Oldies But Goodies – What Brings Us Back, The Tangibles


As we get older we generally find that different things become important to us. When we were younger we looked forward to the thrill of riding the biggest, best, and most exciting attractions and some of us still do (me). But, when you reach a certain age (different for everyone), you find that the more subtle things that you may have passed by in the past become a bit more important in the overall enjoyment of your visit. Let's look at a few of these things that we grow to love as we become … [Read more...]

Why Do I Write For Disney Seniors?


Seniors see Walt Disney World differently from other age groups. I know this for a fact because in the last 21 years, going from early middle age to a bona fide senior, my perspective has changed tremendously. I write for my fellow Seniors to help them get the absolute most they can from their Walt Disney World visits.We visit Walt Disney World in different ways as Seniors:As experienced regular visitors - This group knows what to expect and I don't worry about them, I learn from … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – Seniors, Trust Yourself.


When we, Oldies, travel to Walt Disney World we can visit in a number of different group configurations. Some of these are: as a couple, as a group of folks our own age, or a multi generational family group. Seniors generally stay out of trouble with the first two because we are traveling with people who are the same age and are experiencing many of the same physical issues that all of us old folks experience. You are generally safe in these situations.When you travel with a multi … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – Six Things Seniors MUST Do At Walt Disney World


There are a lot of us Oldies who love to ride every attraction every time they visit Walt Disney World and I am one of them. I plan on doing this as long as I am physically able. There are, however, lots of things you can do aside from the parks that are not just pleasant diversions but also can bring fun, romance, or excitement to your visit (especially for the Senior crowd, my Peeps!!) Here are just a few that my wife and I have experienced, you pick the ones you want to try!!Dinner At … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – Five Things Seniors Look For In A Resort


When traveling to Walt Disney World, you may be surprised to learn that we Oldies look for different things in a resort than a lot of other groups. Most of us have spent many, many (did I mention many) decades working very hard to get to this point in our lives and we expect to be well treated. Also, in most instances, we are willing to pay what it takes to have our expectations met. With Disney, you generally find the service you need but a lot of what you have learned to expect from your visit … [Read more...]