Satisfy Your Sugar Craving With These Top 5 Disney Dining Sweet Spots


Walt Disney World offers a huge variety of culinary options – from snack carts, to counter service meals, to sit down meals, to 5 star restaurants, they have it all – every kind of food you can imagine! One thing they really excel at is baking – their baked goods are out of this world! They are available all over the “World”, but there are some places that make baking their business – so here are the Top 5 Disney World “Sweet Spots”:Boulangerie Patisserie Les Halles: This spot in Epcot’s … [Read more...]

HELP! I forgot my ___! Places to go on Disney Property to Find Things you Forgot


You've mapped it out for months.  Spreadsheets created, itineraries nailed down, packing list printed, and suitcases fully stocked and then it get to the most magical place on Earth only to realize you forgot to pack ___________ (you fill in the blank).  There are a few options you can:a.) leave property and brave the Superstore crowd (of course that will require you to have a car or means of transportation)b.) go without __________ (of that realistic)c.) … [Read more...]

Show Your Disney Side: Nail Art Edition

mickey nails

This year Disney is all about rocking your Disney Side. What better way to express your Disney Side, than with fun nails? The possibilities are really quite endless, you can go very realistic, or simply stylized.Lately Disney has been showing us some awesome tutorials and inspirations, and one really caught my eye! With the hot summer fast upon us there’s nothing I crave more than a Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar, so when I saw this tutorial I had to take a crack at it myself.Disney … [Read more...]

Are Anna and Elsa sailing away on the Disney Cruise Line?


Hello Frozen Fans! It's me, Anonymouse, and I'm back with some Frozen Disney Gossip for you. Chiperoo certainly has me busy tracking down any news about Frozen and it's paid off. Rumor has it that Elsa and Anna will be sailing away on the Disney Cruise Line.How cool would it be to have a meet and greet with Elsa and Anna while sailing along? The lines would certainly be more manageable. My sources tell me that Elsa and Anna may be aboard as early as this summer.Although along with this … [Read more...]

Ten Planning Tips to a Smoother Walt Disney World Vacation


Do you want to have a smoother Walt Disney World vacation?  I am sure you do!  Considering Walt Disney World takes up about the size of San Francisco, planning your way around the parks is a must!  Even frequent Disney travelers like myself need to do a bit of planning.  Even if you don't use a hard core Touring Plan, or plan every meal down to the sprinkles on your Disney cupcakes during the 3 o'clock parade, some planning is necessary.  So today I am going to share Ten Planning Tips to a … [Read more...]