Two very special and affordable events coming to Orlando for Disney fans: Don’t Miss Out!


Two very special events are coming to Orlando for Disney fans - and you won't believe how affordable they are. Coming VERY soon is The Walt Disney Birthplace: An Evening with Imagineer Bob Gurr. Bob Gurr is an American amusement ride designer and Imagineer. His most famous work was for Walt Disney's Disneyland Park, and its subsequent sister parks. In 1953 he inaugurated R.H. Gurr Industrial Design - a company of one, whose first big job was to consult with the Walt Disney Studios on the design … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – Seniors And The Walt Disney World Attractions


 An attempt to label a number of attractions at Walt Disney World as “Best Of” for any group would be difficult but for Seniors, the task would be nearly impossible. Seniors tend to have many more variables than most groups because of the complications that may be brought on as we advance in maturity. Some of those complications/limitations were addressed in my first “Oldies But Goodies” article but when you involve the stresses and jarring of many of the attractions that our … [Read more...]

From the Disney World Vault: King Stefan’s Banquet Hall

King Stefan's Banquet Hall
Image courtesy of Imaginerding

Any Chip and Co fans born after 1990 are going to have no idea what I'm talking about.  So I'm going to get you all ready for the Double Jeopardy Question.  When Disney World opened in 1971, the restaurant in Cinderella Castle was... If you guessed Cinderella’s Royal Table you would be wrong. The answer is...King Stefan's Banquet HallYes, the restaurant featured in Cinderella Castle was named after Sleeping Beauty's father.  It only took until 1997 for Disney to get sick of answering … [Read more...]

A Birthday Tribute to Our Friend, Ken!


Disney lovers are a special breed of people. We speak a different language and we understand one another. We know the thrill of planning a trip, the anticipation of waiting for it, and the sheer joy of being home again.  The Disney community is a tightly knit group. We have respect, regard and a genuine concern for each other. Our group at Chip & Company is one example of such a group of Disney lovers who truly enjoy sharing all we know with everyone out there in order to try to make your … [Read more...]

The Carousel Of Progress – A True Walt Original

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There are a lot of truly amazing attractions at Walt Disney World. One of the most amazing and possibly also the most overlooked is the Carousel of Progress located at the Magic KingdomThis attraction was one of several that Walt showcased at the1964 New York World's Fair, others that debuted/were inspired by attractions here were It's A Small World, the PeopleMover, and the Hall Of Presidents - all of which are now classic WDW attractions. The Carousel itself was originally moved from … [Read more...]

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! DCA’s “News”est Hit!

You would think that getting news out in this day and age would be all digital - but leave it to the folks at Disney and Disney's California Adventure to do things "old school" and create a hit!The "Buena Vista Bugle" newspaper debuted this last summer at DCA as part of the theme parks makeover with the Buena Vista Street launch and provides information to guests the way it would have been delivered to them in the 1920s and good old-fashioned print.  In addition to show times and … [Read more...]

Planning Your Visit Day By Day


When we, as Oldies, visit Walt Disney World we approach it a little bit differently from our younger friends. For example, after getting up at 4:00 AM and catching an early flight we then spend a good portion of the day getting to our happy place. After a long day of travel and getting to our resort hotel, I don't know about the rest of my Senior friends but I'm ready to rest for a bit. For that reason our arrival day is always an easy one. We generally get checked in and have dinner after which … [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your DCO (Disney Crazed Oldie)


Hi, my name is Ken and I'm a DCO (Disney Crazed Oldie). A lot of my life, even smack dab in the middle of my 60's, revolves around everything Disney. When I was a kid (in my 40's) a pair of Mickey Ears would have thrilled me but as we become Oldies, our tastes change. With that in mind, here is my top 5 list for Christmas gifts for us, the DCO's in your life. You will forgive me if a lot of this stuff is colored by my personal taste. In no particular order the list is:Oldies like to stay … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – Don’t Miss These Holiday Experiences

GalleryV1_WDW Resort-04

The holidays at Walt Disney World, as we all know, are extra special for everyone but there are some experiences that are especially appealing to us, the Oldies. There are four that I think we find especially pleasing and if any of you chronologically advanced folks out there haven't seen them you might find it worth your while to schedule a Walt Disney World visit during the Christmas season. In reverse order they are:4. - The Grand Floridian Lobby - This is truly a marvel and is best … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – Becoming A Kid Again At Walt Disney World


This Classic Oldies article goes out to our writer Ken who is home dealing with some major health issues. Get Well Soon Ken we miss you!Oldies deserve to have as much fun as everyone else at Walt Disney World, maybe even a little more. The folks in my generation and older generations are a group of people who have spent their entire lives being mature and as we got older, more conservative and serious about their own behavior. Maybe it was Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War that did it but … [Read more...]