The 3 P’s: Plan It, Pack It, Post-It!

The burden of a family vacation can be overwhelming for the person “in charge”. Disney veterans know that timing is everything, dining reservations are a must and you can’t leave home without your itinerary. If you haven’t traveled to Disney, or don’t travel frequently all of the above is overwhelming; and then you still have to pack.For some people packing is the worst part of vacationing, I have a three step system to make your life easy and your vacation worry-free: plan it, pack it, post … [Read more...]

Review: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean for the Nintendo Wii

I gave this game to my wife's 11 year old nephew to play since he was having a sleep over with one if his friends this past weekend. Both kids love LEGO's and Pirates of the Caribbean so I knew they were going to have fun with this game.Having also played and beat the LEGO Star Wars Series they were in for a treat.Here is what they thought:We had a lot of fun playing the game Pirates of the Caribbean Lego game.  This game has all the favorite Pirates of the Caribbean characters and … [Read more...]

In need of an upgrade – “It’s Tough to be a Bug”


Today I’m going to take a look at what may be my least favorite attraction in any of the Disney Parks – “It’s Tough to be a Bug”.  This attraction is in need of a serious upgrade!I have several things I don’t like about this attraction.  For starters,  it absolutely terrifies my daughter!  She doesn’t like how the bugs start attacking us, and to be quite honest, neither do I!   Secondly, I don’t like how the yellow jackets sting us in the backside!  That hurts!  And to be quite honest, the … [Read more...]

Guide to Downtown Disney – ‘Must Sees’ for Foodies

The Spice & Tea Exchange, Downtown Disney.

Regular readers of Chip & Company know that I enjoy exploring the various things to see and do Downtown Disney (DTD) at Walt Disney World. Part of the reason for my pleasure in the larger DTD area – the absence of Adventurers Club notwithstanding – is that the place offers different experiences for different people that can vary with the trip. Indeed, the “must sees” for a first-time visitor to DTD are different than for guests who are returning on their second, third or thirtieth … [Read more...]

How to Park at Disney for Free

When traveling to Disney, people are often reviewing their budget in an attempt to get the most out of their Disney budget.  One thing that should be considered is the cost of parking when visiting the theme parks.  The cost to park at any of the Disney World or Disneyland is $15.  Guests staying at the parks for 6 days would rack up a bill of $90 in parking fees!  With the cost being this expensive, consider these ways to receive free parking:1.  Stay at a Walt Disney World resort to … [Read more...]