting the most value while at Disney World, information for the person “new” to planning a Disney vacation, and anything else that pops into my head.Favorite C&C Writer? Seriously this is like asking me … [Read more...]

DragynAlly’s 24 day Villains Vinylmation Giveaway


Like Disney Vinylmations? Who doesn't?Well From Monday March 14- April 6 you will have 24 chances to win a Disney Store Villains Vinylmation.How, you ask? To enter head on over to the The Dragyn's Lair to find out more! Related articlesExclusive Disney Store Villains Vinylmation Preview & Giveaway ( Vinylmation Villains Series Winner ( … [Read more...]