Disney Cruise Castaway Cay 5K


If you are going on a Disney Cruise in the future and have a runner in your family or have always wanted to run a fun Disney 5k as a personal goal then the Castaway 5k is a PERFECT option for you.My husband Tim is not a big runner but wanted to run the Castaway 5k as a personal goal of his so we started looking into it. The 5k is completely FREE and you do not have to register ahead of time.All you need to do is pack your running shoes and keep an eye on your navigator that they place in … [Read more...]

Taking the Plunge…RunDisney!

If you decided to read on, perhaps you've been intrigued by the hype surrounding RunDisney.  Maybe you've seen ads, emails, photos, and videos promoting RunDisney events and in the back of your mind, you've always said, "maybe one day!".  Maybe you've thought that for like about 5 seconds before you come to your senses and start listing of an arsenal of reasons why you (of all people) have no business running, period.  Today I am here to help you stop that negative self talk and redirect your … [Read more...]

Marathon Training – Fuel Your Run

Talking to a friend who has been sick for several days, she mentioned that her doctors told her the sickness probably hit her harder than it should have because she had been dehydrated from her running and exercise regiment.  This conversation reminded me of a woman I met in a yoga class who bragged that she never fueled before or during her half marathons because she "wouldn't eat before noon."  While I understand that strong desire to be thin, common sense and proper nutrition are more … [Read more...]

Addicted to runDisney

Since the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in January when I ran the 5k and was a spectator for the half marathon, I haven't done much running.  No guilt here - I was 6 months pregnant for Marathon Weekend and continuing running to that point was a huge accomplishment, especially from who I was in my younger days.But, post race, running became nearly impossible - too much pain.  And, even though I've completed 2 half marathons at 13.1 miles each (and all the training runs leading up to … [Read more...]

Gettin’ Your Sweat On – Where To Workout at WDW


Workout? While on VACATION? To many of us, this may seem crazy, an unheard of proposition, after all, a vacation means getting to relax and do what you don't normally get to do (like skipping the gym!). But, for those of us who like to keep up with our fitness routine even when away from home, luckily, Disney understands and gives us some options to help keep us on track!Fitness centers - Many Resorts have on site fitness centers, most include treadmills, stationary bikes, eliptical … [Read more...]