Disney Parks and Toddlers – Tips to Keep Sane

When we took our toddler to Disney World, I figured it wouldn't be "that bad". I thought we could handle anything that she did and learn from the experience. I was right about one thing, we definitely learned a thing or 2 about taking a 2 year old to Disney World. Prepare for anything!!!Our daughter had meltdowns, didn't want to wait in line, she was hungry, she was hot, she was tired, and so on and so forth. I came up with a few survival tips for those with toddlers who can be hard … [Read more...]

Best Things I Love About Disney – Pirates Of The Caribbean


I have no idea how this happened!! I have been writing for Chip and Company for 8 months and a lot of the articles I have written were "Best Things I Love..." articles. In reviewing my archive I realized that there was no "Best Thing" article about one of my all time favorite attractions - Pirates of the Caribbean. Forgive me Captain Jack!!!!One thing about my affection for this attraction that surprises quite a few people, as big a fan of Walt Disney World as I am, I prefer the Disneyland … [Read more...]

Disney Snacks – Five Best Candy Stops at Walt Disney World

Downtown Disney Goofy's Candy Co

Disney foodies know there are plenty of desserts and snacks that can provide that sugar rush. But not only does Walt Disney World (WDW) offer inventive desserts, ice-cream concoctions that defy gravity, and the famous Dole Whip, it’s home to candy that would make Willy Wonka proud. Disney candy connoisseurs can find tasty selections throughout WDW. And while I’ll generally argue for sampling one of everything, there is a limit to the size of one’s stomach (and waistband). So here, in … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – World Showcase, More Than A Bunch Of Buildings Part 2


I'll say this once again, the World Showcase is magnificent in its scope and splendor even if you just look at the buildings. I think my fellow Oldies will agree with that. In Part 1 I addressed the large numbers of entertainment opportunities available as you stroll through. There are also a lot of entertainment opportunities that I, like a lot of other folks, call attractions which are ALL Senior friendly. These are as follows:Mexico - The Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros … [Read more...]

Disney Photo Power

Magic Eye banner

I like blogs with lots of photos. Sometimes, I think photos just do a much better job than words at telling a story or giving an update. I can do my best to describe how amazing the Little Mermaid dark ride building looks in DCA right now, or I can just take a photo and show you.His identity, I don't know. It's a total mystery. Who knows if I'll ever know. I only know him as @MintCrocodile on Twitter.His blog, Magic Eye, is fantastic for photos. He provides such thorough photo updates of … [Read more...]