A girl’s guide to surviving Star Wars Weekend’s


If you live in this Galaxy, chances are you have not escaped “the force” of Star Wars. If you have ever come in contact with the male species, chances are, you know about Star Wars. If you have a son, nephew, brother, husband...you know about Star Wars.You know that every pointy object can become a light saber, the Yoda voice is imperative when quoting the famous movie lines, and in their opinion...all women should look like Princess Leah in Return of the Jedi.If you have a Star Wars fan in … [Read more...]

Make your vacation extra special with a Disney Portrait Sessions


Are you looking for a way to make your Disney vacation extra special? Well, luckily Disney offers Portrait Sessions so you and your family can take wonderful family photos with all that sweat and random guests at the parks! These days, cameras are made so well that even amateurs can take great photos and for any big landmarks, there's a photopass photographer there to capture the moment. But, there's a problem with some of these images... there's people everywhere! On top of a large amount of … [Read more...]

Bringing the Disney Magic Home


Some people are not lucky enough to live within close distance to Disney World or Disneyland and need to find other ways to bring Disney Magic into their everyday lives however far away they are from “home.” Since the senses account for everything we experience and Disney parks are a sensory overload, I’d like to share some my ideas for keeping the magic close!First, is scent. The sense of smell accounts for the strongest part of memory and many Disney Addicts I talk to miss the smells of … [Read more...]

Toddler and Preschool Disney World Planning Tips


It can be done! Not only can you plan a successful trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth with a toddler or small child in tow, you can have fun doing it!  I’ve been on  trips to Disney World with children ages 8 weeks through teenage years.  When planning a trip with the tiniest  family members in mind, following some tips discussed in this article will help you have the most magical experience possible.First is the pre-planning stageBring out the Disney movies!!  Play them in the car, … [Read more...]

Traveling to the Disney Parks from the United Kingdom


You've made your decision. It's time to escape from the UK, escape the near constant cold and rain - if only to avoid having your heating on all Summer. If you've stumbled across this, then obviously Disney World has crossed your mind. But you've been looking online and you can't find much about booking from the UK. Worry not, tortured soul, we are here to help. If you're planning your Disney Vacation (yes,Vacation. We're going to America, we gotta use the lingo) then you have a few options … [Read more...]