Resort Hopping 101: Taking the Monorail Express

Contemporary Resort

One of our focuses on the website the past few months has been Quick Tips. We like to prepare you for the parks and offer up tips and tricks to making your vacation more enjoyable.Today I want to talk to you about something outside the Disneyworld Theme Parks and that is the Disney World Resorts. Specifically the Monorail resorts. They are the Polynesian, Grand Floridian, and the Contemporary Resorts.Most people spend about 90% of the their time visiting the parks. I mean thats what your … [Read more...]

Princess Punch-up: Who’s Really the Fairest?


Beauty is only skin deep. Although we’ve all heard that saying, we still appreciate and are attracted to, a pretty face. And Walt Disney did little to correct that trend. His first three Princesses were heavy on the looks, light on true depth. But 30 years have passed and the final six official Princesses have worn a different tiara.So who would be the fairest Princess of them all if we added more than beauty into the equation? To find out, we will gauge each Princess on the following … [Read more...]

Walt Disney World Marathon Tips and Tricks: Don’t Leave Your Camera

Disney 3 016

I'm proudly a "back of the pack" runner, so this tip may not be for everyone.  When I'm running, I'm out there to improve my own personal well being, not to be competitive and win races.  Though I do like to improve on my own personal records, there are certain races that I'm okay with simply finishing.My WDW Half Marathon time was much slower than any training speed or practice run I had previously finished.  In fact, when running through the Magic Kingdom, I took nearly 14 minutes, when my … [Read more...]

Making Your Vacation Rental Safe for Kids.


If you have small children, your own home is probably childproofed, but your hotel room or vacation rental probably isn't.  Add that the natural  tendency to unconciously lower one's guard on vacation combined with excited children in unfamiliar surroundings and the potential for accidents is higher than it should be.  You don't have to panic though, just take a few steps to kid-proof your room and you can worry a lot less.  The good news is that most of the safety equipment you'll need will fit … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Free Dining for all!

I interrupt the Chip and Co daily News and Views with this special report!I have always wanted to do that....Hey there guys and gals your #1 Disney Gossip Columnist Anonymouse here. Today has been a big news day already and I have learned some JUICY Disney Gossip!Now that Disney Visa Cardholders have been offered free dining for August 28 through September 24, is it just a matter of time before the general public recieves free dining?  Well, yeah.  Let's look at the … [Read more...]