Is Disney cutting ties with AAA?


Huge Disney gossip, guys and gals! Yup, it's me, Anonymouse and Chippy is away. So, I get to play! Today, I heard that Disney may be cutting ties with AAA. Further, it is rumored that Disney no longer considers AAA to be a preferred vendor.For many years, AAA members have been able to access an array of unique benefits, services and special vacation packages for Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Cruise Line and Adventures by Disney. AAA Vacation packages include special … [Read more...]

Is Disney building a walkway from the Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom?

Walkway to Magic Kingdom

Hey Fellow Disney Addicts! It's me, Anonymouse. Chiperoo has finally let me out of my box and I'm bursting with Disney gossip. Today's gossip comes to you straight from Walt Disney World Resort. One of my many fans sent me the picture above and I just had to investigate. Is it an indication that we will soon see a walkway from Grand Floridian to the Magic Kingdom?My sources tell me "Yes!" and that the floating bridge is merely the beginning of this transformation. The bridge can be moved to … [Read more...]

Is the Sorcerer Mickey Hat being taken down?


Hi guys and gals, Anonymouse here. Boy, do I have some gossip for you today! Today's gossip comes to you from Disney's Hollywood Studios. Since 2009, rumors have been circulating around the Sorcerer Mickey Hat.In 2009, during Disney's Hollywood Studios 20th birthday event, guests heard from Imagineer Bob Weis. He was one of the key imagineers who created Disney's Hollywood Studios. Mr. Weis showed the guests a photo looking along Hollywood Blvd towards the Chinese Theater prior to the … [Read more...]

Are big changes coming to Disney Cruise Line in 2015?


Howdy Fellow Disney Addicts! It is your one and only favorite gossip columnist in the whole wide world, Anonymouse! I have some Disney Cruise Line gossip for you today.Word around Disney Cruise Line is that there are big changes coming for 2015 and beyond. My sources tell me that Disney Cruise Line may not be have Europe itineraries in 2015. That also means no Transatlantic cruises.Never fear, for rumor has it that Disney Cruise Line has something even better coming. It is rumored that … [Read more...]