10 Tips for Planning a Magical Multi-Generational Walt Disney World Vacation

When I was younger there was nothing better than a trip to Walt Disney World with my parents and grandparents.  Some of my best memories of my childhood are from those trips.  As an adult, I've had the privileged of not only going with my son and my parents, but also bringing my grandparents!  For those keeping track, that's 4 generations of my family at Walt Disney World together.  It was a truly special trip.   That said, planning a multi-generational trip to Walt Disney World requires a bit … [Read more...]

Celebrating Christmas with Mickey and the Gang at Disney World

 Celebrating Christmas at Disney is a very special treat, indeed!  You can't help but get into the Christmas spirit when you visit the parks and resorts.  The decorations are beyond compare, the food and treats...spectacular, the parades are magical, and the best part?  Seeing it all with the ones you love.Here are some of my favorite things when visiting Disney around the holidays.:Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - this is a separately ticketed event at the Magic … [Read more...]

Stop by a Disney Lounge Even if you Don’t Drink

Over the past few weeks Sarah has been sharing tons of places to get a beverage on the Drink around the World Showcase challenge. While most drinks she recommends have alcohol I know not everyone drinks. That is no problem!  There are still lots of reasons to stop by a Disney Lounge - even if you don’t drink!Do it for the sushi and the Karoke!The Disney Swan is home to Kimonos — the only karaoke spot on property! It is rumored to be the best sushi bar in Walt Disney World. You can even … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Ruin A Walt Disney World Vacation

Walt Disney World is a magical place to vacation and if you do most things correctly it is difficult to not have a wonderful time. Some people are planners and some are not but some planning is essential. Every traveling group has a definite dynamic and there are travelers within each group with different abilities and needs. The magic of Walt Disney World can overcome most things but there are a few things that MANY, MANY visitors do that can defeat even that magic. Let's look at five things … [Read more...]

Disney Food Allergies and Special Dietary Requests

As science and medicine progress, it is being found that many more people than were previously thought have food allergies or sensitivities. There are also many food issues among folks with chronic diseases. This issue runs the gamut from the very young to the elderly. Disney takes these food issues very seriously and offers solutions at the large majority of their restaurants so their guests will not be subjected to the problems that can happen as a result of these … [Read more...]

A Birthday Tribute to Our Friend, Ken!

Disney lovers are a special breed of people. We speak a different language and we understand one another. We know the thrill of planning a trip, the anticipation of waiting for it, and the sheer joy of being home again.  The Disney community is a tightly knit group. We have respect, regard and a genuine concern for each other. Our group at Chip & Company is one example of such a group of Disney lovers who truly enjoy sharing all we know with everyone out there in order to try to make your … [Read more...]

RIP ‘Disney for Seniors’ Ken, we’ll miss you!

The Chip & Company Family learned today of the passing of our great friend Ken.  Ken was one of the founding writers for Chip when he started the site, and had over 41 PAGES of articles that he wrote for the site!  Ken loved taking his wife Helen to Disney World, as you can see in this photo taken in front of Cinderella Castle!The unfortunate part of being a blogger on such a big site as Chip & Company is that we are all located across the Internet.  As a result of this, I never met … [Read more...]

Planning Your Visit Day By Day

When we, as Oldies, visit Walt Disney World we approach it a little bit differently from our younger friends. For example, after getting up at 4:00 AM and catching an early flight we then spend a good portion of the day getting to our happy place. After a long day of travel and getting to our resort hotel, I don't know about the rest of my Senior friends but I'm ready to rest for a bit. For that reason our arrival day is always an easy one. We generally get checked in and have dinner after which … [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your DCO (Disney Crazed Oldie)

Hi, my name is Ken and I'm a DCO (Disney Crazed Oldie). A lot of my life, even smack dab in the middle of my 60's, revolves around everything Disney. When I was a kid (in my 40's) a pair of Mickey Ears would have thrilled me but as we become Oldies, our tastes change. With that in mind, here is my top 5 list for Christmas gifts for us, the DCO's in your life. You will forgive me if a lot of this stuff is colored by my personal taste. In no particular order the list is:Oldies like to stay … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – Don’t Miss These Holiday Experiences

The holidays at Walt Disney World, as we all know, are extra special for everyone but there are some experiences that are especially appealing to us, the Oldies. There are four that I think we find especially pleasing and if any of you chronologically advanced folks out there haven't seen them you might find it worth your while to schedule a Walt Disney World visit during the Christmas season. In reverse order they are:4. - The Grand Floridian Lobby - This is truly a marvel and is best … [Read more...]