Vinylmation ’55 – The Mickey Mouse Club

Very cool article about the new Vinylmation figures inspired by the 55th Anniversary of Disneyland Resort on the Disney Park Blog: I love Disneyland! My wife and I spent our honeymoon there, and I’ve visited the Resort nearly every year since the start of the new Millennium. There is something so special about the place where Walt Disney walked. That is probably why I’m excited about the new Vinylmation figures inspired by the 55th Anniversary of Disneyland Resort which we are calling … [Read more...]

The Colorful World of Vinylmation’s Oh Mickey! Series

This exciting news comes to us from Disney Parks Blog:This past Spring we introduced the first of our open window box Vinylmation series called “Oh Mickey!” Featuring several colorful designs, this series was first to incorporate the concept of choice with a splash of mystery. In other words, you can choose your favorite 3” figure and then be surprised by the hidden 1.5” figure that is packaged with it. Like that little extra surprise, you may be surprised to learn the “Oh Mickey!” … [Read more...]

Vinylmation Creation Station Coming to D-Street in Florida

A key part of the Vinylmation experience is creative expression. We want our Guests to express their creativity using the blank Create-Your-Own Vinylmation we offer. So, I am particularly excited to announce a destination for Vinylmation creativity – a specially designed “Vinylmation Creation Station” in D-Street at Downtown Disney WestSide in Florida.The table being used for this Create-Your-Own Station will measure approximately 6’ by 6’ (now that’s a big table!). Under the glass … [Read more...]

Video of D-Street the New Vinylmation Store in Downtown Disney

This video is of the newly opened store at Downtown Disney, D-Street. Items from the former Adventurers Club and the World of Disney in New York are part of the decor.For more information on D-Street check out this article from the Daily Disney. … [Read more...]

Disney’s Vinylmation Visuals

Another great article from the Disney Park Blog:One thing I quickly learned in the world of Vinylmation is that Vinylmation isn’t just about the fun Mickey Mouse shaped figures. Granted, our Disney Artists (and some of you) may use that blank Mickey Mouse shaped canvas to create some truly memorable masterpieces. Yet, Vinylmation is more about bringing the art of story telling to life in three dimensions.With the opening of D-Street at Downtown Disney West Side fast approaching, … [Read more...]

Disney Vinylmation News

Some awesome Disney Vinylmation news comes in the form of a new series!  A new Vinylmation series is now available at select areas of Disneyworld, and soon to be available at select areas of Disneyland, CA in March!  What is this new series you ask?  Why, it's none other than The Muppets!!!  Here's a link to the Vinylmation page with the new series info:The Muppets Vinylmation!Photo from vinylnation.netIf you want to read more Disney Park Blog has more photos and information. … [Read more...]