Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Premiere Set Up for Saturday


I was finally able to return home...err, to Disneyland, this week. I knew the Pirates premiere was going to happen this Saturday, but I was surprised to see the set up already done (for the most part). Then again, I wouldn't want to procrastinate on something like this.As you'll see in the photos below, the seating has been constructed, extending over Rivers of America. A giant screen is being set up on Tom Sawyer's Island. These photos were taken a few days ago, so I'm sure more has been … [Read more...]

How Toy Story 3 Should Have Ended

Toy Story 3

I have to agree -- Toy Story 3 should have totally ended this way. … [Read more...]

All New Chip and Company Website is now live


Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. The All New Chip and Company Website is now complete!While many people loved the old site there was a lot of information to digest on the main page and makes it hard to figure out where to start first. Hopefully with the new layout you will be able to find the best in Park News, Planning Tips, and Giveaways much easier.There are still some minor tweaks I need to do to the site just to get things looking the way I want them to.Overall I … [Read more...]

Ask a Disney Question: Can I Apply Discounts after I Book?


Today, Amanda asked this question on Facebook: Hi - I have a quick question -- I have a friend who will be planning a trip to Disney World in November-- if she books now, and then a "better" deal comes along later, such as free dining, room discounts etc, would she be able to modify her reservation? Or does she have to have a Disney Visa to do that? Thanks!! Amanda, you can always modify your reservation to add a new code, which is why most travel agents advise clients to make their … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential: Surprise Unveiled on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ Today!

Hey there guys and gals Anonymouse here!I have some super exciting news! I’m so thrilled to announce that there will be a big Disney surprise featured on one of my favorite TV shows, “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” today!With this being the last season of Oprah I am wondering what the Big Surprise will be?? Will she give everyone free vacations to Walt Disney World? Give everyone parts in the next Pirates of the Caribbean Movie? The possibilities are endless!Speaking of Pirates, Johnny … [Read more...]