Walt Disney World: Planning the Perfect Day!

Mickey & Minnie riding Dumbo

When it comes to the Walt Disney World resort, there are so many things that you can do that almost any day can be considered the perfect day!  But for the purposes of this exercise, I’m going to take you through one possible scenario of what the perfect day for me is at Walt Disney World.Disclaimer: The perfect day is totally open for re-interpretation, and can be changed to another perfect day at any time that I (or more specifically, my wife) deems necessary without warning.The … [Read more...]

Disney Junior – Worth the Wait!

If you've got young children, watch the Disney Channel, or pay any attention to Disney websites, you have probably noticed a lot of hoopla over Disney Junior.For months they've been advertising a major change portion of the Disney Channel targeted at 2-6 year-olds, known as Playhouse Disney.  Previously, Playhouse Disney had only a handful of different series and aired from early morning to mid-morning, before the shows targeted at a slightly older audience started.  In our house, we … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Please Take Your Time, It’s Not Going Anywhere

Considering that Toontown did just go away, I almost regretted the title but when I thought about what I was attempting to convey to everyone it still seems very appropriate. We all know too well that a Walt Disney World vacation can be enormously expensive. We all want to try to squeeze in as much as possible each time we are there and that leads to a number of things:Exhaustion - We hurry through our days and spend so much time rushing from attraction to attraction and so many hours in … [Read more...]

Dining Strategies And Your Walt Disney World Visit


Dining at Walt Disney World can be a wonderful experience. There are dozens of outstanding table service restaurants and many more counter service venues many of which are also quite good. I'm not going to talk about particular restaurants or even the Disney Dining Plans, I'll leave that to your judgment. What I am going to talk about are the different approaches to dining that we have tried in the past and give a very basic opinion of each.Table Service/Signature Emphasis - At times we … [Read more...]

Princess Half Marathon – Are You Running?

With just over a week until Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend, there is officially no more room for the half marathon.  In the past week, the Half Marathon reached capacity, but there still limited space (approximately 5%) for Beauty and the Beast's Royal Family 5k and the Royal Family Kids' Races.Although the weekend is primarily focused on women, including the expo, men are more than welcome to run and join co-ed race teams.  Unlike the Donald medal for January's Marathon weekend, … [Read more...]