Wednesday with Walt: Securing the Magic

mickey magic

Walt Disney said, "I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter." I know exactly where Walt was coming from when he said that. Some people might see me as simple-minded, walking around with my head in the Disney clouds all the time. But I am acutely aware of how quickly this world is changing. And, it is evident everywhere...including Disney parks.To me, we Disney lovers have a responsibility of sorts in helping people … [Read more...]

Disney Food Confession: Swedish Meatballs

Where To Find It:  At the Scandinavia Kiosk during the Epcot International Food & Wine FestivalWhat is it? A wonderful dish of Swedish Meatballs with a rich gravy and a wonderful contrasting taste of the Lingon BerriesWhy You Want It: Because this dish is incredible.  I loved the meatballs, I loved the contrast of the berries, and even though my poor little picture only shows one left, we were actually served three meatballs for our snack purchase.  At $3.50, it is a nice price for a … [Read more...]

Sorcerer Radio Update (Week of 10/10)

Greetings Disney fans! Here's the latest from the team of the Sorcerer Radio Network!The WDW Tiki Room Facebook Trivia Contest Continues!We're having a blast with our FB followers! Just in case you missed it, WDW Tiki Room is sponsoring a Trivia Contest the whole month of October. If you haven't joined in yet, don't miss out on the fun! Here is the Contest 411:Go to the WDW Tiki Room Facebook page, click "Like" WDW Tiki Room if you haven't already Check in daily for the Walt … [Read more...]

Shop like a Diva – Magic Kingdom Shopping

Disney Ornaments

Souvenirs are maybe my FAVORITE part of my Walt Disney World trips! And since NOBODY can shop like a Diva can,  I decided to do a little series on some of my favorite places to shop around Walt Disney World, to help you schedule your shopping stops on your next trip.*Important Diva tip – Why carry your bags around with you the whole day? They just weigh down your stroller or backpack! Instead have your items sent to the front of the park and pick them up as you leave, or if you’re staying on … [Read more...]

Disney Food Confession: Seared Mahi Mahi

Where To Find It:  At the Brazil Kiosk during the Epcot International Food & Wine FestivalWhat is it? An delicious dish of seared Mahi Mahi, steamed rice, Hearts of Palm, and coconut-lime sauceWhy You Want It: Because this dish combines a great comfort food in the Mahi Mahi and rice, with a great sauce (although to be honest I didn't pick up on the coconut-lime part of the sauce), and it was a generous portion -- enough that my wife, niece, and I all got a great sample of it.  The … [Read more...]