Oldies But Goodies – Keeping The Vacation Affordable


As most people understand, we Oldies lean towards frugality and the older we get the more we seem to lean. I'm afraid that in a few years I'll be leaning so much that my friends will change my name to "Pisa" (as in the leaning tower). I use every resource available to help keep costs in line but the first rule of thumb is don't try to do it alone.The first thing you should do is hire a Disney Specialist Travel Agent. They do not charge for their services but always confirm this by asking. … [Read more...]

November Article Round Up.

Welcome to the Chip and Company Disney News Roundup for the month of November. It has been another busy month here on the C&C website and around the Disney Blog-o-Sphere. From new Walt Disney World Expansion Plans to fun events happening around the holidays. We write this Roundup so you don’t miss out on the best in Disney News & Views.This month one of our top writers for Chip and Company Chris handles the news round up for us. She shares some of her favorite articles for this … [Read more...]

Loving Disney World – One Generation at a Time

pic for loving wdw

I visited Walt Disney World twice during my teens, once at fifteen and once at seventeen. As life would have it, I would not visit again until I was an adult and had a child of my own. The memories from those early trips are still vivid but I have only managed to hold onto 6 photos from those special visits. The years have flown by and I have been blessed to be able to share this wonderful place and all the magic of Disney with my husband and three children throughout these many years.I had … [Read more...]

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Says Thank You for Your Interest


What you are about to read may be considered controversial. I debated long and hard prior to writing this post since I often don’t write things that could be perceived as critical of Walt Disney World. And, I would like them to invite me to an event in the future. That being said, this recent story was a big one in the social media community and I felt it needed to be covered. So, here it is.Tensions were running high in the social media world this past Friday. So much so that #disneysmmoms … [Read more...]

My Disney Dream Office


If you read my blog last week, “Top 10 Disney Holiday Gift Guide by Brenda,” you may have noticed that the items I listed were a little overpriced and thus it was a true WISH list. My terrific husband decided to play elf, though, and actually created the one gift he could, as close as he could to my original wish.Item 3 in my list was to renovate my home office to be an exact replica of this room featured in “One Man’s Dream” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I am so appreciative for all his … [Read more...]