Tricks to nabbing good airfare to Disney

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This morning I got a notification from Disney regarding a Destination in Florida client.  It seems that their flight information had changed and since they booked those flights through Disney, they were notifying him.  On his return flight home, his layover went from one hour to THREE.  Wow, that's a kick in the teeth, isn't it? I mean on the way home - when you are tired and just want to get home and get back to normal...a three hour unplanned layover?  That's the pits.His recourse?  Nada.  … [Read more...]

Beginners Guide to Disney Pin Trading


You see them everywhere at Disney: Disney Pins of all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and patterns. They commemorate events, parks, hotels, rides and attractions, characters and holidays. They come in sets and individually, and can range from inexpensive little fun ones to very expensive collectors’ sets. They are, of course, Disney pins…and if you haven’t yet gotten involved in pin trading, be warned: it is very fun…and more than a little addictive.Pin collecting can all be a … [Read more...]

MagicBands coming to all remaining Walt Disney World Resort hotels by end of January


Howdy y'all! I'm back....The Disney Gossip just keeps rolling in. This time my sources tell me that the MagicBands will be coming to all Walt Disney World Resorts by the end of January! Whoot! Whoot!As a Walt Disney World Resort guest, you'll receive a Magic Band instead of the Key to the World. Your Magic Band will act as your room key, park admission, touch to pay, Disney Dining Plan, and Fastpass +. How cool is that! It's now all in one.Testing will begin on the following … [Read more...]

Top Ten Cupcakes at Walt Disney World


One of our favorite snacks at Walt Disney World is a cupcake – they’re HUGE and so yummy. We love them so much that we even eat them for breakfast, but that’s okay, because you can have dessert for breakfast when you’re on vacation, right? While I’ve yet to attempt to eat every cupcake that’s available at WDW, I’ve definitely had a lot of them over the years and have my regular favorites that I’ll share with my husband each trip. Here are my Top 10 Cupcakes at Walt Disney World.Peppermint … [Read more...]

Why use a Disney Travel Agent?


Do you remember the time before smart phones? Internet Searches? Planning travel was a lot of phone calls, friends recommendations, driving to AAA or other places for maps and lots of other work. Sometimes people used a Travel Agent, but usually only on those big once in a lifetime trips. So now, we have our iPhones, HTC's, Tablets, Laptops, and a wealth of information on all things, including Travel destinations. Nowadays the internet has taken over for all those calls, all those trips to the … [Read more...]