Quick Bites -Orange Chicken from Lotus Blossom Cafe in Epcot’s China Pavilion


During my trip in September Aljon, my husband and I met up with Jeff Davis, who is one of the DJs on Sorcerer Radio. For lunch, Jeff recommended eating at Lotus Blossom Cafe. It was one of the few counter service options I had yet to try but was on the list so we made the stop. I decided to try the Orange Chicken, served with steamed white rice.It's pretty good for counter service Chinese food. However, if you are looking for a dish that definitely has that orange flavor, this is not … [Read more...]

Game Review: Tangled for the Nintendo Wii

Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder

Disney Tangled, a review by my seven year-old.What Do You Do In the Game? You try to get Rapunzel back to the Castle where she belongs.You do games to help people in the game like helping Tor protect his flowers in Flower Defense.What Do Flynn and Rapunzel Do in the Game? Flynn can knock out the bad guys and they disappear with a sword. Flynn can cut down the thistles so Rapunzel can get through. Rapunzel uses a frying pan to knock them out. Rapunzel can grow flowers to find insects, … [Read more...]

Keys to the Kingdom Lesson: Design Integrity


As promised in my previous blog, “A Day with Rae,” I am following up with some really awesome facts I learned on my recent Keys to the Kingdom tour. As I stated previously, I will not give away any secrets we had to promise not to reveal “so help me Walt” but not everything was a big secret. Some things were just little known facts.One of the most notable discussions on the tour was the design of different aspects of the rides and attractions at Disney World. During the tour, I learned many … [Read more...]

Disneyworld Hidden Gems – Epcot’s Canada Pavilion


Beginning in Canada and working our way counter-clockwise to Mexico, each of the eleven countries showcased has a distinct architectural style and timeline. Of the countries in The World Showcase, Canada’s vast expanses and diverse architecture, population and culture make it a perfect starting point for this trek. “Oh, Canada!” as the song goes, or as the poet A.M. Klein once penned:another planet, the better to look with single camera view upon this earth — its total scope, and each … [Read more...]

Attitude is everything…or “A Spoonful of Sugar”


Much has been made of the negotiations between Disney and the services union, so I’m not going to get into that discussion very much.  However, I would like to add my own perspective to how I approach things that I don’t like but need to do for my job.The other day I was driving to pick up my daughter from school, listening to one of my favorite Disney related playlists on my iPod – the music of the Sherman Brothers.  I was thinking at the time about how things are kind of crazy for a lot of … [Read more...]