15-Nights, Five Ports of Call-Experience Hawaii on Disney Cruise Line

If you have been wanting to experience Hawaii, but never ventured there on your own, Disney has you covered! With the opening of Aulani in August 2011 and the first ever 15-night cruise to Hawaii (Sailing April 29, 2012) you can now experience this popular tropical paradise with all the magic Disney has to offer.Experience the highlights of Hawaii aboard the Disney Wonder at the four ports of call: Hilo-Hawaii, Nawillwill-Kauai, Honolulu-Oahu, Kahulul-Maui and sample the unique experiences … [Read more...]

Disney takes the time to Feed the Children

Disney Harvest Truck

So you’re at Walt Disney World and you’re hungry. Not a problem! At the more than 475 eateries across the Resort, including snack carts, fast food and full-service restaurants, nearly 6,000 different dishes are available around the World, from pre-meal appetizer to post-dinner dessert, from morning coffee to evening nightcap.Annually10,000 dessert soufflés are baked at Victoria & Albert’s. 63,000 Cobb salads are tossed at The Hollywood Brown Derby. 1.3 million pounds of turkey … [Read more...]

Blu Ray Review: I Am Number Four


I Am Number Four is a sci-fi thriller based around a nameless main character played by Alex Pettyfer.  Although referred to as John Smith for most of the film it is made clear to viewers right away that he has been on the run for quite some time.A coming-of-age story of a boy with supernatural powers from another planet, we get to see John come to grips with his legacy and what it means that there are interplanetary enemies trying to track down and kill the final nine members of his race. … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Tim Burton gets the shaft again from Disney

Hey there guys and gals Anonymouse here bringing you the best in Disney Gossip. I hope everyone is having a great week! I hear there is some kinda major geek, nerd Star Wars event going on at Walt Disney World this past week.Actually I have been having fun laughing at watching all the Star Wars Nerds talk about Star Tours. And here I thought Chip was the biggest Disney nerd I have ever seen. He is starting to look a little normal.. I say little cause he is about the size of a Umpa Lumpa.. I … [Read more...]

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue Spoiler-free Review

Aljon at Star Tours 2 Soft Open

This past Saturday while my wife and I were covering the Pixar Weekend at Epcot I checked my Twitter to find that it was blowing up! Star Tours was indeed doing a soft opening to work out any kinks before the actual opening on May 20th. Unfortunately we didn't get out of our event in time to ride it that night so we kept our fingers crossed that it would be open on Sunday. We got up first thing and checked our Disney iPhone app and luckily our wish was granted.We ended up meeting up … [Read more...]