Why the World needs the Walt Disney World Moms Panel


How many times have you been planning your Disney World vacation and had questions you couldn't immediately find an answer to on Google or Bing. You searched the hundreds of forums or Disney websites but just can't seem to find the answer you were looking for.This sounds like a job for the Walt Disney World Mom's Panel.What is the Mom's Panel you might ask? Here is a little info from the Mom's website: The Walt Disney World® Moms Panel is a forum where online "Moms" answer your … [Read more...]

Disney Week in Review – March 28th – April 4th


Some interesting news this week with the various transportation issues down in Walt Disney World in Florida. Our thoughts and prayers going out to all those affected. On a much lighter and more positive note here are the best of this past week around the various Disney Blogs.I always like stating out with our friend AJ over at the Disney Food Blog. My favorite article of the week is a result of staying up way to late and watching action movies..lolAJ shares with us the Breakfast … [Read more...]

The Inaugural Blog Carnival is now Live!


Wanted to let everyone know that the first Disney Blog Carnival is now live over at Dismarks!What is a blog carnival you might ask? A blog carnival is simply an online "event" to which bloggers in the same topic area submit a post. The carnival then provides a link to all of those blogs that should be of interest to carnival readers. It provides some good exposure to all participating blogs. A bunch of great Disney Websites have come together to supply you with a ton of great … [Read more...]

Ask a Disney Question: Where Have All the Deals Gone?


From Meg L.:We are planning a one day trip to Disney World in June. We got a deal on the Contemporary Resort, 40% discount per night. We WANT that same discount on a Bay Lake Villa resort with 2 bedrooms, but they say there aren't any rooms available with that discount. You know anything about how to get one? Times to call??Meg:  Thanks for reading the site and for your question. Sadly, there's no real trick to getting these deals other than to know that they're out there and to ask … [Read more...]

Making the Perfect Disney Easter Basket


Just in time for the holidays..Wow can't believe Easter is just a few days away. AJ from the Disney Food Blog shares with us her way of making an Easter basket with items you get from DisneyWorld. She picks out some of the most interesting but appealing food items from around the Parks and puts them together for a wonderful Disney Themed Basket.One thing I did notice she was missing was this.Here is just a sample of some of the goodies she included: Daim Candy Bars For those of you who … [Read more...]

Disney Grad Nite 2010 is Coming


Disney Grad Nites [DGN] are returning to this year to the Magic Kingdom. DGN 2010 will be held on April 23, 24, 30 and May 1, 2010 from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. Last years DGN was held at Disney's Hollywood Studios but this year it rotates back to the MK.Disney Grad Nite is a once a year celebration for graduating high school seniors. This exclusive party features live performances by some of the most contemporary artists. Dance floors are strategically placed throughout the park giving … [Read more...]

Walt Disney World Food Confessions


As a product of a Catholic school education, I am familiar with the confessional, a place where faults and misdeeds are acknowledged and counsel and absolution is given. And don’t forget the dispensation of a healthy dose of penance, of course.On a recent Friday, the Disney community began bearing its soul on Twitter after KidaniKatie asked, “What #Disney ride haven't you been on or what famous Disney ride don't you like? #confessFriday” The result…hours of entertainment and the feeling that … [Read more...]

Please welcome our newest writer Lisa!!!


Everyone please welcome Lisa our newest writer to Chip and Co. Lisa is the author of one of my favorite Disney Books Beyond the Attractions: A Guide to Walt Disney World with Preschoolers.. The Beyond the Attractions travel guide is not your typical Disney guidebook; written by a parent for parents, it is devoted solely to visiting Walt Disney World with preschoolers, ages 2-5. I have read this book cover to cover and she made our last trip as stress free as possible with a 3 year old.She … [Read more...]

Ask a Disney Question: Who Can Watch American Idol?


From Lori, who writes:  Can you go and watch American Idol or do you have to be a contestant?Lori:  Any guest of Hollywood Studios can sit in the audience and watch the show.  There are seven 25-minute preliminary shows a day, with three contestants per show.  The winners from each of these shows will compete in the 45-minute grand finale at the end of the day.  So you can watch a show, vote and help choose the winner, and then come back at the end of the day and see the finale.   Even if … [Read more...]

Dooney and Disney: What a Combination!

Attention all Disney and purse fans!  Did you know that Dooney & Bourke and Disney have collaborated to bring some fantastic bags to the masses?  I was recently working down in Orlando, FL and my husband sends me this link from the Disney Parks blog about a new Disney and Dooney & Bourke purse line that is to be released while I am down there.  Being a Disney and purse fanatic, I naturally checked into it.  And WOW is all I have to say!  Well, maybe not all.  Read on to hear the … [Read more...]