Annual Passholders receive free 2012 Calendar

Passholder Calendar

For Annual Passholders that are going to be visiting Walt Disney World during December, Disney has announced that annual passholders will be able to receive a free 2012 calendar.  To get the calendar, just head on over to Disney Outfitters at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.  This offer starts on Friday, December 2nd, 2011, and requires the passholder to present your valid passholder ID.  Quantities are only available while supplies last, so don't delay! … [Read more...]

Disney Souvenirs & Collectibles – Epcot Zippered Hoodie

personalized bat from Disney

What is it? My favorite Disney souvenir ever is my zippered hoodie from Walt Disney World’s Epcot.Why is it so special? I got my Epcot hoodie on our first trip to the World in 2006. We had road tripped to Florida in our rockin’ new minivan, and I discovered that although it was sunny, hot September, the A/C in the van blasts like an arctic freeze. I needed a jacket for the trip home. Each subsequent trip has required an updated look and so began my collection. I now have a zippered hoodie … [Read more...]

Is Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort And Spa For You?


Walt Disney World's premier resort is Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa but that's not really the question here. Is this resort what you are looking for is the question that needs to be answered. This particular resort generates specific and sometimes strong  feelings from almost everyone. These feelings run from "I would never stay anywhere else." to "I would never stay there because....". I'm on the side that loves this resort and we stay there fairly regularly but we also love to try … [Read more...]

Top 5 Imagineering Touches at The Magic Kingdom

The Weenie

Imagineers are mythical creatures that supposedly come out at night throughout the Magic Kingdom. They impishly fly around and tinker with things, always trying to make them better. But when the sun starts to come up in the East, these strange little creatures disappear... until the next night!And just what do they do during their nocturnal visits? They create little touches that affect our Park experience, whether we realize it or not.With great difficultly, I've managed to discover the … [Read more...]

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure


Sometimes as a parent you tell your kids to do something that you don’t exactly follow yourself. Of course you know snacking before dinner isn’t the best choice but sometimes the leftover Halloween candy seems to call your name. The problem is you may be too full to enjoy the surprise dinner your husband cooks for you.The same thing happens to veteran Disney-goers also. As the author of a Disney travel guide for families visiting with young children, I recommend attractions in each park that … [Read more...]