Disney World Planning 101 – Skipping the Bag Check


Alright all you Disney park fans out there. I know that, just like me, you have gotten to the parks so excited about being in “the world,” you have jumped off the bus, headed to the park entrance, joined all the folks happily bouncing up to the turnstiles and then realized, darn it – I have to stop at bag check. Ugh, just let me into the park!What's even worse is that guilty feeling I get from sticking my foot out to trip all those bag-less people just so I can be first…it is really hard on … [Read more...]

Disney World Planning 101 – Packing Tips From A Pixie

 As a step-mother to a 9-year old boy, our first family trip to Disney World had me completely paranoid. I can pack myself and my husband with my eyes closed, and even with this confidence I start packing a few days (or weeks) before my vacation. I like the visual of the open suitcase, and adding and editing things as needed; and at long last....doing the final zip. When it came to traveling with a child every fear i’ve ever had was multiplied by 1,000 and none of those even included … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – Should Seniors Take Advantage Of Photopass?


To answer the question posed in the title - Absolutely!! Disney's Photopass is something we have only really started to appreciate on our last three visits. I personally take tons of photos when we are at Walt Disney World and there is someone missing in each and every one of them - ME. Since we have started using Photopass there are now lots of pictures with me included, a very nice change.When you travel like we generally do, just the two of us, it is one of the few options you have to … [Read more...]

Finding Peace and Quiet at Walt Disney World

A Disney vacation is many things….but restful and relaxing is not one of them. If anything, it is pretty much the opposite: an almost non-stop whirlwind of walking, rides, eating, attractions, parades, eating, shows, activities and eating. It’s fun…but it’s exhausting too!It’s no wonder that many Disney veterans advise taking a much-needed break from all of this, for some downtime back at your resort or hotel. But what if you can’t conveniently…or just don’t want to…..go back to your hotel … [Read more...]

What to Bring to the Disney Theme Parks

This is the age-old Disney question – how much and what to bring with you to the Disney parks. As you have read often at Chip and Co, the answer is… it depends. There are three main factors to consider – who you are traveling with, your budget, and how prepared you like to be for every eventuality. The Necessities In my book, it is only necessary to bring four things to the park for a successful day of touring. Must-haves are your “documents,” sunscreen, water or other beverages, and a … [Read more...]