Is The Hollywood Brown Derby Testing A New Lunch Menu?


 Hiya guys and gals! Guess who? No really guess! You are correct it is "I" Anonymouse, your favorite neighborhood gossiper. I have some interesting info that you Disney foodies may appreciate.I have a friend who has a friend who recently went to the Hollywood Brown Derby, in Hollywood Studios and they tell me the Disney is testing out a new Lunch Menu. The menu is a bit upscale for me but I am sure it will have many fans with dishes like Seared-crusted Ahi Tuna, Cobb Salad, Noodle … [Read more...]

Is Disney’s Club 33 Closing?

Club 33 sign

Aloha fellow gossip fans. It is "I" Anonymouse your friendly neighborhood gossip columnist. Well I got a heads up on some gossip floating around that was heard straight from a CM and of course eventually made it's way to little old me.A family was lucky enough to be able to visit Club 33. While they were waiting a CM informed them that Club 33 will be closing for a refurbishment. There no dates known yet as to when this will be happening. Apparently it was supposed to have started earlier … [Read more...]

Is the Imagination Pavilion Closing?


 Hey there kiddies it is I Anonymouse your friendly neighborhood Gossip Columnist.WOW I have some big Disney Gossip for today. It seems there is a rumor going around the interwebs that Disney plans on closing down the Imagination Pavilion next year.Reports say that Captain EO will be shut down for good meanwhile Journey to Imagination with Figment will be remodeled or some Phineas & Ferb type ride might take it's place. Many different sites have bits and pieces right now but … [Read more...]

Is Disney Free Dining coming for Fall 2013


 Hey there kiddies it is I Anonymouse your friendly neighborhood Gossip Columnist. Today's Disney Gossip it a very popular subject in the Disney Blog o Sphere and one that I have a pretty solid track record on.  You might remember the last time Disney Free Dining was discussed I was one of the first out of the gate with the gossip.Today I follow that high level of standards that Chimp I mean Chip holds me to. I have the Holy Grail of Disney Gossip. Disney Free Dining for the rest of … [Read more...]

Possible Changes to the Guest Assistance Card

Anonymouse Cover

Hola my fellow Disney addicts it is I, Anonymouse! It's been awhile since you heard from me, I know you missed me. I am back with some rumors that I  have heard around the "World" lately.I am sure most of you heard about the scandal concerning some people of the richer persuasion paying for  disabled tour guides with a Guest Assistance Card so they can use their pass for quicker access to the rides. Well Disney is rumored to be doing something about it. They have not released anything … [Read more...]