Soarin’ Over the Horizon Coming to Disney California Adventure and Epcot in 2016

Hey there guys and gals, Anonymouse here! It’s a great day for some Disney gossip, don’t ya think? Well, I had to search high and low to find this to share with you, but I think you'll be pretty excited to hear the news! Soarin' Over the Horizon may be coming to Disney California Adventure Park and Epcot in 2016.My Disney friends are talking about a long-anticipated update to the Soarin' attractions at Disney California Adventure and Epcot. Although you may have heard this before, we are now … [Read more...]

Disney Vacation Club to Expand to Include the Polynesian Resort

Hi ya everybody! It's your friend Anonymouse here to share the latest Disney gossip with you!Today, I have some exciting news to share with you about the Disney Vacation Club. The Disney Vacation Club will be expanding to include Disney's Polynesian Resort! Construction on the Disney Vacation Club Villas at Disney's Polynesian Resort is expected to begin by the end of the year. It may be completed by 2017, but no one seems to know for sure! Disney Vacation Club will be adding 20 bungalows on … [Read more...]

No Wi-Fi or G.P.S in the Disney World Resort?

Hey there ladies and gentlemen. It's me Anonymouse, yes I am back. You know you missed me!I recently had the pleasure of visiting the parks, yes Chippy gave me a day off, and I was talking to a CM who gave me some inside info. He told me that Disney World currently has no Wi-Fi in the parks. Now I found that to be a bit odd because I have heard that there is Wi-Fi in the parks ( although I have never used it myself). I asked him if he was sure because I heard something different. He … [Read more...]

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party & Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Ticket Information & Details

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! It's me, Anonymouse, and tonight, I have some exciting details about some special events at Disney World to share with you!I'm hearing about some dates and ticket prices about some special events at the Walt Disney World Resort for later this year! Tickets are supposed to go on sale May 1, 2013.Night of Joy is Disney's contemporary Christian music festival. This year it will be held September 6-7, 2013 from 7:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. If you … [Read more...]

FastPass+ Testing at Fantasmic! April 22nd – 27th

Hello to all my friends at Chip and Co.! It's me again, Anonymouse! There has been plenty of Disney gossip and rumors lately and you all know I want to share them with my Chip and Co. friends! This time, I have new MyMagic+ updates to share with all of you! I know everyone has been wondering what the future of MyMagic+ will be and when testing will begin for each phase. We're all excited to see the new FastPass+ and Magic Bands that will be created with the new MyMagic+ system.As most of you … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Festival of the Lion King Planned to Relocate

 Hello ladies and gentlemen! It's me, Anonymouse, again and I have even more new gossip for you this week! Chip won't know what to do with two new rumors in one week!Back last fall, I confirmed Disney's plan to create a new Avatarland in Disney's Animal Kingdom. We even shared the blue prints for Avatarland with you! In case you missed it or need a refresher, you can read the article here. Today, I have an update for you on the changes coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom to … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Hollywood Studios Making Changes

 Hiya all. Anoymouse here, again. I know I have been busy with all the rumors, gossip, and changes going around Disney the last few weeks. All of it keeping me busy and keeping Chimp , I mean Chip looking good. Today is no different with the rumors. The buzz going around now is about not one but two items closing at Hollywood Studios. Cast at Disney's Hollywood Studios are reporting that Disney Channel Rocks! will be having its last performance on April 6th 2013. Disney Channel … [Read more...]

Rumors of Food Trucks, Jobs and More coming to Disney Springs

Happy Day to all my friends near and far...look there in the sky, is it a bird, a it is Anonymouse!  Flying around again just looking for love or gossip.  I have not found my true love yet but I have found lots of crazy gossip from what may be my one true love...Disney.Several items today so let's start with...Disney Food Trucks. I have it on good authority that Disney is branching out into Food trucks. Well, maybe not GOOD authority...but Chimp Chip wants it to be so, and so it … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – What About Downtown Disney?

 Hey Gang! I want to ask you a Disney Question...What is going to happen to Downtown Disney? First, they got rid of Pleasure Island and the Adventurers Club, then they talked about something called Hyperion Wharf, but then put Hyperion Wharf on hold. So this leads me to now ask...has anyone heard anything about Downtown Disney?I HAVE, I HAVE shouts Anonymouse! Coming to you from Anonymouse headquarters...this just in! There is some cover information coming from WDW News Today about … [Read more...]

What is Happening on It’s a Small World Ride?

Hello lassies and lass Anonymouse here. I have been looking high and low for some gossip today and found some!So as you are riding along on "It's a Small World" and you sail into the good-bye room right before disembarkation and there is the familiar of many languages saying good-bye. We read them all and guess what languages they are and talk about them (as the back up to disembark may take a few minutes). Good times...well today bam it is gone! Black tarps everywhere! ACK!The signs are … [Read more...]