Chip and Co Featured Partner – My Dreams of Disney

My Dreams of Disney

The other day Chip, our fearless and generous leader, decided that all of us with blogs should write about them and he would post them on the Chip and Company website.  So without further ado, I give you “My Dreams of Disney”!I started writing My Dreams of Disney back in September 2010.  The previous June my wife and I had taken my daughter Sophie and our niece Stephanie to Walt Disney World for Sophie’s birthday, and we had such an incredible time that I wanted to remember all of those … [Read more...]

Adventures by Disney Offers $300 Savings on North American Itineraries


If you have traveled the “world” visited “the land” and have sailed the seas with the mouse, don’t be dismayed; your Disney adventures have not come to an end!Adventures by Disney offers adventures on six different continents, some of the most beloved right here in the United States. From coast to coast there are itineraries for everyone; naturalists, historians, and wanna be cowboys. For a limited time (booking window April 19, 2011 through May 25, 2011) save $300 on select North American … [Read more...]

Chip and Co Featured Partner – Cooking with Mickey

Cooking with Mickey logo by Eric Allen

Walt Disney said " was all started by a mouse." and for me it all started with the love Disney and the great man who started not with mouse, as he says; but with a rabbit and big dreams and for me Sorcerer Radio.In February 2008 I made my first Cooking with Mickey video for Ratatouille, the recipe that you see in Disney/Pixar's movie, Ratatouille. It became a hit with the Sorcerer Radio Community (where I am now a DJ for two radio shows and a host on WDW After Dark - featuring "The … [Read more...]

Wednesday with Walt: The Joy of Laughter


 It’s fun to find out information about our roots, isn’t it? Tracing back our ancestry, meeting long lost relatives, or actually visiting the places where our parents grew up are all great ways to learn about ourselves. Walt Disney had a curiosity and passion for his roots as well. In fact, he actually went to see the home where his grandparents lived in Canada, and where his father grew up. He really wanted to go and, although Lillian wasn’t really into that sort of thing, he drug her … [Read more...]

Chip and Co Featured Partner – Beyond the Attractions

Beyond the Attractions

My husband and I thought we knew everything there was to know about Walt Disney World – until we had our first son. All of a sudden everything was turned on its head – what were Baby Care Centers? Kids under three were free… really? How did Character Meet ‘n Greets work? Would we still be able to ride Space Mountain? We were also no longer sure that we would wait until our son was at least five years old until we brought him for his first Walt Disney World trip,Inspiration struck suddenly on … [Read more...]