Disney World Quick Tips – Save money by packing a lunch


While we love the Disney Dining Plan and have used it in the past, last year when we purchased our Annual Passes we also picked up a Tables in Wonderland Card. It just made more sense for us since we have 2 trips so close together and with one infant and one fussy eater out of pocket was cheaper. For more on Tables in Wonderland vs Disney Dining Plan check out this article.What we like to do while we are at Disney World is take a break about mid day is sneak off to the room for naps, to … [Read more...]

Doing Laundry vs Bringing a full suitcase


Have you flown lately? Airline baggage fees have become outrageous! You could drop anywhere between $15 to $70 (for oversize bags) PER bag.At Walt Disney World  there are a lot of supplies that you honestly need to bring with you in order to save a lot of money in the park. My Perfectly Packed WDW Packing List for 7 days could end up costing you quite a lot in baggage fees.And what is the majority of weight in suitcases? CLOTHES!!Did you know that all resorts on Disney property have … [Read more...]

A Canadian Perspective of the Epcot Pavilion

Mountain Range

Mountain Range Only eleven countries have the privilege of being represented in EPCOT at Walt Disney World. And as you probably already know, they are:American Adventure Canada China France Germany Italy Japan Mexico Morocco Norway United KingdomOf course, it’s the Canada Pavilion that this article will focus on.To begin with, I was surprised to find a Canada Pavilion at EPCOT. It’s all-too common for most of the world to see my country as nothing more … [Read more...]

Do You Need a Car while at Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney World Transportation

A Chip & Co. reader recently asked: Do you need a car while at Walt Disney World Resort? The short answer is no. My family and I vacationed at Walt Disney World Resort not long ago, and while I’d love to be there still, my feet are overjoyed not to be walking miles and miles a day. There’s one aspect of a Walt Disney World vacation that just can’t be beat: the transportation system. Guests bound for Disney-owned Resort hotels via commercial flights to Orlando International Airport … [Read more...]

Please Refurbish This Ride — Tomorrowland Speedway!

Stephanie Driving at Tomorrowland Speedway

As part of a series of posts, I'm going to be tackling the challenge that many of us think about, but not all of us are afraid to speak out about.  To be honest, I'm all ready to get flamed here by lovers of attractions, and those that don't want to see anything change at all at Walt Disney World, and believe me, I don't like change all that much either.  I'm still bummed about Mickey's Toontown Fair closing! But there are some attractions that really do need to change in my opinion, and for me, … [Read more...]