Top 5 Things For Seniors To Do At Downtown Disney


Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney area is a lovely place to get away from the theme park madness and just do a few things to relax. This is especially important to us Seniors as that constant go-go-go of the parks will wear anyone out particularly Oldies like us. There are a number of things to take advantage of that allow you to have new experiences but at a relaxing pace. These Top 5 items are in no particular order and the numbers are there just to show you I didn't lose count!!!Cirque … [Read more...]

Seniors At Disney World – What Are Some Of Our Concerns?


When we Seniors travel to Walt Disney World we have concerns that the majority of younger adults and kids simply do not have. We need to face it - as we age we have different priorities when we travel and many of these center around our own well being when we are away from home. Walt Disney World is a very public and often crowded environment and in most cases we are hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the environment in which we are most comfortable. That can be, and often is, very … [Read more...]

Animal Kingdom – Top 5 Attractions For Seniors


Seniors have different expectations from Walt Disney World than the hordes of younger visitors that visit the parks daily. We look for things that we can sit back and enjoy rather than have our bodies bounced around and exposed to G-forces. Your choices at the Animal Kingdom may be different from mine but if you are a senior I think in most instances you will at least enjoy the ones I suggest.Festival Of The Lion King - Perhaps the best stage show at the Walt Disney World resort. It's more … [Read more...]

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Top 5 Attractions For Seniors


Disney's Hollywood Studios has a lot of shows that particularly appeal to seniors. But - there are other attractions that seem to appeal to the youngsters that we seniors very much love. Here are my top 5 attractions for seniors, see if you agree.Toy Story Midway Mania! - This one is fantastic and is loved by young and old alike. The games and themes are incredible (so is Mr. Potato Head), fun and a pleasure to play. Even if you are lucky enough to ride it many times in a day you will not … [Read more...]

EPCOT – Top 5 Attractions For Seniors


Epcot is absolutely our favorite park. The shows and attractions, with a couple of exceptions, seem to be very senior friendly. As well, a lot of folks think children will have no interest in Epcot because of its educational/informative bent but I beg to disagree. Kids thirst for knowledge and Epcot presents that knowledge in a fun and informative way. This makes Epcot the most universal of parks in overall appeal to all generations. (personal opinion of course) Let's take a look at Epcot's top … [Read more...]

Magic Kingdom – Top 5 Attractions For Seniors


The Magic Kingdom is just for kids - WRONG!! The Magic Kingdom is for absolutely everyone but does have particular appeal to the kids and yes, us older folks!! There are so many wonderful attractions that run the gamut from roller coasters to shows that it's hard to pick just 5. Let's check out those that are both entertaining and kind to the bodies of my fellow seniors.The Haunted Mansion - This just could be my favorite attraction at Walt Disney World. It underwent a major upgrade a few … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Don’t Let Your Ego Ruin Your Vacation


Hi everyone!! You may or may not have noticed that I have been among the missing for the past several weeks and the cause of that absence is my main focus for writing this article. Suffice it to say I went from being extremely healthy to desperately ill in a very short period of time and am now in a fairly long recovery period (hey - at least I can call it a recovery). The illness has given me a new perspective on physical limitations and their potential effect on a vacation to Walt Disney World … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – Should We TACKLE A Theme Park?


What do you think my fellow Oldies? Should we take an aggressive stance and TACKLE every theme park we visit or should we take another approach? As I have gotten older (alas, an unavoidable consequence of being born) I have developed a different approach toward everything I do - age and experience will outdo youth and enthusiasm every time. So, for me, the TACKLING question is easily answered with a NO. That does not mean you shouldn't do it so long as it fits your capabilities and doesn't … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – Tables In Wonderland, Does It Fit Your Style.


Oldies and all other folks put quite a lot of time making decisions about many things before embarking on a Walt Disney World visit. One of these items is dining, after all, everyone has to eat. I'm going to give you some numbers to give you an idea what the Disney Dining Plan (DDP) costs per adult per night so you can compare the benefits of the DDP to the Tables In Wonderland Program.The DDP includes 1 table service credit, one counter service credit, and one snack credit for approximately … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – How Effective Is Disney Transportation For Seniors?


Let me be up front with you, as a Disney consumer who happens to be an Oldie I really enjoy the Walt Disney World transportation system. There are a few reasons why. We have stayed off site and driven to the parks each day (that will never happen again), we have also rented a car for an 8 day visit and the only time we used it was for a 1 day trip to Universal so if that comes up again we will do a 1 day rental, but it has become our norm to rely strictly on the Disney transportation system to … [Read more...]